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Diehard for the Skins
Thoroughly enjoy the Wizards
Extremely enamored by the Caps, and
the young talent
at Nats park has me JUICED.

A Fan Of...

  • NBA Washington Wizards
  • NFL Washington Redskins
  • NHL Washington Capitals
  • MLB Washington Nationals
  • Boxing Tyson, always. (circa 1989, of course)
  • Fantasy Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel, Halle Berry, Kaley Cuoco...wait, what kind of fantasy team is this?
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No big surprise

So I just got my Sporting News, and it has the preseason rankings. Of course, these are taken with a grain of salt. I realize that. I mean, they DID pick the Cowgals to win last year. (HA!) So...


Let's talk DEEEE-FENSE!!!

OK, here's something that's not getting enough play around here with everything else going on. The DEFENSE. I think we're pretty much all in agreement that it should be one of the best in the...


Nip Chase in the bud

I wanna get a jump on this before "Chase for President" signs start surfacing. Don't get caught up in that performance and think the guy is Canton bound. All it showed was that the guy is not...

Marko Mitchell's hands


Looks like Mitchell's hands are much better than Thomas'



This just came to me. Maybe other people have thought about it, but I haven't. Let's say JC does falter in maybe the first 3 or 4 games. ( I know this is feeding into the haters, and I sincerely...


Colt and JC - joined at the hip

OK, for all you Brennanites out there who think Colt should be our starter day one, I've got something for you to chew on. First of all, I think anyone on here can readily admit that Colt will NOT b...


a little bit of medium..

OK guys, I work nights. So I watched the game 'til midway through the 3rd quarter, then sped into work. Once there, I was bombarded by cackles from a bunch of Dallas fans (HA!, like they have ANY...


a different perspective on JC

OK, I hate that I'm kind of feeding into the (non-existent) QB controversy around here, but I want to pose a question that I haven't seen yet. The 2 ways we've been talking about Campbell's season...


McGee's "ceiling"

It's been mentioned on here numerous times how the Wizards are full of "young" guys with "potential". I think the guy the majority of us are the most excited about is McGee. After a couple of  "f...


Nick Young - future starter?

OK, with all the  talk going around about the futures of Blatche and McGee, nobody has really broached this subject. At least as far as I've seen. So I wanted to get the vibe from you guys: Does...


A bit of optimism

OK, I've been pretty down on the team overall since the big trade. I've had serious reservations about the direction we're heading. Still do actually. But something just caused me to step back and...



By now I'm sure everyone has heard about Steve McNair. While it is always sad when anyone dies before their time, this probably hits a pretty sore spot around here because of the similarity to Sean...


Pecking order

Where do we fall in the Eastern Conference pecking order? Orlando, Cleveland, and Boston – all better than us. Miami, Chicago, and Atlanta – all in the playoffs, all have talented young cores. Wade...


different names

Here are a few guys that don't seem to fit into their teams' plans. I'm just throwing these names out there, I don't really know the specifics on their respective salary situations.  Anybody have...

more junk on Stoudemire


I know whatever door may have been open on Stoudemire coming here is pretty much locked shut now, but why was he recently wearing a Nationals hat at a WNBA game?


the Washington All Trade team

OK, this could be fun. Or it could be frustrating, depending on how you look at it.   While there is plenty of controversy surrounding this trade, this isn't near the most controversial in...


could the Wiz use an Answer?

OK, here's another hypothetical (Because I know how much everyone liked the last one). Iverson is out there for the taking. Yes, he's got an attitude. Yes he's small. Yes he wants a lot of money....


Stay in House

In lieu of the 'Skins Insider article on the WR situation, I was wondering what the vibe was on this sort of thing with everyone else. It looks like it may come down to Roydell Williams or Marko...


Gilbert to Chauncey

I am getting tired of hearing this crap about Arenas not wanting the role of team leader. If he wants to get paid like a superstar(which he definitely is), he needs to step up and take...


Shaq to the Wiz?

OK, let me preface by saying I'M the one saying this. I know how rumors get started and consequently out of hand. This is purely a "what if" scenario. SO here goes... WHAT IF we could swap picks...


David Lee to the Wiz

This is the best scenario I've heard thus far. If we could dump any one of the combo of Thomas/Songalia/Stevenson/James/Pech, maybe throw in Blatche, and then swap picks for Lee that would be a...


RI says Betts is "Back on Track"

Any chance that track is the trade train heading out of town? Maybe Philly will take him since Westbrook is injured. Then Betts could fumble TO us late in the game. Or, better yet, maybe Atlanta...


Hunting for consistency

With the signing of Haynesworth, the drafting of Orapko, and the whirlwind of Campbell rumors, one signing has failed to make waves. WE SIGNED A PUNTER. A pretty damned good one too. True, he...


put Betts to rest

With the latest post about Cribbs, it brought forth y longtime belief that we need a serious upgrade at the #2 RB spot. I'm hoping Marcus Mason can grab it. But if he doesn't, we need someone else....


We need a Redskins version of Spygate

As good as Snyder is in the corporate world, he's got to know something about corporate espionage. So maybe he can get one of his "spooks" to spy on the Ravens' draft war room. Cerrato is a joke as...


Can we get CONTRIBUTORS in the draft please??

I think A. Smith, Oher, Orakpu, or Malauga would all be good choices at #13. I'd rather see us trade back, and another pick or two, and pick up a Michael Johnson or Tyson Smith. All of these are...

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