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Hector Luna as the Cardinals' secondbase stopgap until Wong arrives?

Might the Cardinals bring back Hector Luna for a year (and cancel the contract to Wiggington :-), so Luna can serve as the stopgap at second base (and be a versatile bench player), while Kolton...


Twins seek trade for Brendan Ryan

The Twins are attempting to trade for Cardinals shortstop Brendan Ryan according to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports.

Brad Penny and his bikini-clad hottie are having a great off-season


While we're waiting for VivaelPujols to get his Brad Penny post done, maybe the attached photos and article about Brad Penny's vacation with bikini-clad "Dancing with the Stars" celeb Karina Smirnoff will warm this winter day.... Nice curve, smooth delivery, good movement..., and Penny's got pretty good stuff, too!


Will Ryan Raburn be Cards' 2B backup?

  LAKELAND, Fla. – The Tigers and St. Louis Cardinals have recently discussed a trade that would send infielder/outfielder Ryan Raburn to St. Louis, according to one person in the industry with...


Giants keep Perdomo, leave Cards nothing from Anthony Reyes trade

Giants manager Bruce Bochy confirmed on Tuesday that his bullpen will include Rule 5 draftee Luis Perdomo, despite the fact that Perdomo gave up a homerun Monday, his second in 11 IP this spring.  ...


Starting Rasmus in AAA for now would be best

That the Cardinals have sent Chris Perez to AAA in favor of keeping Brad Thompson in the bullpen, demonstrates that in the roster formula for LaRussa and Mozeliak major league experience and the...


Culture makes a difference in winning and losing

Team culture seems to be one factor that makes the difference between winning and losing in sports.  I submit that premise for your discussion.  Culture is the prevailing, persistent pattern of...


The Cubs' culture of losing goes on

I remember seeing an analysis a year or two ago that showed that World Series teams usually have three things in common: strong starting pitching, an excellent closer, and excellent defense. ...


Would you trade Izturis back to the Dodgers now?

Hey, all you Izturis detractors, why are you not lobbying for Izturis to be traded to the Dodgers?  (Jason Stark says the Boys in Blue are looking for a backup SS.  See below.)  Perhaps the Cards...


Izturis v Renteria, Eckstein, Ryan

You just knew I'd have to comment on the day Izturis hit his first home run of the season!  And it wasn't a cheap shot, like Ludwick's bounce off the outfielder's glove just barely onto the top of...


Izturis update. Is he a solid contributor?

How is Cesar Izturis doing just over 20% of the way into the season?  Has he been a solid contributor, as this VEB  fan predicted in an earlier fan post? Fielding Cesar's RZR stands at .897. ...


Izturis is quietly contributing, as predicted here....

It took awhile for Cesar Izturis to get the rust out in spring training.  By the last week of the exhibition games, Izturis executed what Rooney and Shannon called the best defensive play by any...


The Cards are poised to surprise

Making projections for any baseball season is risky, even if quantitative analysis (stats) and qualitative analysis (scouting reports) are combined.  Even the most scientific,...


Will Izturis be a bust or a myth buster?

I posted this as a regular post a month ago.  Another VEB blogger suggested I make this a FanPost.  Here goes: It seems that Cesar's talent and skills are being significantly underestimated by...

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