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Why Not Give Brian Banks A Shot?

By now I'm sure that almost all of us have herd Brian Bank's story. He was one of the country's top LB's coming out of high school, he was even offered a full scholarship by Pete Carroll at USC. ...

Stevie Will Be Ready To Go For Next Week's Minicamap


PFT reporting on the good news. Stevie will participate in next week's minicamp. It doesn't mention to which degree he'll participate, but just the fact that he'll be there is great news.

Gronk Gets 6y/54M$ Extention


Meaning he'll be with the Pats until 2019. In other news, Jimmy Graham just sent Gronkowski and the Patriots a large "Thank You" gift basket.

It's Official: The Officials Are Locked Out


Last year it was the players, this year it's the refs. Can the NFL never settle a CBA the easy way?

Dolphins will be on Hard Knocks


Any one else get the feeling that HBO needed to scrape the bottom of the barrel here?

Anyone else laughing at the fact that we know what Vince Young's number will be but we still don't...


Anyone else laughing at the fact that we know what Vince Young's number will be but we still don't know what Mario Williams' number will be?


Fred's Guaranteeed Money? His 3M Dollar Signing Bonus


PFT seems to have done some digging on Freddy's new contract and found that the only guaranteed money in it was the signing bonus itself. So if the wheels do come off the wagon, as MRW seems to think they will, then the Bills have a very easy, very cheap way out. This deal keeps on looking better and better.

Jake Long On His Way Out Of Miami?


If these reports are true then the Dolphins are in much deeper trouble, as an organization, than any of us could have imagined. Update: Jeff Ireland just shot down all reports that Long is on his way out and stated outright that they drafted Martin to play right tackle.

PFT Has Us Taking Glenn In The Second


In yet another fun-to-read-but-entirely-useless-overall mock draft, PFT has us grabbing Cordy Glenn as the first LT taken in the second round.


Doing The Vikings In The Buffalo Rumblings Mock Draft - Need Advice

Hi folks. We're doing a first round Mock Draft at Buffalo Rumblings and I've been assigned the Vikings. So I'm here to ask your advice on who I should take. Now the obvious pick would be USC...

Nix Wants To Get Jackson Extended Before Camp


Looks like the first step to making Jackson a Bill for life are finally starting. I still don't see anything happening until after the draft, but this is still a very good sign.

Bell to Visit The Packers


Clifton is no guarantee to return and Bell would be a definite upgrade over Marshall Newhouse. I think that the Packers would be a great fit for Bell.


The Masses Shall Decide My Fate, Part 2: The Poll

Ok so it's been over a week, sorry for my tardiness, but I've had a hellofa week. If you missed my previous post, here's he long and short of it: I lost a bet saying that Mario would never sign...


The Masses Shall Decide My Fate

As many of you know, in late January I made a bet that Mario Williams would not only never be a Bill, but wouldn't even reach free agency. Well it's now two months later and I am ecstatic to have...


mob16151 and bluecollarbuffalo Kicked My A$$ In Our Bet

On January 24 I made a bet with mob16151 and bluecollarbuffalo that A) Mario Williams would not become a free agent; and B) that he would most definitely not become a Buffalo Bill. Now Mario...

Jets Extend Sanchez, Exit Manning Chase


The Jets just gave Sanchez a 3 year extension, keeping him under contract for the next 5 years. All I can say is that this is a double win for us. First Sanchez is sticking around longer (I view that as a win because I don't think he's that good of a QB). And more importantly Manning wont be with the Jets. Now let's just wait for the inevitable Dolphin's snub, and we only need to face Tom Brady twice per year. Because I don't know about you, but the thought of having to face both Manning and Brady twice per year scared the living crap out of me.

Eric Berry Wonders If There Was A Bounty On His HEad


This one is rich. Eric Berry is openly questioning if there was a bounty on his head when Stevie injured him. I mean I get that bounties are the "in thing" to talk about right now, but really Eric?!?!?! Can't it just have been a freak accident from a totaly legal block? I just lost all my respect for this kid.


Curtis Lofton?

I don't usually do what if scenario's, but this is an interesting one. PFT is reporting that the Falcons are willing to let Lofton walk instead of overpaying him to stay. He's been a starter for...


Teams Can Carry Over Unused Cap Space

Just read this on PFT, and I'd usually submit it as a fanshot, but I think this news is a bit of higher importance. Basically to get down to it, the folks at PFT are continuously reviewing the new...


An Open Bet For Mario WIlliams

Ok this Mario Williams stuff has been driving me nuts lately. So instead of going on a rant about how he's not going to hit the open market (because in my mind, he's not) I figred that I might as...

Cross Dre Kirkpatrick Off The Bills List


Kirkpatrick was arrested on a marijuana related charge today. So knowing Nix's and Gailey's previous dealing with players that have been on the wrong side of the law, particularly regarding pot, I think that it's a safe bet to say that Kirkpatrick will probably be completely off the Bills radar. I also expect his draft stock to take a big hit from this.

AP Voters Have No Clue What They Are Doing


If there was any doubt that the AP voters don't know jack about football, it's now been confirmed that the 49ers Justin Smith is an All-Pro at 2 positions. He's a second team All-Pro (with 9 votes) at the position that he actually plays, DE. But he's also a first team All-Pro (with 35 votes) at a position that he's didn't take a single snap at... during his entire career: Defensive Tackle. This causes me to have some serious questions about which members of the press actually have a vote in the process, because they clearly don't know the difference between a 3-4 DE and a 4-3 DT. Also makes you wonder how many other anomalies like this happen every year.

V-Jack Unlikely To Get Franchised


Signs are starting to point to Jackson becoming a UFA. I personally would love to see him become a Bill. And we have more than enough room to make him a godfather offer.

Manning to the Jets?


I think the New York media has been spending too much time around Santonio Holmes. Additional link from PFT.


We Need RG3

Before I start talking about RG3 I'd like to flat out admit that before about a week ago I was against the idea of drafting a QB in the first. Then I realized that we'd again be picking in the top...


The Perfect Dual Back Combo

I don't like how everyone is up in arms about how "CJ Spiller isn't a feature back." Especially when you consider that just at the start of last season, and even at the start of this season,...

Matt Moore Will Start For Dolphins


Moore took first team reps today, he will start of Sunday.

Stevie Wants To Stay, but Bills Aren't Talking


Apparently his agent and him made the Bills an offer, but the team wasn't ready to talk yet. makes sense with re-signing Pears being the priority at the time. Stevie was however quoted as saying "I want to be here, period." So I think it's just a matter of time before something is worked out.

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