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2010 Cy Young Analysis

Hopefully, all the votes are in for the Cy Young Award for 2010 (if they aren't then the playoffs are going to change a few minds). Since I've already done a couple of other posts this season on Cy...


Projections and Outcomes

The end of the season is upon us, and the postseason hopes have been officially dashed. So how about those projections from the beginning of the season? Seems like the most interesting thing to...

Oldest man to win a professional baseball gam


63 year old pitches 5 1/3 innings for a 7-3 victory


West and f/x

Jake Westbrook has now had 5 fairly successful starts as a Cardinal. In those five starts he's had ERAs of 3 vs Houston, 3.86 vs Florida, 4.5 vs San Francisco, and recently a much less impressive 6...


VEB Offday Polls: Where You At? What's the biggest surprise of 2010?

Another offday, and I have decided it's time to do another fanpost, and ask, where in Cardinal Nation does most of VEB hail from? Many of us are from St. Louis of course, but I've also found out a...


A look at the Cy Young race (part 2)

I've got offdayitis and am jonesing for some statistical quantification of actual baseball performance after one of the best and albeit weirdest important regular season series I've witnessed in...



Fernando Salas has once again been recalled to the big leagues. Salas is one of the better Cardinals pitching prospects and has been a fan favorite so far, at the very least here at VEB. In the ten...


What would it take to bring Haren back from the Angels?

Any ideas on what it would take in a trade to get Haren from the Angels? I am pretty much at a loss here. I know he was just traded from the DBacks, but the Angels are falling out of contention and...


Why I think Lee Smith is a Hall of Famer

Why I like Lee Smith for Hall of Fame: - career ERA is 3.03, his career FIP is 2.93 - career K/9 is 8.79 (peaking at 12.23 one season!) - career LOB% is 76.7% - 478 career saves imo,...


A Checkpoint at the halfway point

I've always been a big stat geek. I think one of the main reasons I collected baseball cards was to look at the back of them and see how a certain player was performing in his career. Granted, the...


NL Projection Averages Revisited

  At the beginning of the season I did a fanpost on predictions on how some contenders would fair this season. Obviously, things are not quite as one would think at this point, since the Padres are...


Chicago, Pittsburgh, and San Francisco, are the most annoying teams

Being a Cardinals fan for a while, I have a noticeable dislike for playing the Cubs and Giants. As memories start to build, I know from watching many a baseball game that these two teams like to...


Summer Hollidays

With the idea that Matt Holliday progresses as the season rolls along in hitting abilities, I thought I would detail his splits listed on, based on his career totals by month of the...

interesting insights on baseball and the unconscious mind


"Baseball is one of those activities in which the harder you try, the worse you do." this explains some of motte's and boog's mannerisms: "Over the generations, baseball people have developed an infinity of tics and habits to distract and sedate the conscious mind"


Chicagoland VEB outing: Sedgwicks - Cards vs Angels

Hi all chicagoland VEBers. Going to meet up with some fellow blogosphere Cards fans in Chicago and root on the Redbirds at Sedgwicks! game is at 7:15pm vs the (Los Angeles) Angels of Anaheim,...


Viva El League on Yahoo

talk amongst yourselves about the 16 teams, and 4 divisions, that make up Viva El League, and about draft picks, etc. Here's the teams and divisions: Booooooogeyes (NL East) - The...


NL Projection Medians, Underdogs, Overachievers and more Revised

Today I was inspired by tom s. article using the new Fans WAR projections. I had been throwing around an idea in my head about looking at some best case scenarios with some possibly underrated...


2010: A Baseball Odyssey

Hope everyone is doing well and is getting excited and totally scorched about baseball. I am so excited, in fact, that I have decided to write about it, in some detail. There are many reasons why I...


The Tenacity of the D

Defense During every year of the 80s, the Cardinals were near the top of the league in range factor per 9 innings. This was not too hard considering they had players like Ozzie Smith and the whole...


Yahoo Fantasy Baseball League for El Birdos

Hi, this is my 3rd year running a fantasy baseball league on yahoo sports, and there was a request today for a league for the VEB community, so here's the relevant info for Viva El League: League...

Pretty cool article about Mr. Freese


short article, not a ton of info here, but good to read. sounds like he is really trying to make the team


Offensive Ability Rating Rankings for 2009

Some may remember last year when I posted a few articles here about a stat I cooked up over the last two hot stove seasons, called OAR. I brainstormed an idea while reading this encyclopedia of...

early power rankings, good for a laugh!


wow, this is pretty laughable. they rank the mets ahead of the cardinals, and give as the primary reason that they have an amazing outfield, and then list Francouer as one of the outfielders, ahahhahahah!!! srsly, this is some funny reading, given the reasons they have for each ranking. unbelievably bad writing/reasoning

photo taken from the CF bleachers on VEB Day Aug 15 2009 the rest of the album can be viewed at...


photo taken from the CF bleachers on VEB Day Aug 15 2009 the rest of the album can be viewed at

images from my trip to STL this summer for VEB day. rest of the album can be viewed at...


images from my trip to STL this summer for VEB day. rest of the album can be viewed at

images from my trip to STL to see game on Aug 15. the album can be viewed at...


images from my trip to STL to see game on Aug 15. the album can be viewed at

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