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Water Boilin' on the Hot Stove

Finally, some action!Cleveland today traded Kevin Kouzmanoff and Andrew Brown to San Diego for Josh Barfield.  Barfield doesn't look like particularly great player to me, but he's cheap and will...


2007 ZiPS Projections

I don't know where I stand on all the projection systems yet, but they're usually a good source of debate for the off-season.  Here's the link:h...

Let's Talk Pitching


Tonight, you got a look at just how dominant Brandon McCarthy could be.  All the elements were there:  precise location of his fastball, which ranged from 88-94 MPH; great mixing in of a changeup...

Officially The End


With Joe Nathan having tossed the ball to Justin Morneau to finish an 8-1 victory, and the Sox having lost in blowout fashion to Cleveland 14-1, the Sox were officially eliminated from playoff...

The Sad Truth


This weekend was really one of the most depressing Sox series' I can remember.  For those who watched all three games, you know why, but examining it a little further... The Sox held leads in all...

Open 'Anything-Goes' Thread


I'm sick of staring at the gamethread of a baseball game that we probably should have won, so needing to get that off my mind, I figured I'd open an open thread to discuss anything you want.Just...

Kevin Goldstein of BP Answers Your Questions


First off, I'd like to extend a big thank you to Kevin Goldstein.  Not only did he do a real good job of giving strong answers to our questions, he got back to me -- on two separate instances --...


SSS Interview Opportunity -- Kevin Goldstein

I recently sent Kevin Goldstein, an author over at Baseball Prospectus, an email regarding the chance of him taking some questions from the SouthSideSox community, and he responded (quite quickly,...

You Hearin' Those Footsteps?


Coming into this series, not much was supposed to change in the race for the AL Central divisional crown.  So long as neither team swept, the Sox would have still been back anywhere from 7.5-to-9.5...

Winning... Pretty?


I'll keep this short, as I don't know if Cheat is going to want to post a recap of his own. Jose Contreras was nothing short of brilliant tonight.  Again, he didn't have his plus-plus forkball...

Just Enough...


The White Sox probably shouldn't have scored any runs in that four-run second inning.  A-Rod tossed an easy double play ball five feet wide of second base, and on the very next play, Melky Cabrera...


Mark Buehrle -- Charted.

Why?0-5, 11.48 ERA, 26 2/3 IP, 1.95 WHIP, .392 BAAIf you've paid any attention whatsoever to the White Sox in the last month, you'd know that the line above resembled Mark Buehrle's worst month of...

7/22: White Sox vs. Rangers


Garcia (10-6, 5.07) vs. Koronka (6-6, 5.22)Is it too much to ask that First Inning Freddy™ stays in the clubhouse today?Update [2006-7-22 13:58:15 by CWSKeith]:Apparently I'm an idiot and didn't...


Best All-Time White Sox Team

There was a thread over at John Sickels site asking for your team's best all-time lineup.  At that time, no one had taken a shot at it, so I figured I would.  Here was my team:C - Carlton Fisk 1B -...



The best way to stick it to Buck Showalter and company, while gaining some revenge from last night's antics, was to show them who the better team really was by beating the Rangers on their turf.The...

Recap, and 'Going for the Sweep' Gamethread


When Jim Thome, Paul Konerko, and Jermaine Dye go a collective 1-for-11 at the plate, things probably don't bode well for that day.  Luckily, the White Sox have their own little Ted Williams at the...


Sean Tracey Called Up as Politte Heads to the DL

Note:  I haven't heard this myself, but a poster has heard it and it has apparently been confirmed.I didn't make a whole lot of predictions at the beginning of the season.  One I did...

Game Thread: White Sox vs. Rangers


Mark Buehrle (6-3, 2.89) vs. John Rheinecker (1-0, 1.46)


Nelson's on the Way

I'm going to make this a real quick diary, because I'm sure Cheat will have something up later tonight or early in the morning, but Jeff Nelson is all but on a plane to Chicago.  In this article,...

Joe Crede is Clutch


Talk about a clever headline, ehh?  I guess that's why I'm not Cheat... Mark Buehrle labored through six innings, throwing 114 pitches.  This was a start where it was pretty clear that he didn't...

Sox Extend Contreras -- 3 Years, $29 Million


Let me start off by saying, damnit, I hope I haven't been duped.The White Sox have (reportedly) extended Jose Contreras through the 2009 season.  The (supposed) deal breaks down like this: - $9...


Water Cooler -- 3/3, and the Weekend

You know -- we haven't had one of these in a while, and I needed somewhere to talk about certain things.  It seems like the people who've been hibernating all winter and enjoying their various...


Closing Out the 25-Man

Unlike last season, it seems as if there are a lot fewer questions heading into Tuscon then last year.  I'd say most of the bench spots, as well as a couple of the bullpen spots, were up for grabs...


Sox make some minor moves,1,5820341.story?coll=c s-home-headlines But the Sox aren't finished in their quest to fortify their 2005 World Series...

Studes Article from THT

2 interesting (and colorful!) read from Studes.  A lot of the articles posted over at BTF are very difficult for me to get...


Trades and Signings of the Wazoo!

Post 'em as they come in.I'm seeing...-Texas trades Alfonso Soriano to Washington for Brad Wilkerson, Termel Sledge, and a PTBNL.-Toronto trades Shea Hillenbrand, Dave Bush to Milwaukee for Lyle...


SouthSideSox Community Idea, and a question

Okay -- so, I was looking over at, and I was looking at the sponsors for the player pages of the 2005 White Sox players.  As it is, most of them are taken, but I noticed that...


Rule V Draft

Stolen from BTF -- here's the link, in case you want it:, here's the playoffs.  Later I think I'm...

The Alternatives...


The main question looming this off-season seems pretty obvious -- where will Paul Konerko end up?At this point, it's tough to tell.  The Sox seem to be offering a contract in the area of four years...

Konerko Contract Update


This, from Rotoworld: Agent Craig Landis said Paul Konerko is seeking a deal of six or seven years, possibly including a strict no-trade clause. "Paul wants a long deal. He wants to spend the...

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