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NYT recap of the Detroit Lions....


Good read... article was dated March 18th


The NFLPA just pissed on our cornflakes

From this proposal and obvious lack of cooperation from the NFLPA... the CBA will now be decided in court.http://nfllabor.com/2011/03/11/exclusive-summary-of-nfl-proposal-to-nflpa  After reading...


Suh Vs Sanders.... Leadership

  I'm not a writer... but as I sat and watched interview after interview of Suh, his composure, his attitude towards the game... his expectations as a player and team mate...  this discussion...


Defense WINS THE GAME!!!!!


Hill Vs Miami.....?

Sure its early in the week, but the way the season has gone... the QB that takes the most reps usually starts....


Give that man a new contract....

Suck it, Stanton haters! Week after week... I've had to deal with you... and week after week, I have pointed out that using stanton's past production with a shitty 0-16 type roster was assnine......


Josh Groben... is the answer.....

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa!!     Okay, just so I don't have to join "Maize'n'brew" (corn beer?, I don't get it).... Here's a thread for us Spartan fans to openly laugh and poke fun...


Killer has it right....

Here's the harsh reality. Has Schwartz proven he's a difference maker in terms of being able to change the culture? Do you feel things are really that different around Ford Field?  LINK


Shawn Crable on waivers

Must of missed this as he was released the 17th.... The former 3rd round pick looked good against the Steelers the other night.   It would be nice to add another body at LB/Special teams.   h...


3rd WR..... Lions still looking for the right guy....

Kevin Curtis?   Personally, I think he fits in the classification of a Shaun MacDonald and Mike Furrey type.  I'm just glad the FO never stops looking.... per the Killa... h...


Can Detroit financially sustain another high draft pick?

Face it, this team may be more talented on paper, but somehow... the wins just aren't there.  This team makes me ill.   Whether its lack of preparation, over game planning(yes over), or just plain...


Lions/Jets... The matchup/key to the game

The NY Jets come to town this week as a 3.5pt favorite.   With the Lions recent win, this game will be a big benchmark on how this team is developing.   Are the Lions capable of winning a big time...


D Line Nickname....

97.1 Has the question up on their website... In looking at the replies... I know POD can come up with some better stuff... So here we go.. Lets coin the nickname for the DLine... or even the...



http://www.acmepackingcompany.com/2010/11/1/1787283/impressive-victory-for-the-packers-how-about-some-insight-for-fellow Ask the Packer fans about their success!


Impressive Victory for the Packers; How about some insight for fellow NFC North'ers...

First off, What a great win for you guys!... I always like to see the east coast fall...especially the AFC.  You represented our division better than anyone could've imagined.   Though, I gotta...


Lions Vs Redskins Matchup/key to the game....

As of Today(Tuesday), the Redskins are 1.5pt favorites.... which is great IMHO. Storylines to read about this week.... *Stafford's return *The now healthy/rested Offense (CJ, Best, Burleson,...


Bye week chat.... NFL Penalty Box?

Think about it, a player leads with his head and the flag is thrown.  "2 minutes for Helmet to helmet contact".  The defense is now down 10 players.   No yards were given, the down does get played...

Karma kicks Favre in the nuts.


Karma kicks Favre in the nuts.


Lions Vs. Giants.... UPDATED

So the Lions are 2-3 against the G-men, (in the last 5 matchups)... but..Did you know?....the last 2 times the Lions played in NY, they not only won both games, but out scored the Giants 59-34?......


Schwartz's 3rd Quarter woes continue....

The 2010 Detroit Lions are 0-3... But why?  Is it poor talent?  poor coaching? or a bit of both?  As I sit in the fence of the 'bit of both' category now,  I'm starting to lean towards coaching... ...


Gametime Scheme predictions....

For those that know me, I'm not much for words... so here we go....   This game is a reset game for the Minnesota Vikings.... plain and simple.   I expect the game plan will be a heavy dose of AP...

I hope to god, this guy doesn't come to POD. What a tool. Copy and paste... cause I can't...


I hope to god, this guy doesn't come to POD. What a tool. Copy and paste... cause I can't get the video to imbed.


Jim Schwartz reset

In trying to prove a point about fumbling not mattering to the Lions head coach, I dug up the article which mentioned it.   I think it would be wise for all Lions fan to read this article, as the...


Wanna be in a football movie with Barry Sanders?

 For the POD'ers in the GR area...  I'd do it in a hearbeat if I didn't live 4 hrs away.   Sanders will be part of the championship-game sequence being shot at Coopersville High School Friday...


NFL Down time option?......POD'er sailing in 102nd Chicago to Mac Race

Just to give you guys a sport fix during the doldrums(sailing term) of the NFL world... and to add pressure to our boat/crew... I wanted you let you guys in on an unknown spectator sport.   I'll be...


The price for Larry Foote just dropped....

    Antonio Pierce.  A viable alternative to Larry Foote?  A MLB that is capable of competing with Levy? I think so.   Discuss.   Is that a pro bowl Jersey?  LINKY   The New York Giants have...


Free agency restrictions; revisited.... With top 19 ranked UFAs

  GREAT ARTICLE.... A POD, MUST READ!!!! The more I read, the more the possibility for Detroit to add talent from free agency dwindles.  According to Scouts.com, 31 out of the top ranked 50 FA's...


Before prognosticating the Lion's offseason, please understand the Uncapped situation!

  Here's an article by Pat Kirwin, written almost a year ago, that will help those that choose to post their offseason plans for the Lions. I hope you all enjoy the article. Uncapped years would...



Come one, come all... Step right up!  Name your superbowl winners and losers!  Lets get our minds out of the gutter and talk some football!   After a couple ho-hum games on Saturday, Sunday proved...

2010 NFL draft pick by Team


Easy reference link for you crazy mockers.

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