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NYC Camden Chat meetup: Tuesday, April 15

This has been talked about a few times in the "Who's Who" thread and Bird Droppings, but a FanPost really makes it official (or something like that). So here's the deal: We're doing a somewhat...


USA-Canada live hockey thread for baseball fans

A couple people asked for this in the Bird Droppings so here it is. I'm going to be in and out so I can't guarantee my timeliness on updates. Hopefully other fans will help out. Here's hoping...


NYC Camden Chat Meetup redux

Looks like Fanpost comments get shut off 1 month after the original post date (either that or Stacey shut us down, which seems unlikely). So let's try to get something concrete set up. There was...


NYC Camden Chat game watching meetup

Hey New York City Camden Chatters, of which I know there are many. I've passively mentioned doing a game-watching meetup a few times in game threads and Bird Droppings but never actually taken the...

Taught an undergrad sports writing class in New York City over the summer and got this comment in...


Taught an undergrad sports writing class in New York City over the summer and got this comment in the course evaluations. Amazing.

Brian Roberts will begin rehab assignment with AA Bowie Wednesday night

Brian Roberts will begin rehab assignment with AA Bowie Wednesday night

Roch. And Britt. Both say Roberts expected to use all 20 days.

"Taste the difference quality makes"

A writer for the Washington Examiner used that title for a blog post on the Nationals starting pitching this season. Am I the only person who finds it unsavory to use the Esskay slogan when talking about the Nationals? I don't even know why this bothered me... Probably because it might as well have said, "Hey remember when we all used to be Orioles fans and listen to Orioles radio broadcasts? Now let's talk Natinals!" What's next? A post referencing Old Bay and Natty Boh?


I feel like I'm taking crazy pills (exchange with Melewski)

Steve Melewski posted on MASN today about how he thinks Reimold should get a shot as the everyday LF. I'm fine with that opinion, but I thought it needed some qualifiers, so I posted them. You can...

Suspensions doled out for BoSox-O's fracas

David Ortiz and Kevin Gregg both got 4 games. Mike Gonzalez got 3 (yay!). But the biggest load of BS is that Buck Showalter got 1 game and Lackey got some form of undisclosed discipline that apparently is not a fine or suspension for hitting 2 batters. GTFO. Francona also gets off scot-free. Oh, and JJ and Salty also got fined.

Less than 24 hours left to vote for Adam Jones, Son!

I know it's a longshot but I've spent all day (on and off ... had to get some work done at some point) voting for G.I. Jones for the AL Final Man. Voting ends at 4 p.m. Thursday.


Anyone remember Pedro Beato?

The 24-year-old former O's prospect has gone 17 innings without giving up an earned run to start his MLB career with the Mets. The Orioles lost Pedro Beato to the Mets in the Rule 5 draft in the...


Some stats on Terry Crowley

I think it's time to unite around a common cause, and that cause is getting Terry Crowley canned. I'm sure he's a nice guy and I know the economy's rough right now but I don't know if anyone in...


Miguel Tejada Facts

Maybe it's not kosher to make fun of injured people, but last night while discussing Miguel Tejada's GIDP prowess with a friend, I decided it'd be funny to create some "Miguel Tejada Facts." But...


So uhh... who is out there? (FAs)

I was looking at a list of free agents in our main "need" positions (1B, 3B) and the lists are pretty freaking thin. http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2008/12/2010-mlb-free-a.html There's a couple...


J.P. Ricciardi canned

Story here: http://mlb.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20091003&content_id=7302990&vkey=news_mlb&fext=.jsp&c_id=mlb How long before everyone stops kneeling at the holy altar of Moneyball/Billy Beane?...


Torts praises Rozsival/Redden paring

"With [Redden and Rozsival], one of the key things in their game, they were willing to take a hit to make a play, protected the puck well and we were probably more successful with them getting...


Anybody know anything about U.S. Cellular Field?

I'm heading out to Chicago for business this week and it turns out I'll have some downtime on Thursday night, and the White Sox are at home taking on the Tigers. I was kind of "ehh" on going but...


RW&B hats for the 4th of July

I thought the design was pretty cool to be honest. From far away it was hard to tell that there was actually red, white and blue within the O's logo, but up close they look real good: check it out ...


Song they play before the game

This has probably been talked about before but I'm too lazy to look it up. Last night before the game they played a song that I hadn't heard at OPACY before. It wasn't Orioles Magic and it wasn't...


So uhh... are we booing Miggi or what?

I'm going tonight and I'm kind of torn. I loved loved loved Tejada during his first 2 years here, but then he went and ruined that all with some pissing and moaning, not running out ground balls,...


Torre to the Dodgers

That was quick, if you believe "multiple media outlets" (when have they ever been wrong about anything!??!?!).ESPN link-a-dinkAllegedly Grady Little is out and Torre's in.And why not some quotes...


I think I just figured out why Boras' clients get so much $

Teams pay him to shut the hell up because he's murdering their IQ.Check out these gems from this article."One of the other things that Alex has that some of the other things that Alex has that few...


Rivera to test market, Pettitte and Posada not sure

Per ESPNI've gotta think the Yanks will hold onto Pettitte and Posada and throw all the money in the world at Rivera, but maybe I'm wrong. It wouldn't be the first time Pettitte's left the Bronx...


Why do the ushers at Camden Yards suck so bad?

I know I've heard similar complaints before so this is probably beating a dead horse, but I need to do a short rant.Five of my friends and I have a 13 game plan in section 85, and that plan...


Nats get Wily Mo

Seems like something the Orioles would do, but Bowden's a pretty crappy GM so that's not too surprising. Pena's still only 25 and he did have a pretty solid season last year if only for 276 at bats...


We need a "Stop Guiliani" campaign

Like they had for Heath Shuler two years ago.Why?Because he gave Jeffrey freaking Maier the key to the city after he caught that Jeter "homer" in the 1996 ALCS.No one who so clearly condones...


I present to you: Jamie Walker t-shirts!

I was bored at work and decided to whip up a "skillet-based" t-shirt just to see if I could make somethign that looks cool. It came out pretty good, I think: (I have no idea if this picture will...


Erstad headed to White Sox

Everyone breathe a sigh of relief. Right now Jim Rome is telling Chicago how much they're going to love Erstad because of how hard he plays. Plenty of guys play hard ... I'd prefer someone who...


Sweet jersey for $130...

I thought of a must-have-for-Camden-Chatters custom jersey but didn't want to spend $190 on an authentic, and the replicas either do black-only numbers (home) or orange-only numbers (away) and they...


Mets radio team... awful

So I was up in NY this weekend to see the O's at Shea, and the way everything fell I ended up driving up during Friday's game and back down to Maryland during Sunday's game, which meant I got the...

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