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Anyone seen this yet?

2014 Braves Song-Chop Arm Strong

Schwartz isn't coming back folks

So you'd take less money in your job? Yea right. Same thing applies in FA "@chiefsbitch: forget that free agency"

— Geoff Schwartz (@geoffschwartz) March 5, 2014

Eliminating Extra Points/Kickoffs------WHY?

I am going to go off on a little rant here because I seriously don't understand what the NFL or the RGFL (Roger Goodell Football League) is thinking. I personally think both of these proposals are...


Be smart about Alex Smith's contract

AP user CWil03 says the Chiefs need to be smart if they decide to extend Alex Smith's contract.

Here is your answer guys

@ArrowheadPride RT @JasonPhilCole: #Chiefs will try to extend contract of QB Alex Smith this offseason:"

— Chris Wilson (@CWil031) January 8, 2014

2014 Schedule

Well it looks like our 2014 schedule is pretty much set in stone. We get the AFC East and the NFC West. More than likely we will finish 2nd in the division, then we will play the Ravens and T...

Weather not looking good for sunday

They are getting flurries/rain on game day. The reason I bring this up is, Fed Ex field is probably the worst field in the NFL for these type of conditions. Hope we come out of this game healthy and no knee injuries. This could turn into a ground and pound game which I would love to see, hopefully Reid isnt stubborn enough to think we can still pass in that type of weather.


Alex Smith's opening drive INT

"It's not the turnover or missed shot at the end of the game that lost you that game, its the missed layup in the 1st and the guy who dribbled the ball off his leg on a wide open dunk in the 2nd...


. @AdamSchefter on Sportscenter also stated that Houston was having MRI today. His arm was in a cast. That they were hoping to have 1 of 2.

— Nick Jacobs (@Jacobs71) November 25, 2013

. @AdamSchefter on Sportscenter also stated there is a feeling that he still will be able to play on Sunday.

— Nick Jacobs (@Jacobs71) November 25, 2013

Per @AdamSchefter on Sportscenter. Tamba Hali had an MRI this morning, stated doesn't look like he will practice this week.

— Nick Jacobs (@Jacobs71) November 25, 2013 Nick Jacobs

Wildcard Breakdown

We are down to 5 games. The Chiefs need to win 1 game and they should secure a wild card, 2 games will guarantee at least a wildcard. Here are your wildcard standings at the moment C...


Something To Remember

As the Chiefs kept winning, I started thinking about what would happen when they finally don't win a game. As expected you have some people who remain rational and some people who are off the...

Check out the forecast for Sunday in Denver

The coldest day in the next 10 days!! Better get your fuzzy socks Peyton, that Sunday night game is going to be cold


It's Denver Time

24 hour rule for me is over now. I am done thinking about the Bills game. All I care about right now is that we are 9-0 and Denver is our next opponent. I have to admit, this game scares me A...

Raiders fan complaining about noise

I am surprised that only one person on this entire post including Levi, has brought up the fact that the Chief fans beat our team. Only one, and I rec’d him. The same exact thing happened to SF & and the all mighty Kaepernick up in Seattle, as I watched a tight game turn into a cluster fuck for the Whiners. It didn’t matter to me during that game, but it sure did today. Sometimes in life, we have to say, "What the fuck is going on here?" They’re enshrining these assholes for being so fucking loud against my Raiders, that it actually severely affects the game and my QB. FUCK this new bullshit that lets the crowd affect the outcome of the game. I’m all about cheering for your team and being obnoxious, but when only a handful of stadiums can truly affect the outcome due to shear decibels, FUCK THAT !!!!!! We will never affect the outcome at the O, and that s the way it supposed to be. However we shouldn’t have to wait for a home game to not be blasted by 120 -140 decibels. If its an UNFAIR advantage then the new rule needs to be retracted and the old rule where if 3 or more delay of games are caused by the crowd, then a penalty is assessed on the home team. We would have won today if that rule was still in place. On top of that , they are even allowing the home team to amplify the crowd noise. FUCK THAT TOO!!! Or else lets just call it Fan Ball not football. I understand that a lot of games have been affected by loud passionate fans, but its obvious that now that the rules have relaxed. some stadiums are taking FULL advantage of the new rules, where some stadiums don’t have the ability to do so. Pretty soon. we’ll be in some sort of Noise weapons war that can only cheapen the game to a pathetic display of acoustic power.

