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JoePa winning Coaches' Bracket! Vote Now!

I wanted to bring attention to the fact that Joe Paterno is currently winning the championship game for the Coaches' bracket on SVP & Rusillo's Coach tourney that includes the likes of Jim Boeheim...


Lawsuit against the NCAA, Costas Show Reaction Thread?

I was just wondering why there wasn't some sort of reaction piece, or at least a 150 word open thread like: "This is a reaction thread for discussion of the Paterno et. al. vs. the NCAA report...


"Homebrews on Homebrews" - Quit it with the Lice and Have a Homebrew!

"This is supposed to be a HAAAAPPPPYYYYY occasion! Let's not biiiiicker and arrrrrrgue about who killed who!!!" Okay, now that that is settled. Over the past two years, I've gotten deeper and...


Commitment, Trust, and the Death of Loyalty in Modern Sports

January 22, 2012 was a landmark date for a number of reasons. The winningest coach in College Football passed away after a tumultuous final few months, defeated in the end by a vicious form of...

A Must-Read on PSU-related Media Coverage


This was one of the best analyses of the media coverage of this scandal, from start to finish, I have read so far. It's also the first place I've seen take a close look at the PSU student who was interviewed during the so-called riots, and the ESPN reporters who were shocked at how well he understood what was going on, and how they immediately tried to discredit him on-air (link is in the article). I remember being outraged by their comments after the very clear and truthful comments by the student. Overall, it takes a lot of frustrating truths and puts them into the big picture of the media narrative. It also takes a look at the horrifyingly unfair coverage (regardless of whether this cover-up stuff turns out to be true) that has occurred over the last 7-8 months. Also, for those wondering, the author did not attend Penn State.

Spanier's Security Clearance


I thought this was an interesting little tidbit, especially given that Spanier is probably one of the ones who many think screwed up the most. On the surface, it may be pretty significant that a federal investigation deemed his security clearance valid. It's not surprising the Freeh Report would completely ignore that finding.


A cross-generational double-blind retrospective study...

I was reading through some of the comments on the 100 Thomas meme in the FanShots (reading the FanShots!?) and I noticed people were commenting about there experience at Penn State. After a fair...

Urban Meyer Recruiting Tactics


I think the only thing that makes this story significant is Barry Alvarez (who I do respect) may go talk to Jim Delany about Urban Meyer's sudden recruiting success in the Big Ten. I also think over-signing may play a role here. I heard that OSU refused two players who tried to send in their LOI paperwork because they had no scholarships left yesterday. I haven't found a source on that yet (honestly because I haven't looked), but Meyer will learn soon enough that the Big Ten is no place for oversigning like the ESSS EEE SEEE. In my opinion, I hope he gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar. His pillaging of Penn State commits at our darkest hour along with his "friendship"** with JoePa have me wondering if he stands to uphold the same traditions OSU has stood for since 2002: win at all costs. **I put friendship in quotes here because, from the information I have, it seems as if Urban Meyer is playing this relationship for recruiting reasons. He never publicly defended Paterno during the difficult times, but when the media narrative turned positive after JoePa's passing, he was suddenly very vocal about being "best friends" and got the Big Ten Network to focus on him during the Memorial. It's a bit "snake" to me, but maybe that's just my dislike of O$U and Meyer standing in the way. What do you all think?

CBS Apology


ESPN should take a leaf out of this book. I found this when I decided to go see if CBS was going to have an apology or not. Granted, the CBS journalistic slip-up was more palpable (since we all know that currently JoePa is alive), but it would be nice to see journalistic institutions held accountable more often. I would respect sites a lot more if they made clear where they had erred, and it would certainly build trust in the viewership. Also, I think CBS even had a time of death in their report, which I did not see in the OnwardState tweet (did they just make that up? or did I miss it in the OnwardState "coverage") Regardless, my thoughts and prayers go out to the Paterno family, that they find some sort of privacy while JoePa shows us the fighter that he is!

