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The Mariners Bought You a Gift!

It's your birthday today! The Seattle Mariners recently completed their yearly vacation to Merced, California, relaxing in the 130 degree sun and visiting some of the most amazing Merced landmarks...


6/7 Off Topic FanPost of Doom

This may be the first time I've seen no off topic thread made. So I'll do it, because why not. NOTES - Lookout Landing wants to be even more of a community. So we want to encourage you guys to...


Gin and Juice

[sound of man pouring beer] [Verse One] With so much drama in the MLB It's kinda hard bein' a fan of Seattle's team But I Somehow some way Keep on sitting down to root them on like every...

4/26: Open Game Thread #2


There once was a new baseball gamethread. Since the other one's so slow it may be dead. We can talk about Smoak Though his hitting is a joke. At least Casper first got nailed in his forehead.

Pineda Busted for Drunk Driving


Sources say that the Mariners knew that Pineda would be busted for drunk driving before the trade was made. New York fans are outraged.

Jeff Sullivan LiveBlogs the Home Run Derby


If you've come to Lookout Landing in the past year, you may not be familiar with Jeff's non-Mariner work. I may be speaking only for myself, but Jeff's LiveBlogs (Liveblogs? Live blogs?) are my personal favorite things to read of the entirety of Jeff Sullivan's work, and that says a lot. Be sure and start at the bottom and work your way up. Good advice for LiveBlog readers, college graduates, carpenters, and alcoholics.

Ladies and Gentleman, I have found the solution to Safeco field park dimensions that I believe will...


Ladies and Gentleman, I have found the solution to Safeco field park dimensions that I believe will please both the "move the walls in" crowd and the "keep everything the same and boring" crowd. Allow me to introduce the new walls of Safeco field, as seen in the image above or below, since I'm not previewing this. This clearly satisfies both needs - the walls have both been moved in and are in the same place as before. It would also increase excitement in the games and significantly reduce any platoon advantage, maybe. Benefits: - Would make hitting home runs easier, sometimes. - Increases doubles, triples, and inside the park home runs. - Would increase the surface area of the wall for more opportunities to rob a player of a home run. - Would make for some hilarious slapstick comedy. - Would create a significant defensive home park advantage, assuming our players didn't die. Disadvantages: - May cause severe injury to outfielders. Overall, the pros clearly outweigh the cons. Make it happen, Mariners.


Off Topic Thread - Figlet and You Made it Weird

It looks like the other one is about to die and I had two prompts come to mind. The first is a personal fun story. Every once in a while I'll happen upon some thread about the Mariners off of...

Oakland A's May Move to San Jose


This would be awesome for me because I may live there. This would probably be bad for the Mariners because San Jose will probably have fans. Fun fact: SJA is an acronym for the "Synthetic Jet Actuator." Coincidence? Yes.

Johjima, Johnson, and Pitch Framing


h/t Neyer. Kenji Johjima and Rob Johnson both have some of the worst R/120 in baseball. I don't have thoughts on the methodology but it's interesting to see since - at least for Johjima - this was a common complaint from those that weren't fond of him.


Defensive Prowess and Sabermetrics

After a discussion with some other LLers I wanted to do a comment poll/discussion with the LL community about how they view defense and defensive metrics. There has been a lot of discussion...


Where Does Our Farm System Rank?

Jack Zduriencik is not without his flaws. He allows the manager to have too much control over the lineup. He does not appear to understand catcher defense. He seems to be reluctant to change a good...


OT Thread - The Pop Culture That Never Was

It's not often that I'm inspired by things on Twitter, but after doing a bit of marketing for a client I noticed a trend that I thought was clever, and seemed fun for the LL community. It may have...


OT Thread For Homies - 12/16/Ad Infinitum

Insomnia screwed on my sleep schedule. Over the last few weeks I can’t even get tired until 9 am anymore. Today my goal is to stay up til 5pm and sleep until Friday to fix my schedule. So to...

Rule 5 Thoughts


This isn't important enough to make a post for, but it will probably come up again. Though indications are that Triunfel wasn't eligible for rule 5 anyway, even if he was there is very little likelihood he would be taken for the following reason: "If chosen in the Rule 5 draft, a player must be kept on the selecting team's 25-man major league roster for the entire season after the draft—he may not be optioned or designated to the minors." In other words: - One year of service time will be wasted. - He will use up a valuable bench spot. - He will not succeed in the MLB yet. - He will lose a year of development time. - He will be essentially sitting out from the game of baseball. Even on a terrible team he wouldn't be drafted, because he has no chance of succeeding or learning anything on the MLB team, so he'd spend a year doing essentially nothing, getting one year older with no (and possibly counterproductive) experience while wasting a valuable spot on the roster. I think I am creating this FanShot more for myself than for others since no one cares, but essentially any player that isn't good now in the low minors and won't succeed at the MLB level doesn't need to be protected, because they won't be drafted - and in the rare case they are, chances are they will be offered back soon after. Smiley emoticon!


Trading Chone Figgins Makes Sense

It seemed like something worth bringing up for discussion in its own FanPost, since, it is going to be a hot topic for at least a few days. The Chone Figgins --> Mets trade rumor thread had a...

Masato Akamatsu robs a Japanese Andruw Jones lookalike of a home run. Somehow this catch will still...


Masato Akamatsu robs a Japanese Andruw Jones lookalike of a home run. Somehow this catch will still not make the top 3 in the Best Damn Countdown, displaced by a catch that is considerably less impressive.


