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Mike Marra Tears ACL, College Career Likely Done


Mike Marra tore his ACL at his first practice back from last year's injury, likely ending his college basketball career, according to Rick Pitino.

Stepping Stone to Infamy: The Louisville Coaching Job In the CFB Landscape


It is almost pathological at this point. As soon as a Louisville football coach does well, we start to get worried about some bigger school coming in and stealing him. And that makes sense,...

Cards Win! Everybody F'In Panic!


We won! Everybody f'in panic! Teddy is arguably the best quarterback in the nation! Our defense is physically incapable of guarding screen passes! The offense is unstoppable! The defense...

Who Will Make The Statement Play?

The similarities between 2012 and 2006 have been discussed in hushed whispers around these parts for awhile now. A good season the year before that ended in a bowl loss to an ACC team where our...

ESPN Ranks Louisville As The No. 6 College Hoops Program Of The Last 50 Years

Breaking news as's algorithm has crunched the numbers and determined that the Louisville Cardinals are the #6 ranked basketball program over the last 50 years. We did it! Positives: Won...

Simulated Season Part 3: Ours Is Not To Reason Why


We are officially almost there. After weeks of oppressive heat, it sorta felt like fall this weekend and today. We have sustained our first and hopefully only season-ending injury. Practice has...

Fan Appreciation Day Open Thread: Share Your Stories


Sounds like it was a pretty big turn out at today's Fan Appreciation Day. The @UofLFootball twitter account sent out this picture of the line to see Coach Strong: Did any 'cloids go? Any...

Simulated Season Part 2: Cannon to the Right, to the Left, to the Front


Since posting the first part of this series, the global and local aspects of being a Louisville football fan in 2012 diverged further. The good: fall practice opened, and the amount of healthy,...

Cards 27th In Pre-Season Coaches Poll


USA Today released the first official poll of the college football season moments ago, and the Cards are on the outside edge just looking in, 27th according to the "Also Receiving Votes" category,...

Simulated Season Part 1: Half A League, Onward


A look at Louisville's 2012 football season through the eyes of an EA Sports NCAA Football '13 simulation.

Top 153 Russ Smith Things of 2011-2012 Season


It started with a whisper. By which I mean, it started with a joke in a blog post: that in the off season, one way to cope would be to do a post listing in order the Top 153 Russ Smith Things that...

Best VillenHD Videos of 2011-12, FINAL POD


We all just need to keep moving forward. Look back, but not in sadness. Survive and advance. Louisville v. Florida 3-24-12 Louisville v. Cincinnati 3-10-12 Louisville v. Connecticut 2-16-12 L...

Best VillenHD Videos of 2011-12, Pod 4: NCAA Tournament


I would like to defend the Florida video. Honestly, I think a lot of people were initially disappointed. But let's be honest: that was such an amazing game, such an amazing result, such a crazy...

Best VillenHD Videos of 2011-12, Pod 3: Big East Tournament


I had the strangest dream a few weeks ago. Our players went to New York to play in the Big East tournament, but they weren't really our players. I mean, they had the same names, but they played,...

Spring Game Prep Work: Count The Returning Cardinals In This Awesome Video


Yes, this video has already been posted and yes I have my reasons for re-posting it, and no I won't tell you them. Okay fine it's because Charlie Strong crowd surfs and that's just about the best...

Best VillenHD Videos of 2011-12, Pod 2: Conference Games


Congrats to Louisville v. Vanderbilt 12-2-11, which survives its pod with approximately 56% of the vote. Soon you will know how it feels to be Louisville v. Fairleigh Dickinson 12-10-11 (Goode...

Best VillenHD Videos of 2011-12, Pod 1: Non-Conference Games


Thanks for everyone who nominated videos for this very, very important poll. To make this a little more fair and possibly interesting, I'm going to break this up into pods: non-conference, Big...

Offseason Phase Three: Best VillenHD Videos Of 2011-2012


Not sure when the real postseason writing will start. The Final Four seems like a million years ago already, even though it was just last weekend. The month of March was amazing, intense,...

Are You Ready For Some Football? No? Then Watch This Video, Bro.


Awesome work. Looking forward to the Spring Game next week.

Cards Fall to UK in Final Four, Season Ends, Future Bright


Reality sucks. That game really happened. And it was what everyone said: we had to play our best game of the season to beat them, and we just didn't. UK has a lot to do with that, their length...

Should You Meet Gorgui: A Phonetic Guide To Basic 1970s Wollof


Should You Meet Gorgui: A Phonetic Guide To Basic 1970s Wollof

Cards Defend, Survive, And Advance


It wasn't pretty and it wasn't poetic but a stifling defense and a decided advantage at point guard propelled the Cards to their first NCAA tournament win since March 2009. It's been a long time. ...

Cards Use The Beautiful Game To Dominate Huskies


So, that happened. The weirdness that is the Louisville College Basketball Experience of the Early Teens continues. It didn't quite have the historical significance of the Syracuse/Freedom...

Cards Survive Scary Dieng Injury, Rutgers 3s


The takeaways from this game are the two big guys: Dieng's scary writing and Chane's monster afternoon. Still let the other team make too many threes and hang around longer than we should have,...

Wildcats In The Coal Mine


This is our seventh season playing in the Big Machine known as Big East basketball. At the beginning there was novelty in each opponent, seeing UConn and Nova and Georgetown and even Providence...

Slumpbustin' Cards Defeat Pitt, Restore Faith In Humanity


Kuric hit a bunch of 3s, 2010-2011 Peyton Siva showed up for 12 solid minutes out of freaking no where. Chane and Gorgui made short shots and made them look easy. Fun times were had by all. We're...

The Ghosts of the Living, and The Strange Events of March 27, 2009 Through Whenever This Madness Ends


So I've been tasked with previewing the Pittsburgh game. Sigh. What can be said that hasn't already been said, written, tweeted, texted or just screamed to the sky? When the ESPN College Gameday...

Everybody F'in Panic! Cards Lose to ND, Broghammer


True to form, a scrappy, well-coached, untalented Notre Dame team gave the Cards everything they wanted, but the home crowd made the difference and Notre Dame's historic losing streak in Kentucky...

Notre Dame: More Like West Virginia Than You Think, Hear Me Out


And....YAM. There's probably not two fan bases in the country more different than West F'in Virginia and Notre Dame. As a good Catholic boy growing up in Louisville, I of course was inundated...

Louisville vs. Western Kentucky Preview Preview


That's right, this is the preview of the preview. I just had to re-watch and post this video from last year's game. My three favorite things: 1) The WKU announcers. 2) How we looked like the...

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