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West Coast vs East Coast: do we accommodate them?

The low national ratings for last night's match has some people grousing about the Sunday evening start time, which is East Coast unfriendly, since kickoff for the match was after 10:00 pm Eastern...

Zach Scott: Man Marker Verily Speaketh

"I’m positive the majority of those are wins," Scott said when he was told he's faced the Timbers 27 times in his career. "I told the guys before the game, this career is so fleeting. There is so much uncertainty day-to-day whether you’re in the lineup, whether you have a job next year, but the one thing I know for certain is that we beat Portland, period. We’re always going to be the team to beat. They can say there’s a changing of the guard, they can say we’re a group of stars and they’re the team, but in the end we’re the ones who are going to come out victorious."

Quoted in the Everett Herald

Stankovic rumors persist; Can he help Sounders?

Sounders are linked to the longtime Inter player


How group stage style playoffs might work

In Episode 77 of Nos Audietis, Jeremiah mentioned someone's proposal for a playoff system based on group stages. (I apologize, I can't remember the original source of the idea). As he explained...


My crazy plan to beat the Galaxy

The team lines up in a 4-3-1-2 like this:JohanssonHurtadoParkeGonzalesAlonsoRosalesTiffertFredyEJEstradaThis puts a big/small pairing up front like Sigi likes, but it's a fast big/small, and one...


So now that EJ's broken the Sounders' single season scoring record...

I'm going to go on record and say my initial skepticism of him has been proven unfounded. I hope he can help us get over our playoff woes and win the title this year. Then he will have proven my...

A Crazy Idea for Better Playoffs

So the playoffs are impending, and it hasn't escaped notice that the way it worked out this year is just plain wrong. Playoffs, however, are here to stay and especially because schedules are...


Sounders fan won't see one team at home next year

So I talked today to a Sounders rep, and the season ticket for next year includes 17 MLS matches, which means the Sounders won't have a home game against at least one other MLS team.  It looks...

Thursday Tactics 'n' Things - Red card! Now what?

Uh oh, the hand is going to the back pocket, is he really... No way! While ejections exist in the traditional American sports, their versions have nothing quite like the impact of soccer's red...

Thursday Tactics 'n' Things - Set Pieces

RSL has used the set-play more than you would expect.

Thursday Tactics 'n' Things - Strategy and Identity

A discussion of strategy and identity of the Seattle Sounders

Sounders Summer Break: Playoff Expectations

Probable Playoff Match-ups and their effect on Seattle.

W-L-T Considered Harmful

Listing records in soccer as W-L-T is bad. Listing records in soccer as W-D-L is bad. Listing records in soccer is bad. Let's stop it and start talking about the things that actually matter.

Is it Time to Flip Our Priorities?

The usual approach in MLS is to focus on the league and put the cups second. Is it time for the Sounders to be unusual?

Portland - Sounders: Game Thread

Can the Sounders defend their USOC title? Tonight's game is the first step.

Groups G and H: Sticking to the Script

The group stage ended today with Groups G and H playing their final matches. And in the end, everything ended up pretty much like everybody thought it would. Group G: Considered this Cup's Group...

Groups E and F: Quick Review

Groups E and F: the group stage is almost over as two more groups wrap up.

Groups C and D: Controversy and Confusion

Groups C and D after two matches: WTF?

Groups A and B Take Shape

Groups A and B are almost settled, but nothing's impossible yet.

Quick Review: Sharpshooting Sounders Crush the Revolution

Sounders 3-0 Revs: Putting shots on target is a good thing.

MLS Academies: A Step in the Right Direction

MLS academies are a good step in the right direction and the more they grow the better.

The Immortal "Best Athletes" Myth

"What if America's best athletes played soccer?" Will this question never die?

Spectacularly Bad Idea of the Day: Steal the World Cup from Brazil

The worst idea you'll probably hear today, or possibly any other day: the US should steal the 2014 World Cup from Brazil.

Designated players, take two.

What kind of player should the Sounders get with the new Designated Player slots?

This one felt like a loss

The score said 2-2, but it felt like a loss.

I knew Pete Vagenas was old, but ...

According to the Sounders, Vagenas brings centuries of experience to the club.

Freddie talks CBA (a bit) at ESPN

Freddie Ljungberg talks a bit about the CBA. Also, soccer business environments and what they mean to fans.

Freddie Speaks Up About His Status

Freddie Ljungberg posts on his blog today and makes it clear whether he stays in MLS or not depends on a new CBA.

A Great Source of Insight on Developing Players

3 Four 3 is a great blog for insights about the challenge of developing players in the US. Check them out.

MLS and the Hispanic Market

The Wall Street Journal reports American Sports organizations are reaching out to Hispanics, MLS included. But will it pay off?

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