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Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot? Musgrave, Frazier, Sugarman!

Okay, let me start this post by stating the obvious. Last night's game was downright ugly and hard to watch for all Vikings fans. Secondly, as a Webb fan he flat out sucked last night and by...


Aaron Curry trade rumor

Hey, I just read an article on PFT that states that the Seahawks are trying to trade Aaron Curry and Curry indicated that the Vikings are one of two teams interested.  Obviously, an OLB isn't going...


Need to fill 3 spots in a Keeper Fantasy League. Interested?

Hey, I've got a ten team 2 player keeper league that  three guys were late scratches in.  I've got two to three spots open and they've got some pretty awesome keepers available.  It's a ten team...


Last word on Mallett/Another reason to hate Brad Childress

Alright, this is going to be a semi-rant from a generally optimistic guy.  First off I wasn't thrilled with our pick of Ponder in the first round.  I don't hate Ponder but I hate the lack of value...


Funny Favre Video

Maybe this should be posted as a fanshot but I thought at least some of you guys would get a kick out of this video.  It's a take on the Lebron "What should I do" ad only it's topic is Brett Favre....


Free Agent options for improving the Vikings Offense

I decided to jump into the offseason speculation by looking at each position of the Vikings offense and seeing how it can be improved through free agency.  I started by listing everybody that was...


Frazier makes his first changes to coaching staff.

I just read that Frazier has fired three members of our coaching staff.  While it's never nice to see people get fired the coaches who got the axe are the offensive line coach, assistant offensive...


Payton's pre-game speech targets Favre's age.

I maybe venturing into Revenge4Favre's territory a bit here but this article on PFT seems like a dumb idea on Payton's part to me.  Yes, Favre is old but if there's one QB you don't give bulletin...



I've seen a lot of mixed reactions on how our draft was this year and wanted to take a look at the draft from another angle.  Before I get started on my premise I'll note that I voted our draft as...


Faneca is now a free agent

Well the first two days of the NFL draft have been interesting for the Vikings.  We've only made two picks in getting Chris Cook and Toby Gerhart so far.  These picks are getting mixed reviews but...


Any interest in Haynseworth?

We've all been involved in the QBOF and draft speculation for a while so I thought I might bring up a new topic while we wait for the draft.  Apparently Haynseworth is on the block and most of his...


QB trade?

So apparently there is discussion about trading Sage Rosenfels to the Oakland Raiders.  While this isn't as exciting as the recent McNabb speculation it does pose a lot of questions.  Does this...


Westbrook Released

I know the LT speculation has just started but Westbrook is probably even more plausible.  I know he's got the concussion issue but if he's past that problem he might be the perfect replacement...


Action Jackson should stay!

Hey everyone.  I've been following this blog for a couple of years now and love the community.  First post for me as I'm not much of a commenter and everyone here does a great job.  Anyway just...

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