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Geddy Lee of prog rock stalwarts Rush donates autographed balls to Negro League museum


well, I didn't know that Geddy Lee was a big baseball fan, he's that much cooler now!

article on rick ankiel as intriguing free agent


article suggests that Ank's defense and potential power at center field make him one of the more interesting options for outfielders this year on the free agent market. I wish him good luck wherever he goes, I hope he gets to play in Florida... and also, glad to see him go, won't miss his swinging at bad pitches!

Pujols greatest player of the aughts (duh)


glad to see a MM writer saying that Pujols is better than Bonds and A-Rod, etc

Waino: Why Carp should win Cy Young


I'm not sure if this was already posted, but I find it really entertaining to see Wainwright write about why Carp should win, and vice versa:

Cobbler experiment a success?


I tend to agree with the article, although someone pointed out that schumaker's improvement in his defense correlated with the cardinals winning more games... and of course it's not that big of a boost to have a second baseman who is at least capable. but I have been a fan of the move since they did it, and for this season at least it has been a good idea (especially since Lugo arrived).


Pitching FTW

Our starting pitching is ridiculous... we are first in the major leagues in FIP. And it's not really that close. The Braves are second with 3.72 FIP, but the Cards are one of the most successful...

Post All Star Break notes

  1. Josh Kinney is not effective... ERA and FIP around 7 (does not included tonight's bases loaded walk)
  2. the second half could involve lots of injured Derosa and Glaus. plenty of interesting storylines to follow there. hopefully this means less Thursty
  3. Colby Rasmus is for real... .800 OPS for a rookie is very nice... 5.5 to 6 WAR player for a season is amazing (he's already around 3)... and he is already arguably the best defensive center fielder in the game
  4. Brendan Ryan on defense is a ton of fun to watch at shortstop, he is rivaled only by Jack Wilson and JJ Hardy in defense... and he is one of their highest ranked in Spd 6.4 at fangraphs
  5. who woulda thought our team's pitching would be lead by Adam Wainwright and .... Joel Pineiro? And Ryan Franklin being an elite closer? he sucks!

Ank vs. Dunc: Who Would Get Voted Off?

So, we have 2 redundant outfielders with similar skillsets. If we had the choice to "vote one off" the proverbial Cardinal island, who would it be?

team UZR ratings for the last year and a half


I'm not sure if it is all Tony's fault, but our defense is not very good lately. I think this could partially be attributed to Tony's constant positional shuffling. Since muscle memory is a part of the game, I think it would help the defense if they were not moved around to different positions as much. In defense of Tony, he is great about preparing the players for the game and getting them to try hard. And more importantly, his teams over the past few seasons have performed above their Pythagorean projections.... and you cannot deny his success. I just think he may be getting a little megalomaniacal with his constant need to tinker and make up new lineups, and is far too dogmatic with his adhering to matchups. ...not sure about the methodology that was used to write this article btw, my biggest concern being what if the team's last season of UZR ratings were from last year's players... did the author actually tally the individual players? Plus, I am highly suspicious of any article that has Detroit as far and away the best defensive team.

Wellemeyer's Velocity article on fangraphs


The article has sort of an cautionary tone as to Welleymeyer's drop in speed. Equating it to a probable future injury... I'm wondering, does Wellemeyer hitting 94 mph in tonight's win a good sign as to the possible injury? I admit, I'm slightly alarmed still, but also I think it's a good sign... the Cardinals could have been telling him not to push it in terms of throwing the fastball. Would it make sense for them to do that strategy and let him stretch out more gradually over the course of the season, especially since it is only his second season as a starter, the first of which he got hurt during?


League leaders, all-star voting, etc

So I like how the new All Star Game ballot lets fans see what a player's stats are... but found it to be pretty limited. So before voting any more, I wanted to do a little research and see who's...


feeling good about carpenter, ankiel, birdos

Carpenter, after 5 innings vs. the Cubs and a win tonight, has a 0.00 ERA in 10 innings pitched this year. Last season, he pitched 15.1 innings and maintained an ERA of 1.76. For comparison, his...



My feeling is that Lohse is going to be fine, and that his recent performances are not indicative of how his year will be. The guy was pretty banged up, and pitched through illness and a fast start to the season. At first, I was sort of relieved, but after reading about his elbow soreness, I got a little worried again. Hopefully this is not much of an issue... He's been known as a durable pitcher, so I think we should expect some more excellent starts.

the cubs fans that were sitting by me kept yelling "Duncan sucks!" the whole game (while I kept...


the cubs fans that were sitting by me kept yelling "Duncan sucks!" the whole game (while I kept informing them that he is doing pretty good). here we see him getting slightly fed up... or are his feelings hurt?


Cardinals vs. Cubs series preview April 16 to 19 '09

The battle for first is already on, and while it is very early in the season, I thought I'd check on some of the stats of the two teams and see how they are faring. Admittedly, this is sort of...


I don't mean to kick a dead horse, but...

but perhaps Carpenter's best place really is closer... he won't have to bat (except maybe in a bunt situation) and I'm guessing there would be less wear and tear to his aging body. he still,...


Chicagoland Cardinals Fans

Hi, I've decided to go out tonight and check out one of the bars that plays Cardinal games here in cubbie land... or in northern Illinois in general (I'm orginally from the Quad Cities so maybe...

Best Hitter of 2008 by OAR


Here's my final version of OAR rankings, the top 50 all-around offensive players from '08


just havin some fun... let's play favorites

So if you were TLR, except for the obvious (this means you can't vote for Pujols) who would your 2 favorite players be? I'd kind of think it might be neat to limit this to players who have played...


Hot Stove -- Early to Mid February -- What More Can Be Said?

as time goes by and there remains a lot of free agents left on the market, one wonders if the Cardinals will sign any of these players. Do you think there will remain a lot of unsigned players...

American League teams by OAR

12 I just calculated the American League teams' overall stats by Offensive Ability Rating... here's how they rank: 1. Boston Red Sox - 93.7 2. Texas Rangers - 93.52 3. Tampa Bay Rays - 90.04 4. Cleveland Indians - 88.54 5. Detroit Tigers - 88.16 6. NY Yankees - 87.14 7. Chicago White Sox - 86.99 8. Baltimore Orioles - 86.4 9. Minnesota Twins - 84.91 10. Toronto Blue Jays - 83.33 11. California Angels - 82.96 12. Oakland A's - 81.5 13. KC Royals - 77.99 14. Seattle Mariners - 77.76 also, the AL average team is 85.92, and the NL average team is 85.25

Lefty Killer, Righty Killer


Pretty decent Buster Olney article about numbers in the winter, or something. I was kind of excited that he showed that Shin-Soo Choo was a dangerous hitter (backing up my OAR ranking). He was especially dangerous against right-handed pitchers (.992 OPS). Ty Wiggington destroyed lefties last year with a .631 SLG%... and remains unsigned. The best part is his mention of Albert Pujols of course, his slugging percentage 50 points higher than everyone else, and that he hardly ever strikes out. Anyway, just thought it was cool that it kinda backed up Shin-soo Choo's hitting, despite me not having heard of him before me doing my OAR rankings experiment. The whole article isn't available btw, since it's espn insider.


OAR v1.3 - 2008 StL offense, compared to rest of NL

A brief intro for anyone who hasn't been following my Offensive Ability Rating posts.... Basically I've been working on a new statistic, which encompasses total bases, stolen bases, caught...


OAR Rankings, Revised

Here is my handcrafted baseball stat that I've been "working" on the last few months: Offensive Ability Rating (OAR). Components to the equation include total bases and stolen bases (Base...

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