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Waddle Playing in Detroit


The Detroit OL has been hit by injury, so LaAdrian Waddle get his big chance.

Cody Davis on Ram's Roster


Good luck and congrats to Cody Davis, who was promoted from practice squad to the Ram's roster.

Renderings of video scoreboad, north end zone seating expansion, and architectural design...


Renderings of video scoreboad, north end zone seating expansion, and architectural design elements. * image not behind paywall (suckers)

NBA Summer League


So, I'm in Vegas and the NBA Summer League is taking place at the Thomas & Mack. Meanwhile, numerous young men with flat-brimmed caps and new money are less efficiently developing skills at the craps and blackjack tables. If you enjoy the NBA, it's a good trip. For $22, you can watch up to four games each day (and switch between gyms) while sitting in the 3rd-4th row. Kids are playing hard, as most are either trying to jusify the lottery pick or trying to prove themselves worthy of a training camp invitation. The intensity is much more in line with the college level. There are a coupe of Red Raiders playing: Andre Emmett and Alan Voskuil. Emmett is playing on the D-League all-star team and is second in team scoring (didn't see them play). Voskuil is playing with the Grizzles (who I watched for a half), and hasn't logged any playing time. That's not very encouraging in a league built around evaluation and development. He didn't seem to have any chemistry with his teammates, so he may be a recent addition. All that said, if you find yourself looking for an air-conditioned diversion from The Strip during the NBA Summer League, I would give three reds to a taxi and head over to the T&M. History of the Air Raid


Because you don't have anything better to do . . .

Liucci: TAMU gives Beebe/Doss/Big# notice they will begin sniffing SEC butts


Billy Liucci, a B/CS on-air talent and aggot "guru", just tweeted the following: Breaking: Texas A&M sends official notice to Dan Beebe and Big 12 that they will explore conference options. And so it begins... So, it appears that tamu will relay upon their natural instincts and begin sniffing the collective butt of Slive and the SEC.

SbB: Already Throwing Stones at BCG


SportsbyBrooks is once again throwing stones in the general direction of Texas Tech, this time aiming directly at BCG. While I feel the facts are rather limited and the conclusions a bit rushed, I find it interesting the Brooks penned this piece as he called "BCG-to-TTU" very early on and has been rather supportive of BCG and the hire. I would fully expect BCG to be a rather unpleasant guy right now, especially as his name keeps coming up in every Ponzi scheme that remotely touches college athletics.

Who's Heard the "Tech is Leading Conference Exodus" Rumor?


Over on the Auburn Rivals board, they are citing an Aggie Rivals board post about tamu's move to the SEC. None of this is new news, but the Aggie board post included the following statement: "In the last 24 hours there’s also been a rumor that perhaps Texas Tech could actually be the one to make the first move, our sources do not believe that to be the case." I haven't seen any mention of this rumor on DTN, Twitterverse, or elsewhere. Has anyone heard anything of this nature? While I do not believe it to be true, I am ecstatic that we now have an AD that makes such a strategic move at least remotely possible.

Leach's Book: Excerpt on His Ouster


This book is going to quickly re-energize the passion displayed on this board (and elsewhere) regarding Leach's departure. Unfortunately, it will also renew the "Team Leach" vs. "Team Tech" crap -- an unwelcome distraction on the eve of a new season. Regardless, this brief excerpt reveals a LOT of communication that I have not seen (and I have read most of the depositions, pleadings and other released content -- in short, I followed it way too much). None of this "new" information is likely to alter the legal outcome, but it certainly sways public opinion of all parties involved (from Leach and James to ESPN). It will be interesting to see if/how James and Schad (who is allegedly on probation over his Cam Newton reporting) have any blowback on their ESPN careers with these revelations.

Batch Blog Update


Baron published another blog post today. This edition presents the struggle we all have with "pride". He also shares some interesting information regarding the decisions that ultimately led to his broken ankle. Enjoy the read.

Baron Batch Blog: Diary 28 (860 miles to Forgiveness)


It's time for another diary entry by Baron, and he continues to amaze. I hope he is able to find a roster spot in Pittsburgh and continue his amazing journey. I suppose some members of this community are wondering why or how long these entries will remain relevant and worthy of weekly mention. This is ultimately Seth's decision, but I will continue to gladly post Baron's updates as long as he keeps leading and inspiring.

