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The Front Office, or different approaches at drafting.

Note I added one paragraph near the end in Italics. It was kind of supposed to be the entire point of the post. Incredible the things you forget when your son wants to play Wii Bowling. I've...

Fitzy Third Amongst AFC QB's For Pro-Bowl Votes

Just adding to this morning's article from Brian. This link is actually for a story about Tebow being 4th in voting, but it does mention Fitzy currently ranking third behind Brady and Big Ben. And as Florio points out, Brady usually finds a way not to make it to the Pro-Bowl. So considering that, we might see the first Bills QB to make the Pro-Bowl since Drew Bledsoe. Good on ya Fitzy!

Jacksonville Jaguars Being Sold

Everything is still being confirmed, but it looks like the Jags are being sold to Shahid Khan (the man who tried to buy the Rams a couple of years ago). According to PFT Weaver is leaving the team with a few assurances from the new ownership. But as Seatle SuperSonics fans know, promisses from new ownership mean litle in the long run. If Khan is good to his words, the Jags will stay in Jacksonville. If not, it may just be a few seasons before LA gets a team back. Time will tell.


Shaun O'Hara

Listen I love Andy Levitre.  I honestly think that he, not Fred, has been the MVP of this team so far this season.  With that said, he's just horrible at center.  It's just not his position.  He...

Drayton Florence to Join UFL... As a Coach?

Apparently Drayton has let Marty Schottenheimer know that he'd like to be the Virginia Destroyers' DB coach during the NFL lockout. Considering Florence played for Marty in San Diego, this might not actually be so far fetched.


Nick Kaczur?

According to reports from the Boston Herold (via PFT), the Pats are about to cut former starting RT Nick Kaczur.  With the emergence of Volmer the Pats don't need Kaczur's high salery anymore.M...

Schefter Reports That Newton Had Some Bad Team Interviews

As per Schefter's report, Newton reacted unfavorably when asked why he took a QB sneak after being told to take a knee at the end of the BCS Title game. Here's a lesson Cam, being confrontational with the NFL team that is interviewing you is a BAD idea.


Is Newton Starting To Get It?

Added Note:  I started writing this before Brian's post about Newton's press conference came up, but in between making my 3 year old supper, watching a movie with him and putting him to bed, I only...

Shaun Rogers Released

The browns started teh shift to a 4-3 todays and shed some excess salary by releasing 6 players, including Rogers and former Bills Robert Royal. Not saying that we should go out and sign him when free agency starts, but he is a notable NT that will be on the market.

Toronto Mayor Wants An NFL Team

I'm putting it up here with the warning that this should be taken with a very large grain of salt. Toronto's new Mayor says that he wants to bring an NFL team to Toronto because he believes that North America's 4th largest market is more than large enough to support an NFL team and that it would be a great boost to the city's tourism. The following should also be remembered: 1. Toronto has a long lasting history of electing Mayors that are totally insane (anyone else remember Mel Lastmon?) 2. Before looking to the NFL, Toronto should try to sell out its CFL games. 3. Before looking to the NFL, Toronto should try to sell out its MLB games. 4. Before looking to the NFL, Toronto should try to sell out its NBA games. 5. Toronto's new Mayor has obviously never looked at the "success" of the Bills in Toronto series. 6. If he think's that North America's 4th largest market can support an NFL team then he needs to stand in line behind North America's second largest market: Los Angeles. So all of this to say... yeah... this guy is nuts!

Peyton Manning advised Andrew Luck to Stay At Stanford

Payton's and Andrew's dads used to play together with the Oilers and stayed good riends afterwords. That gave Andrew Luck the oppertunity to have many long conversations with both Payton and Eli. The result of which being that both brothers advised Luck to stay in college and tweek the last few parts of his game before joining the NFl. Good advise in my book.

Qualcomm Stadium Floods

First there was the LP Field floodings, then the roof of the Metrodome collapsed, now Qualcomm has flooded to a ridiculous degree. Suddenly the Ralph doesn't look like such a bad stadium to play at.



WARNING:  This post may will include delusions, fantasies, Hachikos and just plain old homerisms.   Time for the bills to make a statement.  All season long we`ve been talking about how we`re a...


