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My Take on Recruiting Thus Far, Part 2

This is the second installment in an ongoing series that briefly provides information and links regarding current Oregon commits. My first write-up can be found here.


(UPDATED) My take on recruiting thus far

This morning the surf sucked, I didn't have to work, and I had very little to do until later. So I will present my thoughts regarding the recruiting class thus far. Perhaps I will turn this into an...

Eugene police report regarding Masoli/Embry


Courtesy of the Register Guard. I read most of this report, yet it did not answer all of the questions that I had. Based on the report, Embry was obviously responsible for taking a projector. However, Details still seem a little sketchy regarding Masoli. At the very least, now we know Masoli's middle name is "Taeatafa".

In case you somehow missed it, Dungy commits :)


Well, he sounds like a project at receiver, but it will surely be good to have a connection to Tony Dungy and added depth at WR.

LaMichael joins the UO track team


I'm sure that the track coaches are very excited to hear this news. Lets hope that he can put his 10.5 100 meter speed to use!

Dior Mathis video Thankfully, Dior Mathis chose the Ducks during the Army All-American game....


Dior Mathis video Thankfully, Dior Mathis chose the Ducks during the Army All-American game. Considering the numerous Duck DB commits this season, and the very young members of the secondary already playing stellar; we will have a great stream of DB's playing for years to come. Mathis is 5'9 and around 170 lbs. He reportedly runs the 100 meters in the high 10.4 range, so his speed alone will help him compensate for his short frame. In the 2011 season, a cornerback duo of Harris/Mathis could be truly great.


Why the Rose Bowl gives me confidence for next season.

This was obviously an extremely frustrating loss. Our defense showed both flashes of greatness, yet flashes of absurdly poor play and execution. Our offense displayed flashes of well executed and...


Thread for those who cannot sleep in preperation for Rose Bowl...

If you are anything like myself, your mind is racing as fast as Travis Pastrana was flying down a pier before hurdling himself 250 feet through Long Beach Harbor (totally awesome, in case you...

Ducks land Troy Hill


I was just perusing Ducks Territory, and saw this headline. Unfortunately, an account is required to read the article; so if you are like me (no subscription) ; you are out of luck! At the very least, The Huskies dont get a recruit that they REALLY wanted! Perhaps this will ease the searing pain that is the loss of Ethan Grant. Now Our D-backfield looks stacked for years to come...

BAM!!! Landed juco O-lineman Ryan Clanton


No need to say much, big, and versitile. Greatwood likey

Trovon Reed commiting tmrw


Pointless website that I linked to (just as a confirmation he will be commiting ). A very versitile prospect who could inflict tons of damage in our offense. Lets hope for the best (and stick our voodoo pins in Auburn and LSU-sorry allsaintsday). Come on Chip Kelly, work your recruiting magic!


Questions about Arizona tickets...

My father and I are thinking about making the six hour trek from San Diego to Tuscon for the monumental fotball game. We represent the Ducks whenever fiscally/potentially possible; such as the...


Weekly Juju extravaganza!

First off, we are 7-1...We handily dismissed USC. We owe all of this to Juju. And as Juju's humble servant, it is my duty to provide a weekly candidate for Juju inflicted shenanigans.    

College Game day location finalized


Interesting location...I expect to see signs declaring Barkley Sanchez!


Weekly Request to Juju

First off, I am sure I speak for everybody when I write that it was great to see Stafon Johnson at the USC/OregonState game; He looked to be in great spirits. We continue to hope for a great...

Ducks just landed this Linebacker, Issac Dixon


Great info about him on that link, hope it works :) From the video I have seen from him, he is undersized as a linebacker, yet very fast. So he may be a good candidate to move to safety. Rivals has him as a three star prospect... By the way, DuckTerritory was the service that sent me an email telling me this as it happened, So his commitment has not yet shown up on many sites


All right ATQ'ers, Weekly dose of Juju

To submit our request to Juju UCLA week has arrived, time for focused preparation! Time to decide who gets the dubious honors of making a solo appearence on my profile


Well you guys...

This game was not exactly close, but us Ducks know that a major rebound after disaster is very possible. You guys have all the talent in the world on your roster, and enough to beat USC when they...


Well, time to run down my thoughts about our future...

However, first off the ol' bat, is there any word on T.J Ward, along with Rice he was the bright spot last night...It would truly be awful if he were to miss an extended period of time...

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