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A dude who loves baseball, particularly the Mets. The latter is an abusive relationship. Both ways.

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  • MLB New York Mets
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User Blog

Mets Torture


A summary of how it felt to watch the 6/15/13 Mets game.

Matt Harvey - Alfonso Soriano 1-2-3 Strikeout


A GIF of Matt Harvey absolutely emasculating Alfonso Soriano on three pitches. 96 mph on the outside corner, a 83 mph curve to the same spot, and then a 90 mph slider that drops off the table. Disgusting.


The Matt Harvey GIF'd Report - 5/12/13

I know this is belated, and also all the cool stats for Matt Harvey's starts are now provided by Chris McShane's posts (which will also now include these GIFs), but I figured I should still go back...


The Matt Harvey GIF'd Report - 5/7/13

I created a tumblr a while ago called F Yeah Matt Harvey for the sole purpose of making posts like these for each of his starts. I'm not sure why I haven't bothered to post one here until now,...


Why I'm OK With Saying Goodbye To R.A. Dickey

(Also: Why I Love Johan Santana) We've all had a little while to process and grieve the loss of Folk Hero Robert Allen Dickey. The trade rumors dragged out for a few days and then once the...

What The Best Pitcher In Baseball Taught Sam Page About Prep School, Socrates, And The Art Of Not Selling Out


Amazin' Avenue alum(?) Sam Page bringin' the angry knuckleball over at Deadspin. Great stuff.


Why Chipper Jones is Regarded as a "Met-Killer"

A look into just how much Chipper Jones has hurt the Mets over the years, compared to the rest of the National League.


Daniel Murphy And Empty Batting Averages

Sure, Daniel Murphy can hit for average, but how valuable is that?


The Tragedy of David Wright

As I watched Ryan Braun hit a 700-foot home run tonight to put the Brewers ahead in the 8th inning of a 1-1 potentially division-clinching game, I couldn’t help thinking of how he had cemented his...


BoaB: Post-Moneyballism Haiku'd Standings - 6/2/11

AI thought about copying the awesome format stvfres used for the Wells' Bells league, but I figured I'd just be saying the same things only for different team configurations. So here's just a quick...


The Battle of #6orgs

I originally posted these thoughts on my own blog, but I figured I'd post them somewhere on SB Nation, and since I believe it was a couple of Mets fans who came up with the Twitter hashtag #6org, I...


Handicapping the Mets' Chances for a No-Hitter

A look at how likely it is that each Mets pitcher will snap the team's no-hitter drought.


The Last Time I Believed In The Mets

One fan discusses the last time he was confidence in the Mets.

BtBS: Mets Shouldn't Bank on Hitter Regress to Improve the Offense


BillPetti over at Beyond the Box Score uses his batter regression tool to look at what to expect from teams in 2011. Maybe we shouldn't expect the Mets offense to bounce back, after all.

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