From the Vikings SB Page

Sure why not... At 0-3 I welcome any changes… That includes testing Mauti and Hodges at linebacker, Cassel at QB, whatever… Anything… People rag on Cassel while defending Ponder, but he did have a 27 TD/7INT season with KC… Yeah he had some shitty years as well but their entire team was shitty… Shitty coaching, shitty o-line, shitty injuries, and shitty morale( a player killed themselves at the facility last year for godsake).. This year they have a healthy squad, fancy new rookie o linemen, new coach… Perfect situation for Alex Smith. I say give Cassell a chance… Hey, Atleast this isn’t A playoff game at Green Bay with little to know snaps at QB the entire year…. They really have no clue what they would get themselves into if Cassel started


Tamba's Gracie Workout

This looks really tough

Observation when watching other defenses

With Sunday Ticket I have the pleasure of watching a lot of NFL games every Sunday. I have especially watched teams the Chiefs play. Something has really jumped out at me. Especially last night and against the Eagles. If you watched the Eagles Redskins game and the Broncos Raiders game or the Cowboys Giants game, you saw 2 defense that laid the wood a lot. Even the Cowboys Rams game and the Eagles Chargers game had a lot of big hits from the Eagles and Cowboys defenses. What I am getting at here is the Cowboys and Eagles games where they played the Chiefs I don't remember the Chiefs players ever getting lite up like the Rams, Redskins, Chargers, and Giants. This is a testament to Alex Smith. This guy is a very smart QB and we may yell and scream at his conservative nature, but he doesnt put his receivers, running backs, or tight ends in a position to get "hit sticked". Gruden made the comment last night about Pryor, he said he cant make some of these throws because its getting his teammates layed out. In the long course of a season this is bigger than you think. Cassel also did this and thats why you saw a lot of our players getting hurt. Be happy that we have a smart QB that helps protects his teammates. Watching the Broncos game last night, I was like man these guys always have highlight real hits. At first I was worried, but then I remember I had the same feeling watching the Cowboys and Eagles, but honestly dont remember any of our players getting hit very hard.


First Pass this Sunday

look who is throwing out the first pass this Sunday. The Heartbreak Kid Shawn buddy who is a cowboys fan will probably receive some sweet chin music from me.

I'm very excited about throwing out the first pass of the @dallascowboys & @KCChiefs game next Sunday...@keithmarkmra better warm up!!!

— Shawn Michaels (@ShawnMichaels) September 9, 2013 CWil

ESPN Fantasy outlook for Chiefs Defense

So I was looking thru defenses to pick up for my ESPN fantasy league, I clicked on the Chiefs and here is the exact quote that popped up for them. "The Chiefs signed Sean Smith and Dunta Robinson to complement Brandon Flowers, giving them three expensive corners. Yeah, because that worked so well for Andy Reid in Philly. Hubris aside, it's tough to argue Reid hasn't improved KC's defensive personnel, adding Mike DeVito as well. But Tyson Jackson just can't play, Dontari Poe's rookie year was bad, and Tamba Hali became a one-trick pony even as Justin Houston was emerging. If Eric Berry comes all the way back from his torn ACL, maybe the Chiefs catch fire. For now, though, the most you should do is add these guys to your watch list."


Anybody buying this

I'm hearing Dexter McCluster is unhappy he's not on the return team. #Chiefs looking at all options, including trade.

— Danny Parkins (@DannyParkins) August 27, 2013

There are questions about the legitimacy of Dexter's illness. #Chiefs might have too few options at WR to deal him, but Reid's not happy.

— Danny Parkins (@DannyParkins) August 27, 2013 Danny Parkins

Thanks Arrowhead Pride

Thought I would share a funny little experience. So I went to go browse the Steelers SB Nation page at work, and I got an access denied. The reason it was denied was for a Malicious Web Reputation. So I would just like to say Thank You Arrowhead Pride and everyone associated with it for keeping this site clean and appropriate to my works standards


Hey I havent met most of you, and this is crazy, but beat the Saints maybe??? If I am the Chiefs...

Hey I havent met most of you, and this is crazy, but beat the Saints maybe??? If I am the Chiefs I go into this game saying we need to stop 2 people...Sproles and Graham. Look at what Spiller and Chandler did to us last week. I would say the Saints have the advantage in that Graham and Sproles are better than Spiller and Chandler. I dont have the first clue how to stop these guys but I would assume you put spys on them. DJ on Graham? Berry on Sproles? Romeo has talked quite a bit about players not playing what they are taught and trying to make to many plays. So if you tell DJ and Berry, hey the whole game dont worry about anybody but these guys. Not even sure that would work or if it would leave to many holes, but I can see these guys having big days. I think Flowers can match up with Colston, Routt with Moore. I look at the Saints and they can still put up points. I think back to the Packers game last year, even the Steelers game. Both those teams were high powered offense and we kept them in check. I would need to rewatch those games to see what we did, but I think a similar plan would be to do what we did against them. Hell even the 1st half vs the Patriots last year we looked good on defense. I still believe in Romeo and I think he will be able to draw something up to make us compete. I think it boils down to the players believing in their assignments and not doing things beyond that.

