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Canucks vs. NY Rangers Oct. 18 Scoring Chances


Click to pass the jump... Team Period Time Note VAN 2 3 4 5 6 NYR 2 3 4 5 6   VAN 1 18:07   1 3 4 9 17 20 4 8 22 26 30 53 5v5 VAN 1 18:02   1 2 14 22 23 33 5 27 30 40 45 71 5v5 NYR 1 1...

The Noon Number: 6:11


6:11. Given, 6:11 isn't really a number, it's a time. A time that designates that the Vancouver Canucks have spent more than six minutes more with a man down than a man up to start the hockey...

The Noon Number: 853.


853.I've often made the joke that when Marco Sturm signed with the Vancouver Canucks, I had to check which team he was on because I forgot. He was once the major piece that Boston got in return for...

The Noon Number: 5


5. The best thing that can happen for a hockey team on any given shift is a goal. The second best thing that can happen is probably an offensive zone faceoff. Remember Game Seven against Chicago,...

The Noon Number: 90


90 Of all the goals the Vancouver Canucks scored this season, 90 represents the percentage of them that have come while the team has trailed. This is pretty cool, yet consistent with what happens...

The Noon Number: 23.5


23.5.You might think that the Vancouver Canucks powerplay has looked awful to start the season. Why not? They've given up a shorthanded goal, have only recorded one on the powerplay, and are...

The Noon Number: 12


12.12 is the number of shifts that Aaron Volpatti inexplicably played against the Columbus Blue Jackets Monday night. 12. 8 minutes and 23 seconds of poor skating, bad puck decisions, and general...

The Noon Review: Hockey Prospectus 2011/2012


Stat holiday. No number today, instead, a review of the Hockey Prospectus 2011/2012 annual, the second of its kind. It can be sampled here. There's a number of essays at the back of the behemoth...

The Noon Number: 10


10. Man, it's great to be back into hockey season so I can actually write posts that had something to do with games that were actually played instead of using data from games that happened months...

G1 - Canucks/Penguins Scoring Chances


Follow the jump... This season, Nucks Misconduct and Canucks Army will be sharing post-game information. For home games, scoring chances will be posted here, so, this being a home game, we will...

The Noon Number: 235


235. This is the reasonable prediction for the number of goals the Vancouver Canucks will score in 2012, put forth by Thomas Drance in his first over at Pass it To Bulis (As much as it pains me to...

The Noon Number, 4.15


4.15.If you read this section of the blog often, you'd understand that I value so much where a player started his shift. Maybe a little too much. Today's number isn't necessarily Vancouver-related,...

The Noon Numbers - 4, 5, 16, 41


4, 5, 16, 41. This is where the collective heads on TSN got together and ranked the four obvious Vancouver Canucks among their Top 50 players. Daniel, and Henrik Sedin, respectively with top 10...

The Noon Number: 248


248. The Vancouver Canucks allowed 185 goals last NHL season, which is the lowest goals against total in the NHL since the lockout, except for the 2008 Detroit Red Wings, who conceded 184. While C...

The Noon Number: 106.5


106.5. That's the number of points that Sports.Bodog.Ca expects the Vancouver Canucks to earn this season. While I don't necessarily endorse gambling, it's cool to go through that list and see what...

The Noon Number: 9.0


9.0 Today is an opportunity to troll the city of Boston and their Red Sox, who blew a 9-game lead to the Tampa Bay Rays in the month of September. Last night, Robert Andino of the hapless Balitmore...

The Noon Number: 74.5


74.5That was Daniel Sedin's offensive zone start rate, meaning the percentage of the times his shifts started in the offensive zone divided by all the times he was out for a shift that started in...

The Noon Number: 60


60. I'm going to use the first paragraph of this post to shamelessly promote a post on another blog I write for, Canucks Army. It's a Goats and Stars bit, where all 14 or 15 of our fellow writers...

The Noon Number: 1,164,285.81


$1,164,285.81 That's how many Benjamin Franklins George Washingtons the Vancouver Canucks spent per regular season win on their squad last season. While it looks like an outrageous amount and while...

The noon number: 15


15. That is 15 games in suspensions already dished out by new NHL Senior VP of Hockey Ops and Player Safety Brendan Shanahan, 5 to Pierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblond for his hit on Vancouver's own Matt...

The Noon Number: 10.71


I was muckracking my brain at the last time a Canuck prospect was such a polarizing player among fans before Cody Hodgson was. There's been quite a bit of chatter over Tony Gallagher's latest piece ...

The Noon Number: 8


8. Welcome to The Noon Number. This section is generally copying a format shown on a few other SB Nation Hockey websites, and rather than posting infrequently over here with a bevy of statistics....

Pythagorean expectation and the NHL


The climate in Major League Baseball is just so screwy this season. Arguably, four of the 10 best teams in baseball are confined to a single division, the treacherous American League East. While...

Let's talk about shooters


Nucks Misconduct takes an in-depth look at what makes good shooters good goal scorers, and figures out which shooters are the most effective.

What is a Selke candidate?


Neal Schmidt from Blackhawk Up does a passable job at presenting some statistics that show that Dave Bolland was a better defensive forward than Jonathan Toews. He then completely discounts that, misuses QualComp and Corsi Rel QoC and ends up with the strangest of conclusions.

What did the Canucks do in July?


What have the Vancouver Canucks done in July, and how does it address their needs?

Pass It To Bulis' take on intangibles


A very well-written piece on the value of intangibles in hockey by PITB's resident stat-head.

A cautionary tale out of Philadelphia


I discuss player value quite frequently, and this is why. When you're a high spending team, you can't afford to make any mistakes, lest you lose your two key players and faces of the franchise.

Let's stack the deck and find a scoring winger


Sometimes we let our subjective view of athletes tease our minds, and make illogical assumptions for why our team shouldn't sign a player despite a strong statistical case.

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