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Appreciating Crabtree

There's going to be a lot of talk about Crabtree and Sherman, Crabtree and fade routes, Crabtree and Kap, Crabtree and contracts. We are going to overanalyze everything from his ability to his...


For Posterity: Feed Frank Gore on Monday Night

Frank Gore is going to reach 10,000 career rushing yards. You already know that. It will probably happen this year, most likely in the Cardinals game. At worst, we can expect it to happen in his...

An overlooked reason for our decline in run defens

People seem to be pretty worried about the Niners' run defense these days, and I've heard a lot of different explanations, usually attributed to individual players not performing well due to...

RG3 designed runs


Holy crap - RGIII is horrible at making the zone read. The number of times he took big hits running it on this tape astounds me. It doesn't even look like the same play as when Kaep and Wilson are running free and waltzing out of bounds without a finger on them.


Kicking a** and taking names

In the spirit of Thanksgiving I just wanted to take a moment and appreciate how good we've been on both sides of the ball this year. After the Saints game we're allowing just 4.5 yards per play o...


Building a Contender (Both Niners and Lions)

Hi POD. I'm a Niners fan, and I know a lot about how our team was built and very little about how your team was built. I'm curious to see if there are any similarities. There is a similar...


Setting Up Big Moves Next Offseason?

News that Kevin Love is impatient and may want out of Minnesota if they don't make the playoffs got me thinking - If the Warriors ownership is really willing to pay the luxury tax to put together a...


Help Me Understand How Irvin Will be Used

Let me say up front - I'm a 49er fan. I gather you don't look too kindly on my ilk around here, but I'm not here to throw insults - I promise I'll be on my best behavior. I'm curious about the...


Does This Draft Tell Us That Our Scheme Will be Different?

Before the draft it seemed to me that Harbaugh's offense wanted to do the following: Use multiple TEs and heavy formations a lot Rarely use spread formations or more than 2 WRs Run often and...


Free Agent Re-Tread Targets

Of course as fans we would love to have a shot at the top free agents and top draft picks at every position, but it's not realistic. Especially with this front office - even when there is a sliver...

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