Whitlock Drafted . . . into the UFL . . . reunited with The Jeep


Colby Whitlock was picked up by the Hartford Colonials with the 37th pick (8th round, 1st pick) of the 2011 UFL Draft. Hartford is coached by Jerry Glanville as well as one James Willis, who is employed as linebacker coach. For some reason, I cannot imagine Colby is too excited about the reunion. Regardless, best of luck to Colby as he continues his career.

SPORTSbyBROOKS: Tuberville Miserable at Tech


I'm not sure what to make of this, but SPORTSbyBROOKS let loose a couple of zinger regarding Coach Tuberville via his FaceBook fan page. I am not sure of his source, but I am sure the words will create some unease amongst some of this group. I'm not sure what to make of it but I do question the timing. Maybe CTT really just hates the wind he's always talking about. Here are the quotes (not formatted because the block quote thing isn't working): Tuberville is absolutely miserable at Texas Tech. Wishes he hadn't heeded advice of Under Armour folks and taken TTU job. One of his complaints is ADs Myers/Hocutt are powerless to keep admins and boosters in check. Leach refused to kiss their rings, and you see what that got him. #tubs has told multiple sources he wishes he'd taken USF job over TTU. As time goes by, Mike Leach is only going to look more and more like the genius he really was at Texas Tech. He didn't need great players to win, which is why he was such a great fit there. BCG will be similar. Recruits to his system, which works. Don't need blue chips to win. #tubs another story. How's this for awkward: #tubs backchanneled interest to Miami after Shannon was fired. The Miami Athletic Director at that time? Kirby Hocutt, who was just hired as new Texas Tech AD. Source:

The Pat Knight Experiment is Over


"Pat Knight has been removed as head coach. PK had a meeting with Guy Bailey earlier this morning. He will coach the tourney." Chris Level has tweeted that PK has been released but will coach the Big XII tourney. Come on BCG! Seth C -- Thanks for the tip and edited this to provide a little more detail.

Report: Nevada May Try to Cancel 2011 Game


Darren Rovell tweeted that Nevada is looking to cancel one of its 2011 road games, one of which includes a visit to The Jones. Looking at the 3 games (Boise State, TT, and Oregon), the Tech game is the most "winnable" (thank you, Roberson and Singletary) but also involves the most travel cost and most out-of-region. I hope it holds together because it is getting very late to be finding new FBS opponents.

SPORTSbyBROOKS: All Judges were Tech Grads


So, it turns out that all four judges held at least one degree from Tech, including three that held their undergrad from Tech. Brooks alleges there may be some conflict of interest between some of the judges and the university. I'm not ready to say the legal outcome was jeopardized based simply on the fact they are Tech grads and/or their name can be connected to Hance or whomever. In this part of the state, there aren't too many degrees of separation between individuals at these higher levels (e.g., judges, chancellors, etc.). I personally know at least a half dozen people with Hance's number in their phone, and I'm certainly not an elected official, "connected", or getting my name on endowed chairs. My point is that it's not too hard to connect names in West Texas and on the South Plains, but connecting names is merely a trivial exercise that proves nothing.

Wes Welker: A Foot Ahead of Rex Ryan


With the Patriots and Jets clashing this weekend, we all knew there would be plenty of trash talk. While the Jets have been rather explicit and direct in their smack talk, the Pats have been rather restrained with some tongue-in-cheek comments and excessive praise of their opponent. Wes Welker had an opportunity to participate today and turned in a MVP-worthy performance by referring to Rex Ryan's favorite body part 11 times in 9 minutes. Well played, Mr. Welker.

Team Gillespie: Because We Need Coaching Drama in More Sports


Not that it's totally unpredictable, but a "Get Gillespie" group (to undoubtedly soon be known as Team Gillespie, because we can't escape that "Team" crap) has appeared on Facebook. To Seth's point, I think we will make the AD hire before a basketball move is made. I just hope the higher-up's are thinking strategically about the changes that need to be made don't live up to their full potential in screwing up a much needed change.

Rumor: Matt Moore to Florida

17 is citing sources out of Gainesville in reporting that Matt Moore is joining Will Muschamp's staff at Florida. If you include Travarius Robinson (sp?) and potentially Willis, that seemingly indicates that Muschamp held the Tech staff in high regards.

Amendola vs. Crabtree


In the wake of their last match-up, here's a write-up comparing Crabtree and Amendola. It focuses more on the 49er's ineffective use of Crabtree than Amendola's success (expected given it's from a 49er's team site). Regardless, it's great to see former Tech WR's playing key roles throughout the NFL.

