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Falcons fan in Panther land, graduated cum laude from Western Carolina University '13. Host of Rise Up Nation

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User Blog

The Falcons Will Ride On A Mighty Steed in 2013


The Falcons have not only signed Steven Jackson, but they may have indirectly found a way to show whether or not the offensive line is to blame for the past running game struggles.

Is Going To A 3-4 A Good Idea?


The 3-4 is, in theory, the superior defense against the popular Read Option offense. But should the Falcons, who stuck with a 4-3 in spite of a new Defensive Coordinator, change to a 3-4 to combat...

Best Falcons 2013 Mock Draft Ever


The Atlanta Falcons have a full stable of picks in 2013, and they could go any which way with the picks, as the team has several needs that need addressing. Caleb Rutherford breaks down his mock...

Three Down Montee: Why 62 Ball Is The Right Call


The Falcons will most definitely need a running back in some form or fashion this offseason. Here's why Montee Ball, the all-time NCAA rushing touchdown leader, is the right choice for the Falcons.

If Gonzalez Retires, Who Takes His Production?


Tony Gonzalez hasn't said either way if he wants to come back for one last ride with the Falcons. If he doesn't return, who will replace his production on the offense?

Do the Falcons Need A Successful Running Game?


The Atlanta Falcons' numbers were similar to the 2008 Cardinals, who lost a heartbreaker in the Super Bowl to the Steelers. Do the Falcons need a successful running game to win the Super Bowl or...

Ahmad Bradshaw Cut By Giants: Potential Falcon?


Ahmad Bradshaw was cut by the Giants today. He's only 27, but has lingering injury problems. Should the Falcons try to sign him?

Which Tight End Do You Want?


The Falcons will most likely be in the market for a tight end this offseason. Who do you want to replace the man, the legend, and the myth, Tony Gonzalez?

Which RB Would You Want?


The Falcons, from some accounts, will be cutting Michael Turner this offseason. Who would you like to see the Falcons get to replace him?

Falcons Already Making Moves


The Falcons have already made some moves to start the offseason, including the firing of Strength Coach Jeff Fish. There are also rumors that Michael Turner will not be with the team next year.

Rest Easy, Friends, The Better Team Won


In a game that was a classic "Tale of Two Halves", the Falcons came up just short, but that's okay, because the Niners were the better team all along, and there's nothing to be ashamed of because...

The Falcons Franchise Has Lived For This Moment


The Falcons are just one step away from the Super Bowl, a place they have only reached once. Can the underdog Falcons rise up to the occasion like they did last week?

NFC Conference Championship Preview Video


The Falcons host the 49ers with one more game separating these teams from the Super Bowl. The Falcoholic breaks down some matchups between the two teams.

Falcons-Seahawks Recap Video


In a game that saw the scale tip completely in each team's favor, the Falcons managed to overcome a late charge by the Seahawks to sneak into the NFC Championship game. Here's a recap of the action.

It's Time


After the longest week in history, the Atlanta Falcons will look to finish what they started - a run to the Super Bowl against the wishes of everyone but themselves and their fans.

Falcons-Seahawks Preview Video


The Falcons and Seahawks will duke it out Sunday for a spot in the NFC Championship Game. Here's a video previewing the action coming up Sunday afternoon.

The Excuses Have Run Out For The Falcons


It's the 5th year of the Matt Ryan Era in Atlanta Falcons history. Read why there's no excuse the Falcons should lose in their playoff game against the Seahawks on Sunday.

Send Your Thoughts And Prayers to Asante Samuel


Asante Samuel is dealing with a family tragedy this evening. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Falcons Practicing During Bye Week


The Atlanta Falcons are choosing to practice during their bye week rather than rest. It shows they're serious about winning, but will the lack of rest hurt the players that are older or banged up?

What Happens If We're One-And-Done Again?


A reader of ESPN's NFC South blog asked if Mike Smith could get fired if the Falcons are one-and-done in the playoffs again. One wouldn't think that would be the end result, but...

Matt Ryan Has A Chance At Some (Real) History


Believe it or not, Matt Ryan has a (super duper incredibly ultra slim) chance at one of the great passing records this season. Yeah, really!

This Falcons Team Epitomizes "Rise Up"


In a line that has become synonymous with Falcons football, "Rise Up" is exactly what the Falcons did against the New York Giants on Sunday afternoon.

We Should Rest (Almost) Everyone


The Falcons have clinched the NFC South, and have at least one game to give before the threat of losing home field advantage becomes an immediate concern. Why not let younger players play against a...

Falcons-Panthers Recap Video


Caleb Rutherford breaks down the Falcons' disappointing effort against the Carolina Panthers.

Do Athletes Do Enough?


Athletes have the potential to influence more change than perhaps even our political leaders. When Bob Costas spoke out about something he believed in, the reaction was explosive, but was it...

Falcons-Saints Recap Video


Caleb Rutherford breaks down the Falcons victory over the Saints on Thursday night.

Is This Team Better Than The 2010 Falcons?


The 2010 Falcons rode nearly every game by the seat of their pants, only to get blown right out of the playoffs. With their offense struggling nearly every home game, is this deja vu for the 2012...

Falcons-Bucs Recap Video


A close win against the Bucs has the NFC South within the Falcons grasp.

Nobody Believes In Us


In a season to remember for Falcons fans, coaches, and players alike, they're getting as little respect as any 9-1 team has ever gotten. Why on earth is that?

An Open Letter To The Falcons


Caleb Rutherford writes an open letter to the Falcons, explaining that maybe the people on the outside have some good ideas after all.

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