Alright guys and gals, I am calling for the 24 hour rule to be in effect(yes I know not quite 24...

Alright guys and gals, I am calling for the 24 hour rule to be in effect(yes I know not quite 24 hours yet). We got our dicks kicked in again and it sucks my left nut. But you know what there is nothing we can really do about this(except if you are that furious stop going to the games, stop buy the mechandise, thats about as much power as you have). This is the team we will have to play with this year. Do I think this team can win?? Yeah I really do. Do I know what is going on right now??? I dont have the slightest clue what our problem is. But fact of the matter is, I am a Chiefs fan and this is my team. Win or lose I will always be a Chiefs fan.(or as we always said in or lose we still booze). Dont get me wrong, this all frickin sucks, but come next sunday at noon, I will be up in my chiefs gear in front of my tv getting pumped to watch the game again. Take this for what it is worth but here was my thoughts on the game. I kept saying the first half we would figure this Bills team out. Fitz was horrible throwing the ball and Spiller was their only play maker. I had a feeling we would come back even after it was 21-0. Then we finally get a drive together and have a chance to score right before half. I told the GF if the Chiefs can score here and come out the 2nd half with a stop and a score they would win the game. HERE IS YOUR TURNING POINT. Hillis fumble....this absolutely killed us. Stay with me here. The defense to that point had been playing horrible, but we werent dead yet. Gailey did a great job of mixing things up and confusing our D, but i felt the 2nd half would get better. IF Hillis scores and its a 21-7 game at half its a whole new ball game. We actually came out the 2nd half and stopped them right away and there was still 14:01 left of the clock. 21-7 at that point and we got the ball near the 35 I believe. If we go down and score a touchdown there, you would of seen a different game. Trust me this all sucks, there isnt a reason to write the season off yet. GO CHIEFS!!!

19 games left, 1-Brewers 3-Nats 3-Marlins 3-Phillies 3-Marlins 3-Mets 3-Pirates 6 game...

19 games left, 1-Brewers 3-Nats 3-Marlins 3-Phillies 3-Marlins 3-Mets 3-Pirates 6 game lead in WC standings, I see atleast 11 wins out of those 19 games. Is that good enough to get us in the playoffs?

Chiefs fan here, coming for my drubbing. I told you all I would come back after the game win or...

Chiefs fan here, coming for my drubbing. I told you all I would come back after the game win or lose. I actually attended the game, and boy was it a blast(well tailgaiting pre-game, and the 1st half. 2nd half sucked my left nut) Loved that I got to see Tony G dunk it one last time at Arrowhead, as pissed off as I was I cracked a little smile and finished my beer at that moment. Falcons have a great team. Offense was unreal. They are going to need to watch out on their screens tho, a few illegal plays the refs missed on those. But that wouldnt have made a difference in the outcome. Matty Ice is going to have a great season. The guy got the ball out of his hand so quick, I dont believe Tamba would have made much of a difference. I wont make excuses but you cant say having your starting CB FS and OLB out didnt hurt the Chiefs D. The Falcons did whatever they wanted and deserved the win. Good luck this year fellas.

As this sunday draws near my blood just contiues to boil and I am getting more and more jacked up...

As this sunday draws near my blood just contiues to boil and I am getting more and more jacked up about this game. I wanted to make this comment....This is hands down the best board I have been apart of and I know from time to time everyone on the board will disagree with each other. We may not agree with everything the Chiefs do or decisions that are made. But we all have one thing in common and that is our love for the CHIEFS!!! I really dont care how our team looks, come this sunday I will be sitting in section 109 cheering my ass off for this team. I cant think of anything better on sunday to do. Win or lose, I am still a Chiefs fan and I want to see them crush the dirty birds. I dont think I have been more jacked up about a season that I am this one. We have the most weapons on offense that we have had in a long time. Romeo showed us last year, in big games he will draw up something to get the defense ready and able to play their best. This game isnt going to be easy, but I say we all stay positive and leave the negative comments to rest. WE ARE CHIEFS FANS and WE ARE the BEST fans in the NFL, lets show these dirty birds something this sunday.

Alright I know there will be a ton of fanpost/shots on this until we find out, but I am going to...

Alright I know there will be a ton of fanpost/shots on this until we find out, but I am going to start an official one about the DJ Injury... Did anybody see or can anyone rewatch the first 2 series and see when DJ was hurt? Was there any time that DJ limped off the field? I dont believe anything RAC says or what the media says, I want to see hard proof in video form. If anyone can post a video of when DJ got hurt please do so here.

Good read on Falcons Position by Position

Looks as if their o-line is struggling, man I wish Tamba was playing

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