6/5 Off Topic

Hey. Guess what. It's my first off topic thread. I think I'm in good standing. In 2 hours I need to leave to go on a hike on Mount Si and I've slept approximately zero minutes, so if you don't hear...


Saving Baseball in Seattle

I wrote this on Lookout Landing on Griffey's birthday back in November of 2007. After getting Jeff's approval, I am reposting it here, below. At the end of this piece I make a claim that I'd like...

Why I Don't Care


I don't like the idea of making a Fanpost on this, so I will hide this here as a Fanshot where it is out of the way. But I want to make a comment about this Milton Bradley thing that we have rehashed 20 times. Milton Bradley had an "incident" yesterday. Other websites are using this to show off how right they were. The problem is that they are arguing the wrong thing. No one denied that Milton Bradley tends to do odd, emotional things as a reaction to baseball events. No one. Lookout Landing didn't. GMZ didn't. Wak didn't. Milton Bradley didn't. He has some serious emotional issues that he has always had and always will have. The thing is: I don't care. And neither should anyone else. His personal problems may seem public, but the truth is that they don't matter. Why should I, or anyone else, care how Milton Bradley reacts to failure? 1) Milton Bradley's attitude has not caused Figgins, Griffey, Lopez, Sweeney or Rob Johnson's offensive struggles. 2) Milton Bradley's attitude has not lost us all of these games. 3) Milton Bradley's attitude has not caused the poor bullpen management. 4) Milton Bradley's attitude did not cause Cliff Lee's injury. 5) Milton Bradley's attitude is not the reason we lost any of these games. His emotional problems have, quite frankly, affected nothing. Zero. Nada. We wouldn't win or lose more games just because he is having an emotional problem. And because Milton Bradley's attitude isn't the reason we have been losing, I don't see any good reason to give a shit if he wants to have an attitude with this team. There is literally only ONE reason to care about his attitude, and that reason is that some times he needs to take a few days off to cool down. His personal issues are nothing more than the equivalent of a recurring injury. Occasionally he gets hurt, except his hurt is emotional instead of physical. That's it. The only reason to care about Bradley's emotional outbursts are because you are upset he needs to miss a few games, and the only way you can be upset is if you are admitting that his bat is worth having in the lineup. You can't have both. Bradley's attitude has not caused this team to struggle and Bradley's attitude is unlikely to cause the team to struggle in the future. He can break as many bats on the plate as he wants, and it won't change the fact that the team sucking had literally nothing to do with his attitude, and everything to do with its good players struggling.

Lookout Landing 6th in Wikio


I don't know what Wikio is, but I guess this is neat? Clearly they don't read the comments or we would either be ranked first or last. Good job Jeff/Matthew/GraBBT.


LL Meetup 1/30

There was a time not long ago where I was fairly convinced I'd try to keep my identity a secret. But over the course of the past two years, I've met about five of you for various reasons, most of...

Anxiety in Baseball


Brief article from THT about anxiety in baseball. As someone that studied psychology, I enjoy this line of thinking. Though the article itself somewhat common sense in that area, I still enjoy seeing it. To elaborate further on this topic: a) If team chemistry has an effect, here is one of the places it could affect actual performance. A player that feels supported will be less likely to suffer from over-anxiety, and I do not think it is a stretch to believe that most players get overanxious at some point during the season. Ergo, if the player feels supported, perhaps it increases the likelihood that the player will "Over perform" (due to natural over-anxiousness being an inherent part of most talent evaluation methods). b) Though we do not often talk about psychology in baseball, we do talk about how players are angry, requiring changes of scenery, etc., and that these appear to affect their performance. Someday I hope to see more psychotherapists working directly with baseball teams, but that may be my own preference. Thoughts on anything?

Gutz Extension.


Giggity. Francisco Blavia reports,via Twitter in Spanish, that the Mariners have signed Franklin Gutierrez to a 4 year extension worth $20.5 million with a team option for a fifth year. This would buy out his three arbitration eligible years, plus his first year of free agency, and give the M’s an option on his second year of FA.


Most Annoying Team

With Chone Figgins and Ichiro leading off, our team is about to get very annoying. I define annoying as "Hits for very little power while still contributing" - Basically a team of players that...

Fangraphs is Determined to Ruin Your Pants


This initial version of the FanGraphs Baseball iPhone App includes: - Live win probability and win probability graphs. - Live box score and play-by-play data. - Basic/Advanced/Value stats for any baseball player. - Minor league stats. - Historical game data going back to 1974. ... And you get all of this for only 202.99. $2.99 for the App, $200 for the iPhone you need to buy to use it.

Scott Hairston to Oakland.


According to Cots, he is arbitration eligible for 2 more years. His updated ZiPS gives him a .368 for the year. Not a bad guy to have on your team.

Larry Stone Gets Better Answers


At this point, this story is not worth its own FanPost. But this article from Larry Stone's new blog is worth reading. He asked Jim Riggleman about the Ichiro/Teammate war, and he got actual answers.


rLF - A Quick Stat

  rLF With all of the discussion about the value of defense recently, I decided to create a very rough and quick statistic to show its value in a way that even the casual fan can understand. I...


Hints of Good News

This is Matthew's(?) link from the USSM about comments Baker made about the interview that Felix "avoided." Geoff said that since Felix hadn't accomplished anything in baseball, he is not allowed...

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