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Transplanted Bulls fan, have to deal with Golden State fans all day: as a result, am cranky, and know far too much about Monta Ellis.

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What Won in the First Round?

    One of the most common axioms you’ll hear in sports is, of course, "Defense wins championships." But what wins first round matchups? With eight terrific opening series in the books, I’d like to...


A Tale of Three Swingmen: Deng v. Granger v. Iguodala

              I’ve always associated Andre Iguodala with Luol Deng, mostly because they were both available to the Bulls with the 7th pick in the 2004 draft. They went with Deng, obviously, and the...

Best "I Didn't Foul" Faces in the NBA


Just a stupid little thing, but the Bulls are well-represented. Everyone in the starting lineup except for Mr. Sportsmanship makes an appearance, but my favorite is probably the dearly departed White Panther.


Dueling Narratives; Or, the Bulls Fans' Dilemma

[Note: This was originally written for a different forum- I'm posting it here so that an unabridged copy will exist on the interwebs. So yes, fellow BlogABullers, feel free to rip it apart.]      ...


2010-2011 Game Preview #64: Bulls vs. Atlanta Hawks

The Bulls start another stretch (hopefully not too long) without Carlos Boozer as they face one of the few teams they haven't beaten this season.

Kirk Hinrich Praises Derrick Rose


We can add "Kirky" to "Boozington" on the ever-expanding list of "Crazy, vaguely patronizing names Noah has for his teammates." I just wish I knew what he calls Thibs.


2010-2011 Game Preview #54: Bulls vs. San Antonio Spurs

A potentially titanic clash on national TV right before the break, as the Spurs bring their league-best record to the United Center.

Three Way Deal That Gets Us Mayo (Insider)


We give up Korver, Watson and Bogans for Mayo. Hollinger forgets that Rose would then have to play 48 minutes a night.


Perspective From Oracle Arena

I just got home from Oracle Arena, I'm bitter, and I need to vent. Like I said in my preview today, I went to the game. Not a happy man am I. I'm not sure how clear it was on television, but Rose...


2010-2011 Game Preview #49: Chicago Bulls at Golden State Warriors

  We finish up the cupcake portion of our West Coast road trip with a visit to the Warriors (before moving on to the Greek Tragedy portion when we go to Portland). The Warriors are a...


2010-11 Game Preview #45: Chicago Bulls vs. Milwaukee Bucks

[Thanks to Chalkwhite for today's game preview. Game's at 7 on CSNChicago. I'll be in attendance, so there likely will be tweeting. Make sure to check out one of my favorite blogs out there,...


2010-11 Game Preview #24: Bulls at Toronto Raptors

[Thanks to Chalkwhite for today's game preview. No update on either Rose or Noah possibly not playing. Raptors played last night, losing in Charlotte. Early start at 6, on CSNChicago -ed.] The b...

Tyrus Still Sitting Behind Worse Players


I feel like I saw this exact blog entry on here exactly a year ago.

ESPN Awards Watch


Rose is 4th for MVP (behind Westbrook and, even more ridiculously, Kobe) Noah is 2nd for DPOY Thibs is tied for 5th for Coach of the Year


14-Game Win Streak, Baby!

With our exceedingly encouraging circus trip (although I'm still smarting about the Denver game) and encouraging news about Carlos Boozer's return, I'm gearing up for a great season. Unfortunately,...


Taj for Sixth Man?

So as we all know, Taj has been beasting it this year, at least until the egg he laid last night. I'm confident that that game was a fluke- obviously, we'll see. As with all things NBA at this...


Requiem for a Swiss

Amidst all of the rending of garments and gnashing of teeth that has accompanied the recent trade of Tyrus Thomas, and hearkening back to the despair following the departure of Ben Gordon, I...


Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

I swear, some of you guys have gotten so sick of hearing about Deng, Hinrich, Taj and Miller's fundamentals that you've swung completely the other way. "Give me your headcases!" you cry. "Give me...


Does Skiles have Sloan disease?

I am a fan of Scott Skiles, and I think that he is the best coach this team could ask for. He has brought out their grit, their hustle, their energy, all of those words that Matt absolutely...


Dee Brown/Chris Duhon

Continuing my tradition of random blog posts in the middle of important Bull-related episodes (also my effort to block this series out of my mind):Does anyone else see a possible correlation...


Media Bias

I know that, as Bulls fans, we love to bitch (legitimately) that no one gives us any love. That's true: every single article is about how the Heat are reeling, as if they're doing it to themselves,...


Game thread #LAST: Bulls at New Jersey Nets

Matt:I've said this before: watching the Bulls play in New Jersey just plain sucks.The 10 game losing streak in that building doesn't help. The Nets team is boring, the stadium is usually...


Old School Jordan Ads

Yay for commercials. I put this in the game thread for the Pistons game, and I got the link from TrueHoop, but everyone should take a look at: They've got a list of...

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