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Blazer-Art Drawer

Everyone's an artist in Portland. Here's one of my friend's doodles while daydreaming about the Blazers. via @Landonapeland12 for more art and Blazers...


Lets Play Survivor

Fast forward a few years ahead. The Portland Trail Blazers have won a World Title. Yes, they're NBA champions. If this did happen, which I hope it does in the near future, which players from our...


Barton or Claver?

If you had to let one go for whatever reason, who would it be? Both are similar in a lot of ways in that they both need to work on shooting, have the same type of wingspan and athletic ability,...


Blazer's Broadcasters

I've been reading other teams' comments recently during games, and one thing I've noticed is that nearly all of the complain about Mike and Mike. Here, I'd like to bring up the topic of what really...

Blazers Starting 5 Top Ten in League


Not surprisingly to Blazer fans, our starting 5 ranks top 10 in the league. I'm guessing a lot of that has to do with our bench...


Joke Drawer

No, this is NOT a trade drawer. This is NOT a junk drawer. This right here is BE first ever Joke Drawer. This is the one and only FanPost that can guarantee that you will smile at least once while...


Where's Freeland?

So far, Luke Babbit has been winning the backup minutes for PF. In my opinion, I think Freeland is more effective, especially since he can hit the three. Babbit simply can't defend bigger PFs, and...


Lillard Ranks with Lebron

I know this should be a FanShot, but like the guy before me it doesn't work. Anyways, I thought this was cool. It says that Lillard is the first...


Matthews or Williams?

Continuing this series, who would you rather have for the next 3-4 years? You can only have one. I would take Wesley, simply because of his character. He's a straight up hard worker. Players with...


Babbit or Williams?

Since comparing players from other teams to current Blazers makes some BE members angry, (see Hickson or Faried) I thought I'd compare two current Blazers. For the next 3-4 years, would you rather...


Hickson or Faried?

After watching the Nuggets, I couldn't help but notice Faried and cry to myself over how we could have had him. (I then cried again after seeing miller) Faried and Hickson's games are incredibly...


Where's Jonny?+Trade LA?(POLL)

Where is Jonny Flynn? In my opinion, he's a much better player than Nolan, has a chance to be a solid player if given the time, and is our ONLY natural pass first PG. At first, I just though Kaleb...


Jonny and Hasheem (POLL)

So the Marcus Camby trade brought us two young, high pick "busts." These guys haven't seen playing time for a reason, but I think Kaleb will be happy to give these guys a chance to play. We have...

Nicolas Batum and Wesley Matthews Super share what their favorite Super Bowl snacks are. Nicolas...


Nicolas Batum and Wesley Matthews Super share what their favorite Super Bowl snacks are. Nicolas and my mother should have a duck cooking contest.


Prime Roy vs. Current LaMarcus

First of all, anybody know how Brandon's doing?Anyways, LaMarcus's PER recently jumped to 23.59! That's near Dwight Howard production, so here comes the quesion. Which player do you think is more...


Patty or Pryzbilla?

Marcus Camby's injury got me thinking. With injuries being a part of the game, especially with the Blazers, it seems like the team goes from deep to shallow if just one key rotation player goes...


Why Felton May NOT be the Long Term Option...

Don't get me wrong here, Felton is a high quality player, but every night he plays out there just seems awkward. I understand that it is early in the season, and Felton has been bounced around a...


Elite PG Blazer Kryptonite?

Has anybody else noticed that both games we lost, we not only lost but we lost in a very ugly fashion. Both of those teams had an elite PG. A PG who can control the tempo, and force the game into a...


Best Free Agent Fit for Portland?

According to recent posts, there are at least four free agents the Blazers are trying to acquire. Jamal Crawford, Carl Landry, Reggie Williams, and Josh Howard. Here's a rundown of how I think the...


Waive Roy; Sign Nene Possible?

Is this even possible? If we waived Roy, could we sign Nene? If so, I think it would do wonders for the team. We would be able to treade Camby for a younger, cheaper backup C/PF, stop relyiing on...

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