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Recollection is a funny thing


This quote "The organization has especially been stumped when it comes to drafting skilled forwards. The last one of note to step in as a raw rookie and start scoring immediately was Jarome Iginla." caught my eye. Iginla is not a Flame draft pick either of course. Admittedly no other Flames draft pick has been better, but Martin St. Louis was a college free agent won the Art Ross trophy and has a career 842 points, so I guess he was ok. As for Iginla "scoring immediately" as a "raw rookie" that's not how Iginla remembers it.

How Damn Good Is/Was Jarome Iginla?


The post is about Ray Whitney, but look at those numbers and just take a second to think about how freaking good Jarome Iginla was during all those years when league scoring sucked, the Flames sucked, but he was awesome.


Dave Shoalts says ridiculous stuff about goaltending

So, Dave Shoalts has this article in the Globe and Mail. If we leave aside the headline, which he probably didn't write, I still think it is fair to summarize his overall point as the following...


Are the Flames the team where Shooting Percentage comes to die?

I was reading Ryan Lambert's latest at FN, and in particular his giving up on Jay Bouwmeester after having only scored 8 goals in 205 games. It occurred to me that this same feeling that a number...

Magic Puck Bounce


Next time someone doubts the effect of luck on the outcome of a hockey game, just show them this video.

Brian Burke signs worlds smallest violin as free agent, learns to play


29 other teams didn't sign Brad Richards, but he didn't sign with the Leafs only because of cap circumvention. You know who scores goals Brian? Brad Richards. You know what doesn't score goals Brian? Righteous indignation.


A Realistic Evaluation of Flames Playoff Chances

With the recent six game winning streak, the Flames bandwagon has almost filled back up again and most of the calls to "blow it up good" have quieted down. Short of the bookies assessment though, I...

Ray Ferraro Says Keep Iggy


Based on the earlier discussion here, figured this take was topical, although I would take note of what he says about Iginla reinventing his game.

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