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This has nothing to do with Spurs Basketball

I'm reminded of that sinking feeling when you wake up, dry mouthed, head pounding, sweat pouring out of you, only then to realize that you're half naked and locked inside your own car. Yeah that...

We say again, San Antonio should aim for LA in 1st round


Seems that Matt Moore and I have been drinking the same Kool-aid.


I'm your Huckleberry

I've always been fascinated with the counterintuitive. I think it had to do with convincing myself at a very early age that the Sun revolved around the Earth, only to find out that I was a dumbass....


The trade deadline has come and gone

This is the time of year when my obsession for football gives way to my obsession for Spurs basketball. To get into the spirit, I watched my 2007 Spurs Championship DVD this past weekend. I was...

T-Mac traded to the Knicks


Marc Stein is reporting that T-Mac has been traded to the Knicks in the a 3 team deal. Boy are they (Knicks) going to be sorry about that move. Update: Forgot to mention that K-Mart is headed to Houston.


Roger Mason Issues Trade Request

I just saw this on 48 Minutes of Hell. Caught me a little off guard because I heard Mason was openly saying that he wanted to stay in San Antonio. Looks like there will be a trade before the...


This is a special day for Manu

Today, Manu made this post on facebook. I warn all those women who are in love with Manu to be cautious. This might hurt a bit. Hell, we might even have some men on this site pause for a moment of...


Summer League Questions

Since PTR is going to have a face at this year's Summer League in Las Vegas, we should post some questions for ATS to pick from. That way, he'll have something to fall back on incase he freezes up...

True Hoop is talking about Manu's future


Bella, don't read this. It will only stress you out. Love, CMoney


48MoH's Assessment on Pop

The guys over at 48 Minutes of Hell have a great piece on assessing Pop's performance throughout this season. As I was reading, I noticed that I was nodding my head in agreement nearly the entire...


My new man crush

The guys from 48 Minutes of Hell (BTW if you're not reading on a regular basis you're doing yourself a great disservice) introduced me to Austin Nichols. He's young, he's humble, he can defend, and...

Spurs keep faith in struggling shooters


Mike Finger has a good article on tonight's game. We have to have faith that our role players will knock down their shots.


When does our season end?

Things look pretty bleak all across Spurs nation due to the fact that we don't have Manu, Tim's shaky knees, and the rest of our team has gone AWOL. This has left us in a very strange and foreign...

"The kind of performance we put out there is all the fuel we need. We’re not going to play like t...


"The kind of performance we put out there is all the fuel we need. We’re not going to play like that again, we’re not going to give that kind of effort, and we’re not going to make those kinds of mistakes again." - Tim Duncan


The thread before the game thread

I'm sure one of our PtR ballers is working on a kick ass game thread for tomorrow, that includes great photo shopped images with funny captions, useful articles and time devouring links, such as...

You gotta give it to those Suns Fans, they sure are creative


Phoenix Stan posted this music clip on BSoTS. It was composed by a radio station in PHX.


This series is about to get CRUNK.

"Parker got into the teeth of our defense and caused problems. Every time he drives the lane, we have to put him on his back. The first foul has to tell him he's in for a long night. My first...

Spurs coach sure to cook something up for Game 2


Randy Galloway is a columnist here in Dallas. He also has a radio show on ESPN radio in the DFW metroplex.


And so it begins . . .

I don't know about you guys but, after the dramatic finish to this season, all I can think about today is playoff basketball. I absolutely love this time of year. I've officially locked up tickets...

True Hoop on The Big Fundamental


It appears we weren't the only ones to take notice of what Pop said to Tim as he sat him for the rest of the night.

Sports Illustrated's Take on the Spurs


Here is SI's take on the Spurs. Not a bad article.

This kid has to win the Matt Bonner look-a-like dance competition


This kid has to win the Matt Bonner look-a-like dance competition


It's time to trade Manu

A few years ago, my father took me to a Rangers baseball game for opening day. It was a beautiful spring day. A day in which I was supposed to be in school and my father was supposed to be working....


This guy needs to be BANNED.

I was doing some casual reading on BSoTS and found this on their front page. (GASP!, I KNOW!) I'm, like the rest of you, extremely appalled. I can't believe the nerve of this guy. I swear. . . What...


Manu's Injury Update

Courtesy of Jeff McDonald: Thursday was a D-Day of sorts for Manu Ginobili. Spurs coach Gregg Popovich had said if Ginobili was unable to get on the floor for practice by this day, that's when...


This has nothing to do with Spurs basketball: Part 3

First off, I'm sorry for not being around as much as I should. I've been bogged down with shoots and events at work. I know, I know, that's a pretty shitty excuse but that's the card I'm playing....


Dallas Cowboys Season Kickoff 2008: Highlight Video

  Every year the Dallas Cowboys have a kickoff luncheon. For the past 3 years my company has edited a video that plays during their annual luncheon. We were able to show this to the entire team...


This has nothing to do with Spurs basketball: Part 2

Hey guys, my apologies for not stopping by as much as I should. Between work, fantasy football and a new woman, I've been really busy. But I did want to share this. Every year the Dallas Cowboys...


This has nothing to do with Spurs basketball

Hey since these are the dog days of summer, I figured I'd share something with you guys that has nothing to do with Spurs basketball. I figured after Stampler gave us play by play of the Euro cup...


Mavs fans make me laugh

So I wandered over to Mavs Moneyball to see what they were talking about and I found this. We're not even close to locking up Maggette, and they're starting to freak out. I had a good laugh after...

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