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So You Want to Write a FanPost

{{Reposted in Lieu of All Star Game FanPosts}} Recently I have read concerns over the quality of FanPosts over the past year. For this, I blame myself, because it is my role here to help others...

7/1 Open Game Thread 2




Lookout Landing Culture

{{Reposted on 7/1/2014 by Request}} Often when a company hires a new CEO, that CEO takes a "let's overhaul everything" approach to leadership. They don’t analyze what's working and what isn't....


OT Thread 5/30 - Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle

This is an off topic thread. It is a place to talk about anything. You can talk about bodily functions. You can talk about painting. You can talk about ferrets. You can even talk about the Seattle...


Kyle Seager is Clutch

Hello. My name is CapSea, and I want to tell you a story about a man that defies all odds. A man that looks at science and says "Screw You, Science." A man that doesn't need gravity because the...


OT Thread 5/6/2014 - BOOM

You did it. You, Lookout Landing, have successfully filled an off topic thread once again. You nailed it. You're awesome. Back in the LL days of yore, OT threads could fill up to the brim in...


Off Topic Thread: Expires 5/14/14.

Refrigerate after opening. Prompts will be shared in the comments, but this is a place to talk about anything your heart desires. You can talk about food. You can talk about sports. You can talk...


Shut Up About Football

"I’ll liken it to having two children. And one has just been elected president and the other is dying of cancer. When I’m at my dying child’s bedside quit telling me about how great my president...


Off Topic FanPost of 4/16/2014 - Beer and Wine

This is an off topic post. It is where you are allowed to talk about anything you want, provided it is not religion or politics or Justin Bieber. Posts should be about discussions, not about...

4/8/14 Open Game Thread 2



4/3/2014 Open Game Thread 3



4/3/14 Open Game Thread #2

Your milkshake brings only a few boys to your front lawn.

4-1 Open Game Thread 2


This thread is open. Game it.


Dear Mariners: It's Time

Fandom affects the economics in sports. One of the reasons the Yankees and Dodgers can afford to purchase the Universe is because they have millions upon millions of die hard fans that tune in...


OT Thread 12/2 The Stormquist

On Friday I was in a car accident. I walked away with nothing but burns from the airbag deployment, but I lost my car - a car that meant more to me than simply a car. It was my first car. It had...


What's in a Name

Baseball analysis is difficult. Two players with identical rate stats may produce vastly different outcomes year to year, age at different curves, and collapse at different rates. Even though there...


Why Extending Jack Zduriencik is a Bad Thing

Within the Handsome Mr. O'Keefe's thread was a subthread by myself, the presumed Irishman, and a user by the name of rtang. We had a discussion about whether this extension is truly irrelevant. It...


Dos and Don'ts of the Offseason

This is a FanPost. This FanPost is dedicated to telling you what to think. You're welcome to think something else, but then if you think something else you're not listening to me, and I think we...


OT Thread 10/29: Come Back, Fools

I'm not really into the whole Halloween theme so I'm not going to ask you what you did for Halloween, especially because you dressed up as a sexy waitress. You're gross, dude. Short skirts are not...

66-84: Seattle Mariners Inch Towards 90 Losses


The Seattle Mariners struggle to keep their playoff hopes alive, losing to the Detroit Tigers 4 to 2. Or, as they are more commonly known around the Detroit area: Los Tigres Con Detroit.


9/11 Off Topic Thread: You're Not Dead

I know the Mariners suck, but the drop in conversation on Lookout Landing recently is really harshing my mellow, or whatever that phrase is. You, dear reader, have made friends here. When the...

59-70: Mariners Play Game, Take Silver


Mariners get second place in a game against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, also known as The Angels Angels of Anaheim. Ackley dingers.


5 Mariner Items You Can Own Now

While eBay may have completely devalued all of my baseball cards thus losing me several thousands of dollars in investment cash, it's also an interesting place to find items that relate to the S...


OT FanPost - Comment Now About Anything

Here is a FanPost This FanPost is a place to talk about anything and create discussions within people. What are the things you like? Did you see a Tumblr of nothing more than photos of birds with...

36-47: Mariners Go to Texas: Execute Rangers


The Seattle Mariners win a crucial game against a division rival and keep playoff hopes alive.

36-47: Chart


Joe Saunders dominates the Texas Rangers sort of. Free agents whoop Ranger's pitching staff. No fairy tale ending for Grimm. Something something something dark side... something something something complete.


The Mariners Bought You a Gift!

It's your birthday today! The Seattle Mariners recently completed their yearly vacation to Merced, California, relaxing in the 130 degree sun and visiting some of the most amazing Merced landmarks...


6/7 Off Topic FanPost of Doom

This may be the first time I've seen no off topic thread made. So I'll do it, because why not. NOTES - Lookout Landing wants to be even more of a community. So we want to encourage you guys to...


Gin and Juice

[sound of man pouring beer] [Verse One] With so much drama in the MLB It's kinda hard bein' a fan of Seattle's team But I Somehow some way Keep on sitting down to root them on like every...

4/26: Open Game Thread #2


There once was a new baseball gamethread. Since the other one's so slow it may be dead. We can talk about Smoak Though his hitting is a joke. At least Casper first got nailed in his forehead.

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