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The Noon Number: 27.6


27.6The Corsi rate, per 60 minutes, of struggling Canuck Ryan Kesler, who happens to lead the team in this otherwise-obscure statistical category. Corsi, while seemingly complex, is easy enough to...

The Noon Number: 41.3


41.3.In the midst of this long streak with no Vancouver Canucks game and therefore fewer oddities left to discuss, I'd like to point you out to an odd discrepancy in the NHL standings,...

The Noon Numbers: Scoring Chances from last night's VAN/OTT contest


Continue after the jump. I will probably be bringing down the vibe in here. I apologize in advance, and I also apologize for mailing in my analysis and, also, for using the "Noon Number" spot...

The Noon Number: 21


21.The number of assists that Henrik Sedin had after 19 games last season. He has only 15 to start this campaign over the same stretch of games. More surprising than that, he is two behind Daniel...

The Noon Numbers: Scoring chance data from VAN/CHI


  The Noon Number today will consist of several noon numbers, analyzing the Canucks and Blackhawks game last night by looking at scoring chances, which I tend to do separately, but I couldn't get...

The Noon Number: 2.8


2.8 Yesterday I discussed the implications of Jannik Hansen moving north to play with the Sedin twins, and how the move has obviously benefit him without so much impacting the twins' play in the...

The Noon Number: 59.5%


59.5% Jannik Hansen's Corsi percentage since he's been moved up to the top line with the Sedin twins. Corsi percentage is a useful stat to track generally where the puck was when a player was on...

The Noon Number: 4


4.I'm not sure whether or not last night's game against the New York Islanders really qualifies as Cody Hodgson's breakout game, but, statistically, it's been in the cards for a while. While Aaron...

Scoring Chances Nov 13. Canucks v. Islanders


Continue after the jump... Team Period Time Note VAN VAN VAN VAN VAN VAN NYI NYI NYI NYI NYI NYI Strength   VAN 1 18:03 VAN G 1-0 Rome 1 4 7 9 29 40 4 10 16 20 21 57 5v5 VAN 1 13:12   1 4...

The Manny Malhotra problem


In lieu of the traditional 'Noon Number' that we typically find noontime here at Nucks Misconduct, I will look further in depth at Manny Malhotra's season thus far and what could be causing his...

The Noon Number: 2.


2. Or, rather, the Vancouver Canucks' sometimes 2nd line of Chris Higgins-David Booth-Ryan Kesler, who are the three forwards who have combined for the best scoring chance differential thus far...

The Noon Number: 953


953. The PDO for the most statistically unlucky player in the National Hockey League since the start of last season, David Booth. PDO is, as we all know, an easily calculable statistic that just...

The Noon Numbers: 6, 2, among others


6-2. That was, of course, the score in the first game Vancouver played in Chicago since eliminating them from the playoffs and going on a whining, diving, hair-pulling, finger-biting run to the...

The Noon Number: 10


10.The number of consecutive scoring chances that the Minnesota Wild earned against the Vancouver Canucks last night at the start of the second period. I'll turn your attention to the full big...

The Noon Number: 20


20.Not a big post today as I have a couple more projects to take care of, but I want to turn to something that I mentioned yesterday in a post about Cody Hodgson: He's on pace for 20 goals....

Revisiting the 2007 Vezina Trophy Race


The good old snack goal. I think it happened a lot to Philadelphia last year, too. The Flyers were the only team in the league that never shut out the opposition and this statistical quirk became...

The Noon Number: .851


Well, October's good and gone. That's Roberto Luongo's worst month of the season, so, luckily, his early-season nerves are as good as gone, and the Canucks are in fine shape tonight against the C...

The Noon Number: 18.6


18.6.When a hockey writer discusses a player's performance, I generally like to check their shooting percentages and their PDO, just because I don't trust the majority of newspapermen and women to...

Canucks vs. Washington Oct 29 Scoring Chances


As always, follow after the jump... Sorry for the tardiness. Team Period Time Note VAN VAN VAN VAN VAN VAN WAS WAS WAS WAS WAS WAS Strength VAN 1 17:11   1 6 7 9 17 23 6 8 19 20 29 55 5v5 ...

The Noon Number: 17


17. Sports are crazy and unpredictable. The Winnipeg Jets and the Philadelphia Flyers played a game last night that feature 17 goals. It ended 9-8 for Winnipeg on a goal with 1:06 to go by Andrew...

The Noon Number: 79.6


79.6 The Vancouver Canucks have really been unable to create a lot of offensive zone starts this season, and yet the team is still able to get the twins out there for nearly half of those draws....

Canucks vs. St. Louis Oct 26 Scoring Chances


Click after the jump... Team Period Time Note VAN VAN VAN VAN VAN VAN STL STL STL STL STL STL Strength STL 1 15:57   2 3 14 22 33 35 1 15 20 28 44 46 5v5 STL 1 15:34   4 9 35 36 52 54 1 6...

The Noon Number: -14


-14. The "combined" plus/minus of Kevin Bieksa and Keith Ballard, good for #646 and #647 in the entire National Hockey League, out of 649 players. Sheesh. I'm amazed that the scribes who were so...

The Noon Number: 969


969.Nikolai Khabibulin's save percentage. Seriously. The goaltender who is going up against the Vancouver Canucks tonight is the same goaltender who registered an .890 last season and would have...

The Noon Number: 2,175,000


2,175,000. This is the amount of cash the Vancouver Canucks will have to spend to pick up the following pieces from Sunday's trade: One (1) scoring line winger Five hundred thousand dollars...

Canucks vs. Minnesota Oct 22 Scoring Chances


After the jump... Team Period Time Note VAN VAN VAN VAN VAN VAN MIN MIN MIN MIN MIN MIN Strength MIN 1 13:44   3 4 14 22 33 35 4 19 21 25 32 55 5v5 MIN 1 11:03 MIN 1-0 G Setoguchi 2 6 27 3...

The Noon Number: 8


8. Short post today because I'm pretty busy, but 8 is the number of scoring chances that Alex Burrows has had in his three home games this season. (I take scoring chance data in home games, and C...

Canucks vs. Nashville Oct 20 Scoring Chances


An in depth look at the Canucks' scoring chances against the Predators

The Noon Number: 26.0


26.0This is the offensive zone start rate of one Manny Malhotra thus far into the NHL season. For those new to advanced statistics, offensive start rate shows where the faceoff was when a player...

The Noon Number: 1


1. Some hockey game last night, eh? It's rare, but sometimes, there are blowouts at both ends of the ice. The Canucks dominated the Rangers skaters—24 more shot attempts at even strength,...

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