The Silent Scare: A How-To Guide


While I have no desire to implement any shock and awe demonstrations of this magnitude, it provides an overabundance of awesomeness for Taylor University (????). Watch and enjoy.

Holgorsen on the Move


Reports are circulating that Dana will be moving on to West Virginia as OC and head coach-in-waiting until 2012 season. It will be interesting to see if OSU/Boone standby and let Dana leave or recognize his impact and push Gundy out the door.

Recruiting at Texas Tech: The Auburn Way?

Sports by Brooks presents an interesting piece today about the role of prominent boosters in the Auburn athletic program. It doesn't require an overly active imagination to draw some parallels between some of their boosters and some of our own, although our boosters don't seem quite as financially committed. Given the statements by Terry Bowden (pre-CTT) coupled with the current Newton situation (post-CTT), a simple connecting-of-the-dots spans CTT's tenure at Auburn. This poses a few interesting questions and introduces some new possibilities about TTU's current state of affairs. At the most basic level, it introduces the question of "Does/Did Texas Tech express a desire or willingness to employ Auburn-like tactics to further its program?". If prominent boosters and/or administration answered "yes", was Mike Leach removed for his unwillingness to use such tactics? For his inability to schmooze the boosters? For his lack of SEC-type recruiting skills? Did the administration get tired of resisting booster pleas, who might have begun attaching conditions to their non-ahtletic donations, and select a coach that was familiar with this environment? Did the boosters select their man from the on-set? If any of this is true, isn't it convenient that Craig James is available to consult such boosters in proper "recruiting techniques"? Is it mere coincidence that Roger's scholarship was revoked once his father had been tainted by the Newton ordeal? Again, these are all just questions -- some plausible, some not -- that arise from this situation. I am not a Team Leach guy and I would have supported his departure after this season (this would have been his make-or-break season in my book). I like to think of myself as a Red Raider, which might cause some to label me an apologist for the current regime. I am not trying to stir any pots and have no agenda against any party. I will give CTT my support for 2-3 years and then stand with an experience-based opinion. I am simply following this Auburn story, noting a few intersections with our program, and curious about the bigger yet unseen picture.

TTU-OSU to be televised; game time changed


per the official athletic website . . . Fox Sports Net has announced that the network will pick up the Texas Tech-Oklahoma State game on Saturday, October 16, at Jones AT&T Stadium with kickoff time moving to 2:30 p.m. in order to accommodate the television broadcast. The game will be televised on Fox Sports Plus. Fans are encouraged to contact their local cable or satellite provider for channel information. Additionally, Texas Tech's regular-season finale against Houston on Nov. 27, has also been picked up by FSN. The game will be televised nationally and kickoff has been set for 7 p.m. at Jones AT&T Stadium


An Eye on the Future: Running Back U?

I few weeks back, I made a prediction that our 2011 commits would combine for over 1,000 yards rushing in a single week.  I started to get a little nervous about my bold prediction once I started...

Baron Batch's 9/1/10 Diary Entry: courtesy of MRT


It's time for another Baron Batch diary entry in the Midland Reporter Telegram. Pretty cool that CTT invited the whole team to his house in celebration of the upcoming season. As nervous yet incredibly optimistic and excited as I am about this season, I can only imagine what it must be like for Baron.

Baron Batch Diary courtesy of Midland Report-Telegram


Baron Batch is maintaining a diary for the Midland Reporter-Telegram to cover his final season. I do not know how often he intends to update it, but it will likely be "must read" for the legions of Batch fans.

Ghosts of Coaches Past: Bump in the Road for Ruff


Coach Ruff is getting a taste of having his own program . . . including pesky little details like NCAA compliance. Ruff has accepted the resignation on his special teams coach (not a former TTU coach) whose supervision of "voluntary" summer workouts crossed some NCAA line. Hopefully this violation is an isolated incident.

Bront Bird: Interview for Odessa American


Bird gives an interview to his hometown newspaper. He says he is now about 252 pounds with as good or improved speed. There is nothing incredibly noteworthy, but at least it's something to read in the slow season.

Blast from the Past: Billy Joe Tolliver leading Tahoe Celebrity Golf tourney


Here's a brief interview with BJT who's playing in Tahoe at the American Century Championship (televised on NBC) and continuing his success in that event. Talks about being struck by lightening during his Lubbock days.

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