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Husband and father; Formerly at the now ended blog FireRickReilly.com (RIP) and other places around the internet; baseball fan ; book editor (day job). Can't get enough of baseball, ever. Die-hard fan of all Pittsburgh sports.

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Pedro Alvarez and Expectations

by CTapps, Bucs Dugout May 30 2011, 2:50p

There was a lot of frustration yesterday after the Pirates dropped a winnable game in Chicago. But kind of lost in all that was that the Pirates still took 2 of 3 from the Cubbies, winning their...

Lyle Overbay v. Adam LaRoche


Saw this on Twitter from @WARGraphs. If nothing else, it's interesting, and knowledge worth having since I have a feeling the great Overbay/Uberbay/Overpaid debate of 2011 will surge on this year. Not that Overbay replaced LaRoche, but they were both on the market...and LaRoche got a longer, more lucrative contract from the Nats.


Are the Pirates a Mirage?

Somewhat lost among the hot starts of the Kansas City Royals and the Baltimore Orioles, as well as the Red Sox's and Rays' early-season trip to the morgue, has been the surprising start of the P...

Bucs in on Hardy


According to Tim Brown (of Yahoo). Orioles and Pirates are talking to the Twins. Fingers crossed. Charlie wrote about Hardy before. I really like him. He'd be good get in my opinion.

Pirates to Interview Clint Hurdle


Looks like the Pirates will be interviewing Clint Hurdle now that the WS is over. Well, at least they want to.


Bucs-Cards Overflow Thread (9/22)

1. Half a league, half a league, Half a league onward, All in the valley of Death Rode the six hundred. "Forward, the Light Brigade! "Charge for the guns!" he said: Into the valley of Death Rode...


What Happened to Andy LaRoche?

There's a lot of talk this time of year about next year's lineup. Understandably so. There are a lot of interesting questions and many different scenarios. But one guy who is left out is Andy...


Why the Bob Nutting Obsession?

Reading through the comments on DG Lewis's excellent FanPost I was struck by something that "Tom Hill" said while defending his position that he would like to see Mario get a shot at owning the P...


Still Not Ready to Give up on Charlie Morton

Maybe I'm just being naive and hoping too much, but I don't think it's too much of a stretch to expect Charlie Morton to become a serviceable starter for the Pirates. Not an ace, but maybe a...


Micah Owings

According to Tim Grimes of Blog Red Machine, the Reds are moving some pitchers around. Mike Leake is about at his innings limit and so he's being moved to the bullpen. This sets off a bit of a...

Pirates Claim Chan Ho Park


From DK's Twitter. It's pick up a pitcher day. I like it. 'Free' pitching is just fine with me. See how it goes.

Pirates Claim Chris Resop


From the Pirates Twitter. Not sure what goes on after this. I guess ATL has some time to try to work a trade...or not. Either way, Resop's an intriguing guy.

Alex Gordon?


Rob Neyer's latest on Ankiel getting the call, while Alex Gordon toils with a 315/.442/.577 line. Thoughts on going after Gordon? What do you think it would take? Plays the corners and outfield. As Neyer says, he's not young, but maybe worth a shot?


Joba? Joba. Joba!

The Yankees may be fed up with Joba Chamberlain and looking to deal, according to several writers out there the past couple of days. The Pirates should go after him. He has an awful ERA, yes, at...


New Management, Alternate Plan...A Constructive Hypothetical?

Here we are in the midst of the 18th-straight losing season. Things have been bad this year. Lots of crushing loses, whether they be 20-0 or 6-5. There have been inept performances on the mound,...

Neil Walker Lives With His Parents


From the Wall Street Journal...a story about hometown players living with their parents. Walker is highlighted in the second half. It's actually a fairly interesting read, albeit a light one.


Of Smizik, Chavez, and Iwamura

The venerable Bob Smizik had a nice little post on his blog today about Rafael Soriano, and how the Rays got him for Jesse Chavez. He says, after some praise of Soriano, The Atlanta Braves traded...

Pirates RH Prep Pitcher Binge


In the first graf of Keith Law's 2011 draft look, there's this line: "Next year's draft class looks much stronger and deeper than this year's in almost every area, with high school right-handers possibly the lone exception." Looks like the Bucs did a good job of jumping on what will soon been a coveted premium. (Link is Insider, by the way.)


FireRickReilly Royals Preview

Hey there. Thanks again for all your help with what to watch for/ expect from the Wilmington Blue Rocks. I appreciate it, and I plan on coming back here with some first-hand thoughts on the team...


Wilmington Blue Rocks...Anyone of Note?

Hey all, I'm a Pirates fan...so I feel your pain. I live in Wilmington, DE...moved in September so this our first summer here. Who are the players to watch on this team (if any)? I know it's only...

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