JoePa is still a donor


Only weeks after being tossed aside like an unwanted rag doll, Joe and Sue Paterno continue to contribute to an institution they believe in. (sorry if this has already been posted somewhere)

ESPN Report: New NFL Assistant on Penn State's Shortlist ESPN's Kenny Mayne tweeted today that the...


ESPN Report: New NFL Assistant on Penn State's Shortlist ESPN's Kenny Mayne tweeted today that the Penn State search committee has made known their interest in the Seattle Seahawk's former Punt/Fair Catch Coach, Kim Il Zong. In an exclusive interview with Mayne, Joyner claimed that their interest stemmed from the botched fair catch by Penn State with just over 5 minutes to go in the 1st quarter. The costly mistake set Penn State back on their own 6 yd line, which gave the much maligned Penn State offensive attack a perfect excuse to run the ball twice, throw an incompletion, and punt the ball. This "Run-Run-Pass-Punt" offense has not seen much success for the Lions this season. "We believe the addition of Kim Il Zong will help us maintain a spot just outside the 10 yd line, instead of just inside the 5," Joyner said, "With his extensive resume, it's only a matter of time before fair catching the ball becomes a natural and effective aspect of the Penn State football program." Kim Il Zong could not be reached for comment.

CNN thinking about reporting on ESPN's hypocrisy..VOTE NOW!


I think a lot of you all would be interested in this (Sorry if this has already been posted somewhere) This is an iReport which, if it gets enough votes (to my understanding), CNN will write up a story on. In my opinion, ESPN's complete irresponsible journalism must be put into the limelight to prevent future hypocrisy, misreporting, and misinformation from the media. MORE IMPORTANTLY, maybe journalistic entities will take a story like the Syracuse one to the police instead of just worrying about whether its newsworthy. Even in their recant articles, they emphasize the fact that they didn't do anything with it cause it didn't make a good story (how awful is that?)

Jimmy Cefalo on Joe's Legacy


Jimmy Cefalo was asked to talk about Joe Paterno's legacy. The anchor was trying to direct the interview, but Jimmy refused to cave. He talked adamantly about JOE PATERNO'S LEGACY: "No, that's what I'm trying to explain. His legacy is us. We are his legacy. We are the ones who are going to continue to go on and walk the path that Joe taught us. Joe was uncompromising when it came to right and wrong, and he had a very clear vision of it. This incident that hindsight, as he said, he wish he had done more, and what he was told and what had later been reported are two different things according, not just to Joe, but others involved with the circumstances. His legacy is US. The legacy of the young men who he took from a variety of backgrounds, races, religions, economic circumstances and set on a right path, and that's the legacy. WE ARE... the legacy, not his 409 wins and certainly not this incident." -Jimmy Cefalo

Victims torn by takedown of Penn State football


Despite prefacing every news report with, "our thoughts go out to the victims," the media forgot to think about the victims. Not that this week hasn't been a feast already, but more food-for-thought. (Sorry if this has already been posted, no one reads the fanshots anyway)


He's not retired yet. Let's beat Nebraska

JoePa has announced his retirement after this season, but as of this very moment, he has not retired yet.  There's no point in continuing the endless moral argument because we don't have all the...


Dear Pirates Baseball

Dear Pirates baseball,

Love this movie. a little extra motivation heading into the new season. "With all due respect,...


Love this movie. a little extra motivation heading into the new season. "With all due respect, uh, you demanded more of us. You demanded perfection. Now, I ain't saying that I'm perfect, 'cause I'm not. And I ain't gonna never be. None of us are. But we have won every single game we have played till now. So this team is perfect. We stepped out on that field that way tonight. And, uh, if it's all the same to you, Coach Boone, that's how we want to leave it. " Ideally? I 'd love Mauti delivering this quote during the Nebraska game. (or Big Ten title/NC game) Let's play some football!


Penn State Football Video Footage

As an avid reader of BSD, this is my first ever fan post, and I thought the readers here would know the answer to a question I've always had. Ever since the first gladiator video I saw in 2005,...

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