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4 days old, but Cuz on Mike Dunleavy

"He's a clown," Cousins told reporters. "And he's scared. "I wouldn't even waste my time on him if I ever saw him outside of the gym. He's a clown."

Our newest owner's new song

Shaq's newest single: Karate Chop


Management Class Paper

Hey everyone, Long time Kings fan living in Boston, and senior at Bentley University in Waltham, MA. I am working on a paper for my Organization and Environment Management class. I want to write...

Hangtime Blog on DMC

This is some nice front page stuff on DMC... hopefully this type of news will be all we see on the front page from now on

NBA Power Rankings: Post-Olympics Edition

Kings come in at #23 on Bleacher Report's Post Olympic Power Ratings. Ahead of Pistons, Raptors, Warriors, Cavs, Rockets, Magic, and Bobcats.

DeMarcus Cousins: Peeling back the layers

This is an old article I came across today browsing the web (since there isn't much current Kings news.) It may have been posted before, but I didn't see it when I searched so I figured I would share. Man, I am glad to have this guy on our team. I read that he started playing in 8th grade then averaged a triple double his freshman year of high school! He has picked the game up fast, and I think that's why he made such a good jump last year. I'm PUMPED to see how well he handles this 3rd year. "The Rookie game or the 29 points against Orlando, those weren’t highlights to me," said DeMarcus. "Through all of my mistakes, I know what I’m capable of. I know there’s nobody in the world that can stop me. My whole thing is, I just have to put it all together. And when that happens, it’s gonna be a scary sight. The real highlight for me is gonna be when the world realizes it."

NOTEBOOK: Kings Cousins, Team USA's Colangelo move on after controversy

Not sure if this has already been posted, but man it makes me glad knowing DMC is on our team. For getting screwed in the draft so many years, we have been real lucky to have him and T Rob slide to us! Also, I love that he is making it public that he wants T-Will back.


Crazy thoughts about DeJuan Blair

I know we are bringing JT back for a great sounding big man rotation of DMC, ThRob, and JT, but what do you guys think about this story from Spurs big man Blair? h...


What do you guys think about Avery Bradley?

I'm not sure how popular he is becoming around the league because I live in Boston and have heard hype from the Celtics team, but he has been playing some solid ball lately and I'm curious as to...

NBA Top 10

Check out our boy Mr. Relevant making this weeks Top 10!


Just a thought...

So looking into this season, I do not think we will be the worst team in the league, but what if we are in the bottom 5? If we were to be in the bottom five we would have a chance at getting the...


I need some help

Hi, I am doing an essay on NBA referees for my english class and I wanted to use the 2002 Western Conference Championship as my primary example. I know that there was a post on here a while ago...


Why not aim for Andrew Bynum?

Hey I've been hearing alot about a possible Artest trade to L.a. for Odom... I was just wondering why we don't try to get Andrew Bynum since we are looking to build for the future? He has shown...

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