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28 years old single dad, and Bills fan from the great white north!

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Michael Sam: Coming Out and a Response to Today's Morning Joe

I'm writting this in response to this morning's "controversial" Morning Joe article. First I'd like to thank Kent for continually writting great articles worthy of great discussion. I think he's...

NFL Unveils New Pro-Bowl Uniforms; Actively Tries To Get People Not To Watch The Game


I'm not sure what Nike is trying to do to the uniforms, make them "modern", or make it look like the Ducks are playing the Orange at the Pro-Bowl. Either way these look HORRIBLE! NFL press release:

Spiller To Play Vs Browns.


Reports are starting to comes out that Marrone said Spiller will play tonight.

Brady Suffering From Strain


Keith Olbermann covers this very serious Tom Brady severe injury. Who knows if Brady will ever be able to recover.


Bills Financials: Byrd VS Spiller

I'll start this off with saying that this is my take on why i think that Bills didn't cave on Byrd's demands, and what I think the ultimate outcome of the Byrd situation will be: a trade during the...


Ras-I Dowling?

Yes I know what your thinking: "Not another one of these he-was-just-released-so-go-get-him posts." But I'm doing it anyways. The Pats just released him. And I know he's oft injured, only played...


Veteran CB Available

Don't know if anyone else noticed, but the Dolphins just released Richard Marshall. I remember 2 off seasons ago that a lot of people were really high on him. Now he miss all but 4 games last...

Vonta Leach?


He's a great blocking FB that can catch and has played special teams in the past. And he'd be a definite upgrade over Summers. Think we should give him a shot once he's released?

Kiko Alonso Signs


Gotta love the rookie wage scale, only EJ and Woods are left!

Bills Sign 7th Rounder TE Chris Gragg


First draft pick to sign the dotted line. Let's hope the other ones sign quickly.

Brian Brohm Is Head Up North


The former Bills QB is signing a deal with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the CFL.... as a backup.




Dunta Robinson?

News is coming out of Atlanta that the Falcons have released Dunta Robinson, Michael Turner, and John Abraham. Now of these three, I think Robinson would be a nice fit for the Bills. He's an...


Playing For the Fans: Which Players Are Still Trying?

I was reading an article on about how Stevie is closing in on his 3rd straight 100 yard season, and it had a great quote from Stevie that got me thinking. “It’s just hope. Playing for...


Bill's Top OVERLOOKED Need

KICKER!!!!! I think that today's loss to the Rams rests on 1 play, the decision to punt instead of kicking a 52 yards field goal. If Lindell makes that kick we go up 15-7, and the rest of the...

Bills Open Contract Talks With Jairus Byrd


It looks like the Bills are trying to sign Byrd to that extention right now. Here's hoping that the deal gets done quickly!

Bills Bid For Babin


Bills tried to get Jason Babin, who was released by the Eagles yesterday, but lost the waiver claim to next week's opponent, the Jaguars. It's unlikely that Babin will play, but if the Jags didn't put in a claim, Babin would be a Bill right now.

McKelvin Fined For Disrupting Flight


Apparently there was an incident with the flight crew on his flight from NYC to Buffalo. Sounds like he's lucky that the TSA only gave him a fine.

Reggie Bush Takes A Shot At Buffalo Women


Hey look at that, Reggie has no class. Who knew?


Too Early To Start Talking Change?... NOPE!!!!

Ok today's game was a DISASTER!!!!! Fitzy was horrible, missing throws that could have actually kept us in the game. On a few occasions we had WR's that were open for big gains, and Fitzy TOTALLY...

Brandon Spikes fined 21K for illegal blindside block


Well at least the NFL had one fine right this week. And look at that, he was actually fined more than Kyle Williams too!


Things I Need To Say About Today's Game

Ok I know that I've started writing this before the game is over but there are a few things that I just have to say and need to get off my chest. Because what we are seeing right now is exactly...

Flo Placed On Returnable IR For The Lions


Flo once again shows toughness. He played most of Sunday night's game with a broken arm but would not let the coaches take him out of the game. As a result he had surgery and was placed on returnable IR today. The Lions expect him back in the line up by week 10.

Jets Downplay Stevie’s Success Against Darrelle Revis


Quote from Rex Ryan: "Stevie Johnson’s a good receiver and he’s caught some balls, but I wouldn’t say he’s got Darrelle Revis’ number,".."I’ve never walked out of a game saying, ‘This player got the best of Darrelle Revis.’ Never. Never felt that way. " So there you have it, Rex Ryan doesn't actually watch what happening in our games against him.

Lee Evans Cut By Jags


Looks like Nix's decision to trade Evans becomes more and more justified as time passes by.

Punt Returner Called For Holding WHILE HE WAS RETURNING A PUNT


Not Bills related, but NFL related. Just more proof that the NFL needs to wake up and bring their regular refs back. This is getting absolutely ridiculous!

A Great Piece On Bill Polian And His Lasting Ties In Buffalo


A great article all together, but I really loved the last few paragraphs: "In 1988, Polian was sitting at the end of the bar at Mudd McGrath's on a quiet afternoon and losing patience while waiting for a beer. McGrath, the longtime basketball referee and lifelong Buffalo guy, was telling a story to another patron until a frustrated Polian interrupted him. "Bill," McGrath said, "you're the only general manager in the National Football League who could come into a corner bar in South Buffalo and nobody gives a [crap]." "Mudd," Polian said with a smile, "that's why I love this place."

Travis Henry Wants To Make A Comeback


Freshly released from prison, Henry apparently is working on a comeback attempt in the NFL. I'm thinking that he's trying to get ahead of his child support payments.

Looks like The Dolphins WIll Sit Tannehill This Year


Dolphin's HC Joe Philbin all but confirmed that Tannehill is firmly entrenched in the number 3 spot for the Dolphins. The coaches apparently liked what they saw out of him, but also find him way too turn over proned right now to press him into action, leaving Matt Moore and David Garrard to battle it out for the starter position. Looks like the Phins will actually take their time with Tannehill and develop him properly. As a Bills fan I'm kinda disapointed, but I also recognize this as a good move by the Phins' orginizatiuon as a whole. I'm just hoping that this kid doesn't develop too quickly.

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