A Chance For Woods To Move To Centre?

Ok now Hangartner is out for at least 2 weeks due to injury.  And let's be honest, the Bills don't really have another centre otherwise than Eric Woods, and we certainly don't want to be playing...


The D-Line Is NOT The Problem!!!

I've been reading a lot of posts and comments lately claiming that our D-Line is the reason behind why our run defense is so bad.  And I could not disagree more.


How About Cam Newton?

It's starting to come out of the woodwork that Newton might be declaring for this draft.   Now he's not the same type of pro prospect as Andrew Luck, might not even be in the same league as Luck...

There's Hope Against The Lions!!!

Matt Stafford essentially declared himself as being out for next Sunday's game at the Ralph. Now the Lion's game resides in the hands of Shaun Hill, and we all know how horrible he is. I mean Shaun Hill winning games for the Lions would be like having Ryan Fitzpatrick make a case for himself as a Pro-Bowl QB for an 0-8 team. Oh, wait...

Shawne Merriman "definitely won't be re-signing in Buffalo"

PFT is reporting that as per John Czarnecki, Merriman is hiding is true feelings and has no intention of returning to Buffalo past this season.


Best 0-7 Team in NFL History?

I know that's not really saying much, but let's be honest here, this team is not nearly as bad as it's record would indicate.  And there are many things that show that we actually are a good team...

Hope for the teams under .500?

Rosenthal actually writes a good article on why the teams under .500 should still have hope going into the future.


Time to Cut Cornell Green?

Ok this might actually be a bit premature because we've only seen Cordaro Howard play 1 game at RT.  But in that one game that line as a whole played significantly better, and actually looked...


The Silver Lining

Let's be honest folks, this is a pretty miserable season.  But it hasn't been all bad.  I mean it's been pretty bad, but not all bad. There is a silver lining to be found on this team.

TSN's Off The Record: Andy Levitre and Geoff Hangartner both appeared on TSN's OTR this week. ...

TSN's Off The Record: Andy Levitre and Geoff Hangartner both appeared on TSN's OTR this week. Here you can see their discussion panel on on the 19th, as well as Levitre on the "Next Question" segment on the 19th, and Hangartner's

Panthers To Bench Clausen And Go Back To Matt Moore

Now can we finally stop complaining about not drafting a QB last year? Clausen started 3 games before being benched for Matt friggin' Moore. It's clear that Clausen is not franchise QB material at this point in his career and may never become one.

McNeill Sign Extention With The Chargers

I've been saying for a long time that unless McNeill signed an even larger contract than he originally wanted he wouldn't be a Charger after this season. Well it looks like that just happened today as he just signed a 5 year extention with the Chargers. Damn.

Out goes Randy Moss, In Comes Vince Jackson

Looks like it only took a day for the Pats to start talking to the Chargers about trading for Jackson. Man I hate the Pats.


Buffalo Bills 2000s Worst-Decade Team - Conclusion

At the beginning of May MattRichWarren presented us with his Buffalo Bills 2000s All-Decade Team series.  And for about a month we voted on a series of poles to ...

Chester Pitts gets cut by the Seahawks

I know we braught him in for a look before he signed with the Seahawks. He plays both guard and tackle so i still think he would be worth the sign. Especially if it means that he could play at RT instead of Green.

Gregg Rosenthal: Bills Have No Plan

Gregg Rosenthal thinks that the Bills, by cutting Trent Edwards, show that this team's head office and coaching staff as a whole has no plan for the future. OR... and this scenario might confuse you Rosenthal because it actually requires thinking... The Bills had a plan: Edwards. And after the first two games they realized that their plan miserably failed (see Bills vs Dolphins and Bills VS Packers), so the decided to not wait any longer to go to plan B: Ryan Fitzpatrick. Now here's where Gregg probably doesn't have the necessary intelligence to keep up. Fitzpatrick did more in one game against the Pats than Edwards did in his last season and a half as a Bill. The Bills coaching staff realized that with Fitzy as their starter they at least have a chance to win games. Therefor they decided to keep Fitzy as the starter and dump a QB that they no longer needed: Edwards. The Bills had a plan, it failed. They just realized that it failed early in the season and decided to move on and not look back.

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