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John Terry's Trial And The Press: Not Guilty, Not Doomed

How John Terry's court case has made the press look silly.

The Passgoal And The 'Punch': Two Moments Which Define Spain 2012

Spain are brilliant but not lovable (but Iker Casillas is a great man).

Balotellification: How Mario Balotelli (Might) Save Football

Mario Balotelli is on a mission: to simplify football. Tonight, he faces his biggest challenge.

Cristiano Ronaldo Could Secure His Legacy

If greatness depends on legacy, then Portugal's captain can have the Messi-Ronaldo debate won forever in a week.

"Two Nations": A Tactical Preview Of Ukraine Vs. England

Having employed distinct tactical systems against France and Sweden, will Roy Hodgson seek a third solution against Ukraine?

Euro 2012 Player Profiles: Steven Gerrard Is England

The England captain epitomizes the good and the bad of English football; will he, and they, finally come good at a major tournament?

Should Roberto Di Matteo Be Chelsea's Permanent Manager?

A job interview, and not necessarily a job, should be Roberto Di Matteo's reward for winning the Champions League.

Chelsea Vs. Bayern Munich: England Vs. Germany?

Chelsea lack youth, have experience; Bayern manage both. Just like England and Germany.

Manchester City Win Title: Football, Bloody Hell 2.0

Manchester City provide fitting climax to dramatic season.

Rangers, Celtic And 'Financial Fair Play'

Fans of the other SPL clubs are being let down by their representatives, who only pretend to want Financial Fair Play.

Manchester Derby: United Disappoint, City Come Of Age

It has taken time, but Roberto Mancini has learned his best XI. City will be hard to stop now.

Paper Man: Roy Hodgson Is The Inevitable Outcome Of Unimaginative Recruitment

Buried under the cavalcade of Manchester derby traffic, the FA's move for Roy Hodgson is a stranger story than it seems.

Barcelona Vs. Chelsea: 10 Heroic Lions, 1 Stupid Boy

Chelsea dragged themselves into the final without their captain. They deserve their appearance in the final; John Terry deserves his place in the stands.

The CRISIS Clasico? No. Better Than That

Both Barcelona and Real Madrid go into the Clasico two games from CRISIS! But that's what grand narratives are made of.

Roberto Di Matteo And Pep Guardiola: Opportunity Vs. Legacy

Whatever the apparent similarities, the Chelsea and Barcelona managers embody the vast difference between their clubs.

The Number 9 And The Europa League: A Love Story

English football may have fallen out with the big man up front; it may have fallen out of love with the Europa League. But I haven't.

Grass, Clouds And Goals! A Celebration Of Football's Diversity In Praise Of Peter Crouch

Great goals, like teams and footballers themselves, come in all shapes and sizes. That's what makes them, and football, fun.

You Can (Probably) Take Brendan Rodgers Out Of Swansea, But You Shouldn't

Swansea City are the most impressive team in the league because of Brendan Rodgers. Brendan Rodgers is the most impressive manager in the league because of Swansea City.

Blues Brothers? Rangers, Chelsea And The Long-Term Damage Of Short-Term Thinking

Chelsea's owner won't ever let them get into the predicament that Rangers are in, but their decision-making processes are similar. Things need to change at Stamford Bridge.

Arsenal's Chimeric Captaincy Overload, Or Leadership Is As Leadership Does

Arsenal have had seven players this season who have captained their country. This tells us a little about their countries, a lot about leadership and almost nothing about Arsenal.

Arsenal Vs. Tottenham, 2012 Premier League Week 26: Stan Kroenke Makes Derby Debut

Stan Kroenke will be at the Emirates to see first hand the divergence of fortune, with which his ownership has coincided, between the North London rivals.

Arsenal Don't Lack Leaders: They, Like Chelsea, Lack A Point

Somehow, for very different reasons, both Arsene Wenger and Andre Villas-Boas are slaves to systems they didn’t, or didn’t mean to, create.

Win/Lose/Draw, Zambia Are A Better Story Than England

Zambia are an object lesson for England. They are also much much more than that.

Tottenham Vs. Newcastle, 2012 Premier League Week 25: 3rd Takes On 5th In Clash of England's Best Managers

Clash between England's highest ranked English managers likely to be decided by form of African strikers?

Martin O'Neill Has Revitalized Sunderland; The Challenge Starts Now

Martin O'Neill's real challenge at Sunderland is to show that he is more than just a better Steve Bruce.

The Magic Of The FA Cup?

Despite a tepid round of fixtures, there is still magic to be had in the FA Cup. You just have to look elsewhere (and usually before Christmas).

Battles On The Flanks: Arsenal Vs. Manchester United And A Brief History of Tactics

The aftermath of United's victory has been dominated by discussion of a tactical substitution that misunderstands both tactics and substitutions.

Real Madrid: Bigger And Better Than El Clasico

Spanish football may be defined by its marquee fixture, but its best side is not.

Refereeing Vincent Kompany And Glen Johnson: Consistency Or Common Sense?

Two two footed tackles with two different outcomes show the unavoidable individuality of the Premier League's officials.

Luis Suarez And The Stupidly Rancid State Of Football

Liverpool's reaction to Luis Suarez's ban is staggeringly disgusting and needs to be called as such.

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