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User Blog

NBA League Pass Mobile?

Hello, I hope this is neither a recycled question nor a ridiculous one. If so, I apologize but beg your consideration. Is NBA League Pass Mobile worthwhile? Some context (PLEASE skip if you don't...

JJ Hickson featured as a top rebounder on esp


The guy writing this avers that JJ is one of the best rebounders in the league.

Timberwolves pursuing Oden?


Sure, it's just a (probably unfounded rumor). But I found it on the Internet, so it must be true! Anyway, why not have Minnesota just complete the set? In all seriousness, why shouldn't the Blazers sign Oden to a minimum deal? He could turn into a serviceable backup... (PS I'm new at Fanshots, so please forgive any gaffes and correct me without remorse or pity)


Broader Sports Radio Opinions (Not Just Rome)

I was inspired to post my thoughts on this based on the earlier Jim Rome post. I hope very much to get feedback from the BE community. I've been wanting to talk radio for a long time. Since I...


What about a different playoff format to foment rivalry?

Pardon me for asking a similar question again so soon. I'm just very curious to hear your thoughts. Ignore this post if it bothers you. There is pretty intense intra-divisional rivalry in the NFL:...


Which Conference Style Do You Prefer?

The NBA and NHL have Eastern/Western Conferences. The MLB and NFL have American/Nation Conferences. All of these conferences contain geographic-oriented divisions. Which do you prefer and why?...


Off topic: question about today's and yesterday's PFs

For those wanting a quick break from all the (worthwhile) playoff hoopla, I have a question about PFs and Karl Malone.


Maybe LMA is perfect for the Blazers...?!

not sure this is worthy of a fanpost, but I'm really anxious to hear feedback. Plus, it's better to ask forgiveness than permission. Or something. Please forgive me if this post is inappropriate. ...


Three non-playoff questions for BE experts

I'm very thankful for a place like the BE community to answer my many questions. I hope you can come through again. Here they are:   1. What kind of future do Pendergraph and Cunningham have? Are...


Strange question: is Roy's game "annoying"?

First, let me thank those who responded to my other query about Roy. I had no idea defense was a weakness of his. Second: please forgive my typos and other errors. I'm quite ill recovering from...


What?! Better without Roy?! Really?

Dwight J. on his blog indicated the Blazers are better without Roy. What surprised me was the number of comments that agreed the Blazers are indeed better with Miller & Co. sans Roy.


Was Dwight Howard Worth It?

Sorry for the misleading headline. Here is my question: I've heard many people urging patience on Greg Oden, for, they claim, in a best case scenario, he could be the next Dwight Howard. My...


Which do you prefer: one great season or many good ones?

I have had such a warm welcome to posting at BE, I thought I'd ask you a question that I often think about and wish I could discuss. It is this: would you rather be a fan of a team that is on the...


Three questions: seeding, radio, and League Pass

  Greetings. I've been around BE a while but joined this morning to post two questions. I hope someone can help, for one of the questions has been on my mind for a long time. 1. Does anyone...

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