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User Blog

Jordan Rodgers fits Jaguars Twitter


Last night Jordan Rodgers wrecked the twitter streets. Analysis for days. Is anyone else as pumped as I am for the premiere of North America tonight on Discovery?!! See you there— Jordan Rodgers...

Why I am Duval Til I Die

When the Jaguars were born, I was chillin in Elementary School. I was mastering the art of cursive. Zs were so difficult for me. I don't remember how to make one this very day. Whatever though....

Tebow Isn't Done Just Yet


I think that we have all jumped the gun before. Yesterday I said that I was done with Tebow. That isnt true, you big lovable wildcater. I'll never quit you, Tim. We have gone through too much...

Moving on


Im done with the Tebow deal. I trust Caldwell didnt forge the document at his press conference. Im no longer mad, bro. Time to go lift.

Freddy T.


Sit down, bruh. You're going to need to. Im about to introduce you to a young fellow by the name of Frederick Antwon Taylor. Hold on. I need a second. I literally just cried when I typed that name....

Welcome to the Jaguars


We know, KNOW, that there is going to be an influx of new Jaguars fans. We can feel it. It's growing. The juice is flowing. Because the fans will be coming in masses, we have decided to give you a...

Blackmon's Effect on the Franchise


There is little doubt that Justin Blackmon's recent off the field incident occurred off the field. He was never seen taking any drugs, illegal or otherwise, during the 2012 season. For that, he...




It's not just Sophia anymore


The Golden Girls Do Jacksonville


Im Mad, Bro.

First of all, let me say this is bullshit. Im outchea ordering breakfast biscuits and I get the bomb dropped on me that I will be removed from the contributor list? This will not stand. JagsTom is...

Safety Not As Important As We Thought


It seems as though the NFL is running a smokescreen of their own this draft season. The NFL brass would have us believe that they care deeply about the safety of all those involved in the game....


Come on, let's get serious.

It's obvious were are in the middle of the dead zone. Do the "writers" here have anything of subsistence to say about the Jaguars? I mean, who is that idiot that wrote about smoke? That's not funny...

Jaguars to select actual smoke


Jaguars to select actual smoke, according to sources

July 31, 2007


By trade, Im a Military Working Dog Handler. As such, it was my job to check for improvised explosive devices. From February of 2007 until August 1st of 2007, I searched for bombs with my military working dog.

Jaguars War Room


Over the last few hours, live footage.

EXCLUSIVE: Gus wrestles a bear

Jaguars GM David Caldwell said head coach Gus Bradley could outwrestle a bear. We have exclusive play-by-play of the match.

#Jaguars set to Release Gabbert


If they Draft Geno Smith and it's clear that Blaine isnt progressing as a back up.

Jaguars to Sign Wes Welker


Hopefully. That would be neat, right? I think he is the missing link.

It's All Coming Back to Me Now


There were nights when the wind was so cold That my body froze in bed If I just listened to it Right outside the window.

Jaguars to sign some people soon

I'm pretty excited about what is going to happen.

What the Alex Smith Trade Means

The Alex Smith trade is going to be far reaching in its significance. The Chiefs have found their quarterback much in the same fashion that they found their previous quarterback. The looked far and...

Personal Questions


In a day and age when everything is within bounds to ask a prospect at the NFL Draft, why are we limiting ourselves now?




Draft Advice


NFL Draft season is one that is stressful as all get out for fans. Constant updating of mock drafts, player evaluations, and 40 yard dash talk are just a few things that take up your time.

The Electricty is Palpable

New movements. New chants. New team. New feel. Same passion.


It's getting harder

The closer that we get to my and the #jagpies first match, it's getting harder and harder. Im nervous, though. There is a lot of pressure on what to tweet when I see my first goal. What will I do...


Hey Nephews

Im Chaps. Im a flat out electric bro from Jacksonville, Florida. Duval til I die and all that. The Marines brought me to San Antonio and so I pulled an NWO on the Braves and decided to root for a...

Filling the QB Need


Drafting for need is important. It is beyond important. It is paramount important. It is paramountiest importantiest (not a typo. That's Latin.) Blaine Gabbert, while very attractive, might not be the answer. But, then again, he might be.


Hey Nephews

Im out here in these Jaguars of the National Football League streets. Some of my nephews and I were observing the fact that you guys wreck dicks. We are dick wreckers too. We also enjoy the fact...

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