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Steroids in Baseball Revisited


The steroids discussion lasts about 25 minutes, but I'd recommend listening to the whole thing if you've got an hour to spare (even if only in the background). Warning, WU -- you will dislike this man. Not only is he a steroid skeptic, he's also a marathon-running-and-jogging skeptic.

OT: ESPN Wins Premier League Rights


Pretty big news... Setanta is in financial trouble (I'm fairly certain they completely missed making their last payment to the Premier League altogether) and their rights to air games were revoked. Kudos to ESPN for jumping on this.


Read a book, read a book, read a mother%*#&^$% book (or a blog, or some type of publication)

This is probably somewhat overdue, seeing how much ass the music thread kicks (it really does -- if nothing else it gives me some stuff to dabble with in my free time).  I know I'm always looking...

Danks' Brothers Drop Boras


John and Jordan Danks have switched representatives, two sources confirmed.


You Know What? I'm Excited...

This past week I've been thinking a lot about the start of this season.  Up till about ten minutes ago, I have to admit that my thoughts were mostly on the gloomy side, stemming mainly from just a...


NCAA Tourney Thread

Marquette in five -- book it.--------------Surprise picks, anyone?  Sleepers?  Overrated teams?Big Ten appears to rule the day when NCAA is discussed, so I'll share my brief thoughts on each team...

Sox trade Gio Gonzalez, Fautino De Los Santos and Ryan Sweeney for Nick Swisher


[]: The Chicago White Sox have acquired switch-hitting outfielder Nick Swisher from the Oakland Athletics in exchange for three minor league players, pitcher Gio Gonzalez, pitcher F...


BTF Poster/Analyst...

hired as a scout by the Diamondbacks.  I'm sure by now most of you guys have heard of Carlos Gomez, the guy who had done provided a lot of quality analysis over the past year.  Congratulations to...


Baseball Prospectus Will Never Get a Dime from Me Carroll is an unprofessional dolt.  Can we start compiling a list on everything he's gotten wrong?  Or how they've fucked up the White Sox...


Reinsdorf Comments on Payroll,091SPT2.article While it remains to be seen how active the front office will be in the free-agent market, Reinsdorf expects the payroll to remain...

A Beautiful Day for a Baseball Game...


maybe a little too beautiful for Scott Podsednik.  Podsednik provided another adventurous moment in the outfield when he dropped a line-drive that would've ended the eighth inning.  Toronto went on...


Hurray Josh!

I know it's been a while since a White Sox position prospect has come up to Chicago and actually looked competent, but damn -- we're actually seeing that with Josh Fields.  I guess I shouldn't...

It's For the Best


Sleep and work got the best of me this weekend, allowing me to catch all of two innings of White Sox baseball.  I'm pretty sure that's a good thing, but... When I check out the box scores on my...


History Lesson: Albert Belle

I have to be totally honest here and say that my memories of anything about the White Sox before the turn of the millenium is vague, at best.  I have vague recollections of being an extremely shy...


Sox Lose, Sun Shines, Grass Green

It was another bad weekend of White Sox baseball, brightened only by another great Mark Buehrle start on what is increasingly looking like Buehrle's farewell tour.  The Sox hit the ball a bit...

Joe Crede to Have Back Surgery


News is per 670 AM, The Score. Not seeing anything in print/text yet but someone can post a link when it becomes "official". It's on the official site now: Joe Crede will undergo back surgery on...


Okay, Seriously -- The Sox NEED Ichiro on going to play in Cleveland:"To tell the truth, I'm not excited to go to Cleveland, but we have to," Ichiro said through an...


Off-Topic: Music

With Paxson Jackson's pimping of Pavement, I want to know more about the music taste of the folks around here.  Part of this is selfish -- with iTunes giving :30 second clips of just about every...

Trying to Out-Royal the Royals: Part Two


Second inning.  After Mark Grudzielanek throws the ball into left-field on an attempted force out at second base -- the Royals fourth error in two days -- the Sox have runners on second and third...


John Danks Earns First Career W

Danks has pitched well enough to get victory sooner than May 9th, but nevertheless, John earned his first career win tonight with an impressive performance tonight, going 6 2/3rds, striking out...

Greg Walker's Mind Scores Runs


...or Eric Karros' subtle sarcasm flew right over my head.------------------------------------------------The Sox scored a first inning run for just the fifth time this year.  The Sox scored six...


Sox offense -- slumping, or just mediocre?

I know the consensus among most people -- myself included -- is that the Sox offense was going to be fine this year and that the pitching was the area to worry about.  The Thome injury sure...

The Morning After Notes...


Jose Contreras held the Angels to three runs last night, but his stuff still wasn't very good.  The fastball isn't where it was and the overhand forkball seemed non-existant.  I hope this isn't...


Dewon Day, John Danks Thoughts

For those that don't know, the Sox picked up Amos Dewon Day this winter in the Rule IV Draft.  He was a 26-year old reliever who, IIRC, got talked up a bit by Sox brass and Phil Rogers.He has been...


Great Haeger Article Jazayerli really did his research in this article, sort of putting into perspective how good Haeger has already been and...


OT: SSS Tournament Thread

Who's everyone rooting for?  Tourney starts in twenty minutes.  Gotta love these next two days...  luckily I'm on break so I won't have to cut any classees.Ring out Ahoya with an MU RAH RAH!Go...


The First of Many -- AL Central Preview

This one is done in an 'interview' format, with Kansas City columnist Joe Posnanski speaking with Detroit Free Press columnist Michael Rosenberg.  It's more laid back but overall well done.  Love...


Sickels Ranks Our 'Spects posted in the thread that I feel bad for John even trying to rate 'em past eight or so.  It was tough for me coming up with ten...  From...

We Have a Deal


Freddy Garcia for Gavin Floyd and Gio - jim @ soxmachine - mlbtraderumorsUpdate [2006-12-7 0:4:45 by thewizardsofoz]:[Mark Gonzales] Before the deal was finalized, Sox...

Oh My Word! A Trade!


Neal Cotts heading north for David Aardsma and minor league reliever Carlos Vasquez (link).Vasquez, for the first time, was a reliever this season, and put up decent numbers -- 91 Ks in a little...

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