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Brand-New Liverpool Fan

Well, I sure picked an exciting time to become a fan, eh? Hi everyone...I've been lurking for a week or so but figured it was time to post something. My father-in-law is a HUGE Premier League fan;...


Doing the Splits Doesn't Always Hurt

Platoon players have gained relevancy in the majors due in part to the efforts of teams like the Oakland Athletics and Tampa Bay Rays, who have used the presence of platoon advantages to piece...



I have a friend that makes custom sports shirts for fans. Wanted to gauge interest in this design. It would have black and purple variations as well; you can see those here: Black Purple


First-Round Mock Draft

1. Kansas City - Luke Joeckel, OT, Texas A&M 2. Detroit (from Jacksonville) - Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan 3. Oakland - Star Lotulelei, DT, Utah 4. Philadelphia - Dion Jordan, OLB, Oregon 5...

Draft equity and what it means to the Jaguars


Is it even a real term? Not exactly. Find out what its invented meaning is.

Jaguars in #MockOne


How did the Jaguars do in this year's MockOne mock draft?

Rebuilding the Jacksonville Jaguars for 2013


New GM, new coach, new quarterback? No problem.

The value of "upside"


What exactly is the value of upside as opposed to the value of production? That value is different for a playoff contender than it is for a losing team. It's pretty clear which of those...


The Kings need to stop choosing half measures

"The moral of the story is, I chose a half measure, when I should have gone all the way. I’ll never make that mistake again. No more half measures, Walter." ~ Mike Ehrmantraut, Breaking Bad ...


CaliforniaJag goes to a Jaguars home game

This Sunday, I will be attending my first Jaguars home game. My wife and I are going to Orlando for our anniversary, and I made a swap with her that included us heading to Jacksonville Sunday for...

Sunk Costs for a Sinking Franchise

Unless you're familiar with the concept, "sunk cost" probably doesn't mean what you think it does. Blaine Gabbert is a sunk cost. This is a look back at an article from last year published on the...

Re-Writing The Blaine Gabbert Narrative Will Take Patience

Re-writing the Blaine Gabbert narrative will take patience

Guest Post: Do the Jaguars Know Something About Punters That We Don’t?


Guest Post by @FantasyDouche: Do the Jaguars Know Something About Punters That We Don’t?

2012 NFL Mock Draft: CaliforniaJag's take


2012 NFL Mock Draft: @CaliforniaJag's take

2012 NFL Draft: Could Morris Claiborne fall to the Jaguars?


Could Morris Claiborne make it to the seventh pick in the draft? It's not as crazy as it sounded a month ago.

Tim Tebow articles aren't always about Tim Tebow


This Tim Tebow article is totally about Tim Tebow. Except it's not actually about Tim Tebow.

#MockOne: Jacksonville Jaguars Round One


#MockOne is a web-based mock draft where draftniks and fans come together to make the draft fun!

Mario Williams: The Jacksonville Jaguars' Dream Date


The Jacksonville Jaguars should empty their pockets to bring in Mario Williams via free agency.

Blaine Gabbert: an exercise in statistical gymnastics


Statistics can be manipulated to show almost everything. Why are all the statistical manipulations of Blaine Gabbert negative?


Problems with self-evaluation

It has been said over and over that championship teams must have at least one superstar player, or that they must have at least three legitimate stars, or whatever other random criteria people come...

Preseason Game One, Jacksonville @ New England: Who to watch


It's not a self-pimp because Alfie told me I could post it, so ha! Let me know what you think; feedback is always welcome. Thanks!


John Salmons vs. Player X

This is a head to head comparison of two players, John Salmons and the infamous Player X.  Player X is a player Kings fans have expressed interest in, and is a small forward.  John Salmons...


Rationalizing Salmons

Let's start this post by saying that I still dislike the trade.  Given Salmons' contract, even straight up this would have been a sketchy deal.  That said, John Salmons is back on the Sacramento...

CaliforniaJag's 2011 NFL Mock Draft


CaliforniaJag's 2011 NFL Mock Draft

MockThree Jaguars Big Board


MockThree Jaguars Big Board

Jacksonville Jaguars 2011 NFL Schedule


Jacksonville Jaguars 2011 NFL Schedule

Trading down isn't always a good idea


Trading down isn't always a good idea

The Draft Project


Interesting read from Nate Dunlevy of about how much value teams have gotten out of their draft picks from 2002 to 2009.



If you guys recall, I participated in a live Twitter mock called MockOne. We completed it, did MockTwo (with no trades), and are now onto MockThree. This will be the most in-depth mock yet; we have war rooms consisting of three people per team. My assistant GMs (Adam Stites (@The_Jaggernaut) and Justin Wendel (@JustinWendel904)) have created our big board, and are ready to participate in MockThree, which upon completion will be graded by Shane Hallam of, Sigmund Bloom of, and Wes Bunting of the National Football Post. You can follow along with MockThree on Twitter by following @BNQuinlan's list or following the hashtag "#MockThree" on Twitter. You can also view the picks on the MockThree website, which is linked in this FanShot. If you have any suggestions, critiques, etc., please feel free to send them to me or any of my assistant GMs on Twitter. I hope to get some great feedback for you guys; we will represent the Jaguars to the best of our ability. Thanks!

NFL vs. NFLPA: The Prisoner's Dilemma


NFL vs. NFLPA: The Prisoner's Dilemma

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