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Chelsea Vs. Manchester City, And How A Careless Tweet Exposed The Malignancy Of Modern Football

Football clubs have become horrible white noise generators, distracting fans from the steady exploitation of their owners.

Manchester United Are Out, Manchester City Are Out And The Champions League Group Stages Are Not Rubbish

Manchester's finest paid the price for an inability to move with the times as the Champions League Group Stages become a more competitive place.

Playing For Experience: Manchester City Need To Beat Bayern Munich

Roberto Mancini has bemoaned City's lack of experience. He is wrong and right; either way they need a win.

Newcastle United Vs. Chelsea, 2011 Premier League Week 13: Sports Direct Arena Hosts First Fixture

Newcastle's perfect home record will be tested by an anxious Chelsea and a gratuitous marketing ploy.

Lazio Vs. Juventus, 2011 Serie A Week 12: First Plays Second In Reprise Of Calcio Golden Age

After dark periods, these two grandees of the Italian game are back at its summit. They face of on Saturday for the right to stay there.

Should Chelsea Sack Andre Villas-Boas? No. Will Chelsea Sack Andre Villas-Boas? Probably.

With three losses in their last four fixtures, speculation that Chelsea are considering parting company with their expensively acquired manager. Doing so would be both ridiculous and typical.

Real Madrid Vs. Valencia, 2011 La Liga Week 12: A Big Game, And A Total Mismatch

Valencia are a big club who should present a serious challenge to Real Madrid, but Los Merengues are heavy favorites as they are perhaps the hottest team in the world.

Bayern Munich Vs. Borussia Dortmund, 2011 Bundesliga Week 12: (Maybe) The Best Game Of The Season!

The Bundesliga is a great league, this is their two best teams, and it includes Mario Gotze AND Tony Kroos. What's not to love?

A Summary Dispatch Of Sepp Blatter's Latest Nonsense

The FIFA President's latest outburst is just the latest reason to ignore him. Ignore him.

The Great Poppy Palaver And Why The English FA Needs To 'Man Up'

Instead of pandering to the tabloid press, the Football Association has to start speaking for itself and about, you know, football.

Chelsea Vs. Arsenal, 2011 English Premier League Week 10: Two Teams On The Way Up?

After variously shaky starts to the season, both Chelsea and Arsenal come into this London derby in apparently good form.

Real Madrid Vs. Villarreal, 2011 Spanish La Liga Week 9: 3rd Plays 16th In Marquee Fixture

Second and Fourth last season, Real Madrid and Villarreal go into this game separated by 13 places and 12 points.

Justice For The 96

22 years ago 96 people died trying to get into a football match. This week their names were read out in parliament.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland: How To Look Back At Failure

After the Home Nations who aren't England met their traditionally disappointing ends, what does the nature of their failures tell us about their futures?

Tottenham Vs. Arsenal, 2011 English Premier League, Week 7: Will This Season's North London Derby Change London's Football Landscape?

For the first time in years, footballing supremacy is at stake in Sunday's North London Derby.

Carlos Tevez Refuses To Play, Journalists Forget Themselves And It's All Manchester City's Fault

The most astounding thing about Carlos Tevez staying on the bench against Bayern wasn't that it happened (it was always going to happen) but in the complete abandonment of journalistic...

Tactical (D)evolution, Or How Fergie Hopes To Catch Barcelona By Going Backwards

Everyone told Ferguson to buy Barca-style players in the summer, but he didn't. Instead he took the far more sensible route of making Barca-style additions.

Financial Doping: A Far Bigger Problem Than Arsene Wenger Thought (And He's Guilty Too)

There's more to Financial Doping than a beefed up transfer market; there's lot's of spoiled players (and a slightly spoiled league) too.

What's The Point of International Football?

This has been an inauspicious International break so far; an appropriate opportunity then to evaluate the International's purpose.

The UEFA Champions League Draw: A Cabal Enshrined Cartel

Borussia Dortmund's prize for winning the Bundesliga is a chance at breaking the cartel established by UEFA's 'coefficient rankings' and soon to be ratified by Financial Fair Play.

The Confused, The Evil and The Fickle: Bill Kenwright, Tony Fernandes and Football Fans

Thursday saw QPR bought for the same amount as Everton's bankers regard as an unmanageable debt. What's up with soccer?

Acquiring Samir Nasri Would Be A Backward Step For Manchester City

After maturing out of the 'statement signing', Manchester City will slide right back into big club puberty if they bring in the French playmaker.

The Only Person Who Can Break The Perpetual Cesc Fabregas To Barcelona Saga is Cesc Fabregas

If Cesc Fabregas really wants a move back to Barcelona he is going to have to de-Barcelona himself.

Five Transfers That Will DEFINITELY Happen This Summer


Rare certainty in the midst of the uncertainty of the transfer window.

Is England's Class War About To Claim Its Latest Victim In Andrei Arshavin?

We don't really talk about class wars anymore. That doesn't mean they never happen and Arsenal's Emirates Stadium has become an unlikely front-line, is Andrei Arshavin about to become an unlikely...

Can Sir Alex Break His Long Losing Streak By Bringing in Luka Modric?

Alex Ferguson has an appalling track record of signing midfielders. Bringing in Luka Modric would change all that, wouldn't it?

Bill Shankly Or Neil Lennon: Scottish Football Is Not A Matter Of Life And Death

2010-2011 was a difficult debut season for Celtic manager Neil Lennon, who suffered death threats and attempts on his life. Football is not supposed to be this important, is it?

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