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RBR "Only one more Friday till football!!!" Random 10

We're almost there, folks!!! Get all your yardwork and house chores out of the way this weekend because football will be here SOON!!! Here are some tunes to welcome one more pigskin-less...


RBR "Double Dos" Random 10

Mark Ingram number of days until kickoff!!!! You know the rules, spin up your tape decks and set the mix master to random. Only 2 more empty weekends after this one, and then... FOOTBALL!!!!! ...



Yes, folks, the long walk through the desert is winding down. Camp starts today!!!!! Let's crank up some campfire songs and welcome in the sweetest time of the year! 1. Poe -- Lemon Meringue2....


RBR "10 more weeks of #offseason" Random 10

I don't know if I can make it, y'all. How much Unisom do you figure I'd need to sleep for 10 weeks? Here are some tunes while I ponder that question... /curls in fetal position and dreams...


RBR "Seriously Joker" Random 10

OK kids, the super serious Joker Phillips thread is finally here! So please refrain from Jokering anywhere else on this fine website, m'kay? Gotta keep everyone on the Jumbo Package safe from...


Let's have a union debate!!!

...except not really about the union aspect (hopefully). The O'Bannon trial starts this Monday, and SBN has put up a primer here. It contains this interesting (to me) tidbit: The plaintiffs are...


RBR "We All Got Crabs" Random 10

It's Friday, y'all! Let's kick back and celebrate with some music and some fresh crab legs! What say ye? Remember though, no one is just going to give you either one. You've got to reach out...


RBR "No more arrests, no more arrests, no whammies, no whammies" Random 10

Ferking offseason, man. Tunes, please, to make it go away. No more arrests and no more injuries to our depth breadth chart please! 1. Cake -- Haze of Love2. No Doubt -- Don't Speak (Oh, 90s...


RBR "Meet me at the Student Union" Random 10

(Picked this pic mainly for the beautiful sign in the middle. "We demand Van Smiths resonation." I think it's some sort of kabbalah zen thing.)Alright let's all get our unions together and...


BRUCE PEARL: I too am sick of hearing about BRUCE PEARL! No more BRUCE PEARL! Quit talking about BRUCE PEARL!!!

BRUCE PEARL is all some of you want to talk about any more, and I for one don't want to talk any more about BRUCE PEARL. BRUCE PEARL is not our coach, and BRUCE PEARL isn't going to be our coach....


RBR March Madness Random 10

68 other teams are playing in a tourney this week, and I'm just sitting here counting the days till A Day... Music, Music, make it all better. Push shuffle and spit 'em out, y'all...1. Gravity...


RBR "Theory of Relly-tivity" Random 10

Thanks for trying, T Relly. Hope you can make an NBA roster somewhere. OK, bouncy hoops is done. Spring practice starts tomorrow. Our last gasp of football before the true depths of the offseason...


RBR "Happy Chocolate Awareness Day" Random 10

When it's love, you know it from the start... Crank up your stereos and get some baby-making music going... or Zeppelin and Nirvana, whatever...1. Widespread Panic -- Weight of the World2. Led...


RBR "Beat the Bye Week" Random 10

OK, I know we have this Saturday off, but let's not lose our focus here! Rest up and heal up, but keep your heads right, and keep thinking about what you need to do on every single song to make...


RBR "Do you smell bacon?" Random 10

I definitely smell a pork product.Get ready for some delicious roast razorback tomorrow, y'all! In the meantime, launch the iTunes, assorted Samsungs, or karaoke machine, and crank out some tunes...


RBR's "Monthfull of Cupcakes" Random 10

Delicious, delicious cupcakes. Eat 'em up, y'all!!/prays none of these cupcakes turn out to be sourNow that you're all sugared up, put the ol' 8-tracks on shuffle and let us know what kind of tape...


RBR "Sweet Home BDS" Random 10

Week 4, Bama is 2-0 (1-0), and we're just now getting our first game in Tuscaloosa. Let's get the weekend started right!! Turn up the music, hit shuffle, and share what you get. NO CHEATING! ...


RBR "8 Days to Vengeance" Random 10

Eight days. Eight days. /rocks back and forth And I will strike down upon thee!! Let's distract ourselves with music. Shufflize it up and spit 'em out...1. Blur -- Bank Holiday2. The Raconteurs...


RBR "Campfire Songs" Random 10

They call it "fall camp", but our boys are out in the sweltering summer heat this week. Let's crank some cool tunes to help get our minds right and dream of the beautiful fall Saturdays to come! ...


RBR "50 Days of Summer to go" Random 10

Media Days are next week, and the pads will be going on before you know it. I'm thinking about just guzzling some Nyquil and passing out until the season gets here, but for the rest of you, crank...


RBR "Post-Independence Day Aspirin Dependence Day" Random 10

I know you ate just as much pork and drank just as many beers and inhaled just as much firework smoke as I did yesterday, yet here you are in the office today. Only 8 hours to get through and then...


CFB Future Power Rankings

CFB Future Power Rankings: Ranking the 25 teams most likely to have success over next three seasons | ESPN.com #1 Alabama Crimson Tide Coaching: There was no doubt among our panelists as to...


RBR "First Day of Summer" Random 10

Summer's finally officially here! Only one more season to go before our beloved Fall begins! So where's everyone at today? Lounging by the pool on this summer day instead of posting a...


RBR "AJ rigged my Random 10"

Joe Willie woulda made a much better Random 10 than this. 1. Big Head Todd & the Monsters -- Magdelina (#blameTodd) 2. Rob Zombie -- American Witch 3. No Doubt -- It's My Life 4. The Rolling...


SBN's Bill Connelly previews the Tide

Bill's done a whole series of awesome previews on the SEC, and of course he saved the best for last. Go check it out! 2013 Alabama football's 10 things to know: Tide still on a different...


RBR "Even Apathetic Fans Can Jam" Random 10

We've spent all week arguing about who cares more about the University and its outstanding crimson tiddlywinks team. (They're up-and-coming, y'all!!) Now chill out and enjoy some jams to welcome...


Trevor Lacey To Transfer

ed- Thanks CT for, you know, doing our job. Obviously this sucks and NLS and Jeremy will have something up in a few days detailing what this means to the team and the 2013-2014 season. Sad trombone...


The RBR "Roll Tide, Mal!" Random 10

Did Spock re-retire along with Mal? Y'all done be slippin' already! Anyway, fire up your 8-tracks and crank out some tunes to say so long to Coach Moore and hello to the new(ish) fella, Bill...


Kentucky b'ball open thread

Here is the d*** open thread, as f***ing promised. (You're free to curse below, as necessary for the good of the team, as you are in all open threads. I've just decided that perhaps I shouldn't...


Basketball Open Thread

Remember when RBR used to have fucking open threads and you could say whatever the hell you damn well pleased in the heat of battle and even swing a cactus if necessary? Yeah, let's do that. A...

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