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In a tragic turn of events, the Jacksonville Jaguars lose to the University of Alabama in a surprise matchup that caught both team's fans and players off guard. The tide rolled through Duval like a...

Steps to Avoiding Being a Jagwhyer

Some of you are Jagwhyers. You just flat out are. No ifs ands or buts about it. You hate everything. You hate Shad, the helmets, Gus, Dave, Alfie, me, Adam, Dat Ass, Blaine, Chad, Lewis, Denard,...

This Will Not Stand


If there is one thing that I can assure you of it's that these attacks on Duval's finest that arent actually from Duval will not stand. Sweet Home Alabama wont be played? What's next? Will Jacksonville not remember the Alamo? Will we not be leaving on a midnight train to Georgia? So help me god we had better still cheer Rocky Mount Tennesse. Im a beside myself right now. WHERE THE SKIES AND MY HEART ARE SO BLUE!


We've been had, yall. The Read Option formation is not real. IN FACT, the read option will be out of the field in /checks Pete Prisco Watch.... OMG it's gone now! RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN /stops...

The Read Option Formation

There is a ton of breaking news coming out from highly placed league sources about new formations. Let me be clear, I knew about this for a long time. I knew about the Read Option Formation since...

Is love real?

Tonight it is, you asshole.

Take Things Slow

Although obvious, watching my twitter timeline today served as a reminder to take things slow in training camp as a fan. Day 1 wasn't even complete and Blaine and Chad were cut, Evans was out for...

What will happen to the Jagpies?

With Papa Khan's purchase of Fulham looking more and more likely, what will become of the Jagpies? Will we stick together? Will it be a thing of the past? It's really hard to say at this point. I...

Happy Father's Day, Papa!

First of all, Happy Father's Day to all my nephews that are dads. But today I want to recognize our Dad. He's made great progress and things are just getting better every single day.

Things to Watch

It's June, y'all. Mini-Camp and OTAs are over. No more sneak peeks of the players jamming out to Biggie Smalls and Tupac. No more previews of all the different hats modeled by the debonair and...

Baseball? Softball?

It was brought to my attention by my anonymous sources that the Jaguars have spent much of the past several weeks concentrating on baseball and softball rather than football. It makes little sense...


In a post a few weeks ago I mistakenly referred to "Walking softly and carrying your big teal dick." Today wasnt one of those days. We had thunderous footsteps echoing throughout the twitterverse....

Trey Wilson

Did Natrone Really Mean Business?

Natrone was one of my favorite Jaguars of all time. Let me get that out of the way first. Dude was sex. But did he mean business?

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is always a tough one. Don't get me wrong; I love barbeques, beers, brats, bathing suits and all kinds of all stuff that starts with the letter B. Booty. But I always end up thinking...


Even our cakes are updated. Weddings are getting better.


It's about to go down in this bathroom when I get back to the room. It's ain't going to be no paint on the walls when I'm done world...— Lonnie Clinton Pryor (@LonnieCP34) May 20, 2013

Jordan Rodgers fits Jaguars Twitter

Last night Jordan Rodgers wrecked the twitter streets. Analysis for days. Is anyone else as pumped as I am for the premiere of North America tonight on Discovery?!! See you there— Jordan Rodgers...

Why I am Duval Til I Die

When the Jaguars were born, I was chillin in Elementary School. I was mastering the art of cursive. Zs were so difficult for me. I don't remember how to make one this very day. Whatever though....

Tebow Isn't Done Just Yet

I think that we have all jumped the gun before. Yesterday I said that I was done with Tebow. That isnt true, you big lovable wildcater. I'll never quit you, Tim. We have gone through too much...

Moving on

Im done with the Tebow deal. I trust Caldwell didnt forge the document at his press conference. Im no longer mad, bro. Time to go lift.

Freddy T.

Sit down, bruh. You're going to need to. Im about to introduce you to a young fellow by the name of Frederick Antwon Taylor. Hold on. I need a second. I literally just cried when I typed that name....

Welcome to the Jaguars

We know, KNOW, that there is going to be an influx of new Jaguars fans. We can feel it. It's growing. The juice is flowing. Because the fans will be coming in masses, we have decided to give you a...

Blackmon's Effect on the Franchise

There is little doubt that Justin Blackmon's recent off the field incident occurred off the field. He was never seen taking any drugs, illegal or otherwise, during the 2012 season. For that, he...



It's not just Sophia anymore

The Golden Girls Do Jacksonville


Im Mad, Bro.

First of all, let me say this is bullshit. Im outchea ordering breakfast biscuits and I get the bomb dropped on me that I will be removed from the contributor list? This will not stand. JagsTom is...

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