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Astros Crawfish Fantasy: Hidden Gems in H-Town


Unbeknownst to the national media, the Astros harbor a few hidden fantasy gems. CRPerry13 and illinibob discuss these players who have flown beneath the radar.

Crawfish Fantasy: Shameful Man-Crushes


How many chances does a Fantasy Flame get on your team before you realize that the honeymoon is over?

Risky Business: The MLB Draft, Part 3


How can a major league baseball organization reconcile traditional subjective scouting methods with historical data about player performance?

Why We Were So Angry with the Astros


An attempt to explain the outrage by bloggers over the Astros' "Gala Gate" on Tuesday.

Crawfish Fantasy: Dump Trades and Vetoes


This week, CRPerry13 and illinibob discuss the ins-and-outs of fantasy dump trading.

Risky Business: The MLB Draft, Part 2 (UPDATED)


What are the odds of a draft pick reaching the majors, staying there, and performing at a superstar level?

Martinez Bats Cleanup; Is There Cosmic Meaning?


J.D. Martinez is hitting cleanup on Tuesday, and CRPerry13 searches for cosmic significance. Is this all part of a greater plan?

Destroying the Myth of Payroll Relevancy


CRPerry13 has the low payroll blues, and wants to sing about it. The forced narratives that the Astros' low payroll is an embarrassment, or that the Astros would be more watchable with a $50...

Crawfish Fantasy: Hot and Cold Pitcher Starts


Which Fantasy pitchers who are stinking should you hold? Which good surprises should you be leery of? illinibob and CRPerry13 endeavor to answer these questions for a handful of notable pitchers.

Risky Business: The MLB Draft - Part One

How likely is a player to reach the majors? How well will he perform? What are the odds of stardom? How can risk be applied to a selection process? CRPerry13 endeavors to answer these questions in...

Crawfish Fantasy: The Value of the Astros


This week, Robert and Chris discuss the current and future Astros' fantasy relevance.

Crawfish Fantasy: Etiquette and the Power of Veto


In this series, CRPerry13 and illinibob discuss the biggest hot-button issues of today's Fantasy Baseball niche. Today's topic: Dr. Trading or: How I Learned to Stop Whining and Hate the Veto.

Under the Microscope: Bud's Devastating Slider


Bud Norris' slider is such an awesome pitch that deserves an article of its own.


"Discount" Ticket Pricing for Community Leaders

Another gaffe by the Astros' business office is increased pricing for employees of Community Leader companies.

Under the Microscope: Bud Norris


Bud Norris pitched better in 2011 than he did in 2012. What changed to cause this? Pitch F/X identifies variation in pitch velocity, break, and release point that could be the root cause of his...

Our First Fantasy Auction Draft - What I Learned


The Crawfish Boxes held their first Fantasy Auction draft. What chaos ensued? Read on to find out.

Rule 5 Pick Nate Freiman Claimed by Oakland A's.


Rule 5 Pick Nate Freiman Claimed by Oakland A's.

2013 Astros Season Preview: Matt Dominguez, 3B


Matt Dominguez figures to be a large part of the Astros' present and future plans at 3B, bringing excellent defense and a steadily improving bat to the majors at an age where most players are still...

Occam's Razor, Predicting ERA, and the Astros


Explaining Glenn DuPaul's pFIP and how it relates to the 2013 Houston Astros in the simplest terms available.

2013 Houston Astros Season Preview: Carlos Pena


Carlos Pena figures to be a very good hitter for the 2013 Houston Astros despite a disappointing 2012 season with the Rays.

Fantasy Astros - Get Ready to Draft!


Fantasy Baseball draft season approacheth. Are you prepared?

Baseball Prospectus' Top 101: Four Astros Named


Baseball Prospects has released their Top 101 Prospects list for 2013. Four Astros feature on this list.

Fernando Martinez Named in Biogenesis Documents


ESPN reports that Astros' Right Fielder Fernando Martinez has been identified in PED-supplying clinic Biogenesis' documents.

Vote for MLB FanCave Astros Fan Jay Ducote


Vote for Jay for MLB Fan Cave fan of the year, and support your local blogger.

The Crawfish Boxes' Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball League


The Crawfish Boxes' Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball Leagues are now open! First come, first serve!

Could Tyler Greene Start at Shortstop?


The trade of Jed Lowrie has opened up a position battle at Shortstop. Former first-round draft pick Tyler Greene is one of three contenders for the position, but does he have what it takes to stand...

TCB Interviews Luhnow, Porter, Maxwell, Martinez


CRPerry13 dons his private eye hat and interrogates Jeff Luhnow, Bo Porter, Justin Maxwell, and J.D. Martinez.

I Am Okay With the Astros' Rebuilding Plan


A big-picture fan of plans gives his stamp of approval to the Astros' rebuilding process.

Anthony and Chris Debate the Merits of Martinii


In this article, TCB writers Anthony Boyer and Chris Perry debate the question that is tormenting Astros fans: who will be a more effective corner outfielder in 2013 - Fernando Martinez or J.D....

Jose Veras to Close for Astros


The Astros plan to use Jose Veras in the closer role this season. Does this do the 2013 Astros any good, or is this just another investment in trade fodder?

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