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The 5 Stages of the 2012 Jaguar Fan

1 - Denial : We don't suck.. who do they think they are.. ? We are MUCH better than last year and have a better coach. Gabberts gonna prove them wrong. We went 3-1 in Preseason.. we will prove them...


A letter to Mr. Khan

As a new owner and not a "football guy", I think you did the right thing.. You listened to everyone around you, the owner, the GM, etc.. on where the team was going and what they would like to do....


You may have a coaching problem

Every single aspect of your team is wishy washy, and has no identity You may have a coaching problem When one week the team is Jekyll the next Hyde You may have a coaching problem When...


We have only up to go from here..

Before everyone runs half the team out of town, fires the GM and coaching staff, etc.. How about a moment to consider this: Top 10 things about the 4 teams we lost to.. They are a combined...


Gene.. What happened to drafting BAP ?

I am finding myself really questioning Gene Smith. What we heard from Vic was that Gene covented draft picks and would try to get as many as he could and stockpile them (ala New England)....


How about a new QB of the Future NOW

Here is a crazy idea.. If Gabbert TRULY is not the QB of the future, and we need to look for a new one.. Why not now ? Personally its makes more sense than going with Henne, if we are going to...


If it weren't for bad luck..???

Some things to consider.. often the difference in the NFL between teams upper third and lower third of teams can be making a few critical plays, injuries to key player's and a bit of luck. But luck...


Not on the "Fire Gene Smith" Bandwagon.... yet.

I get it and understand that Gene may not be as good as we would like. I also feel, in some cases, ever since the Alualu pick, he is letting the fans influence his first round picks, and that has...


I still believe

I still think its too early to write off Blaine. Look at Alex Smith, he was also drafted young (Right at 21). Was also very green, and looked really bad his first few years. Everyone (The fans...

The Jaguars on

We are supposed to take them seriously, and NFL Network should be reliable when it comes to teams, etc.. And I am not talking about some article.. I'm talking about pure fact and stats.. They still have Del Rio listed as the Coach.. come on.. with the millions they spend on the website you think they could keep it updated. Especially with something as obvious as this..


Lee Evans replaced by Robiskie BEFORE Giants game..?

After his play it definitely seems like Robiskie is moving up the chart.. But from the looks of last night, it looks as if has already taken it from Lee Evans.. Anyone hear about whats going on...

Manning looks solid..!?!? if not Dominant..?!?!?

REALLY..? RUFKM..???? Dominant..? IF Gabbert went 4-7, 1 INT and 0 TD with a 36.3 QB Rating they would rake him over the coals and say its proof he won't be any good this year. But if Manning does it he is Dominant..? REALLY..?


Comparing MJD to Ray Rice and Matt Forte

Time for MJD to acknowledge he isn't working for a bad contract and the Jaguars have been good to him and get to camp.


Are you kidding me..? MJD is FAR FAR from underpaid..

There seems to be some misconceptions that the Jacksonville Jaguars are being cheap in their unwillingness to renegotiate Maurice Jones-Drews’ contract. They are not being cheap, it simply makes...


2011 Attendance - New TV Rules - The tarps and 85% rule

Another year, another dead zone, and more talk of the Jags to LA ( By sloppy journalists that apparently are either uneducated in teh facts, don't understand what "Fact checking" is all about, or...

Nice of to post something good

Starting to think no one would give us credit for gettiing Blackmon.. From commentsa bout how Blackmon is a loser in the draft for having to play for Jacksonviller, to how "Gabbert has no more excuses", etc.. everything has been negative or at minimum backhanded complements. Nice to have Mayock give us come kudos.. for a change.

Jason Cole is a Moron

Hey Jason Cole.. I mean it wasn't enough to write this cr@p: But you had to pile on..? I read through everything you wrote.. and I am shocked your a lead writer.. I think the guys that write for the Yahoo contributor network have more skill and less bias. I hope Yahoo doesn't pay for you to write this cr@p. I mean REALLY.?!?! The top 2 and 3 of the top 7 worse games are Jaguars games..? Didn't pick any team twice in the best 10, but had to hit the Jaguars up for 3 of the worst top 7. I have not seen a more biased writer in my life. So really .. Is it that your still that pissed over the Jaguars not getting Tebow..? You really need to get over it and seek counseling or something.


If JAX gets Tebow does your opinion change on HOW they get him..?

OK.. lets look beyond all the standard pro and anti-tebow arguments.. Pro Tebow : He's great and we can use him to He will help sell tickets Anti-Tebow : Hes mediocre at best to his presence will...

Misconceptions about Jacksonville Jaguars

I think this was really well written.. if I do say so myself.


Unbelieveable the media doesn't even do research anymore and just reports what they want to..

Jacksonville NOT one of top 4 LA options

Great article as to why.. Also a previous article noted lease issues: SD - Up in 2013 MIN - Up in 2014 STL - up in 2013 Jax in 2026.. does ANYTHING more need to be said..?


Time to Twitter Bomb @MktplaceRadio w/ #JaguarsFacts

OK from the sport media I get it.. they hate us and are uninformed.. but NPR and specifically APM Marketplace ..? Really..? They just ran something I would only expect from ESPN.. and even then it...


Week 12 NFL Attendance Update for KHANNNN!!!!

Well havent updated this much this year.. But with all the LA rumors from idiots that love speaking out of their backside, since Mr. Khan bought our team. Figured I would shed some light into this...


The 2011 edition of Fun with FACTS and FIGURES

OK I know its only week one but lets try to put the "Jags are the worst in the NFL for getting fans into the stadium nonsense.. Is Jacksonville prefect..? NO No one even tried to say that.. but...


What is up with the NFL Network?!?

    OK.. I know I know.. the "media hates the Jags" comments are tiresome and repetitive. But I have a few words, acronyms, and blunt four letter words for the NFL Network. One I can think off of...


More fun with FACTs (re: Jacksonville doesnt support the Jaguars)

Note the top 8 teams get a pass because they sold out their stadium.. So based on Metro area size, and average attendance in 2010 this is how the teams stacked up.. City 2011 Att % Cap MSA ...


What happened to FACT Checking..? (RE: AEG and the L.A. lies)

As I am sure everyone has all heard and read.. AEG is at it AGAIN saying they are talking with Jacksonville (amongst other teams) about moving to LA. When in reality they are calling the teams and...

Gabbert feeling support from Garrard

A little Player sponsored OTA action in Jacksonville.


Jaguar "Private" Workouts ?!?

With rookies like Ponder setting up team workouts, Free Agents like Alex Smith at the 49ers' showing team spirit and setting up their own OTAs.. and I will even give it to Tebow he has even put...


Get to the Playoffs in 2011 - All on Garrard or is it going to have to be a TEAM effort (Lets check the stats)

The question : " Can Garrard take this team to the playoffs?" One side says NO - Its all his fault and it's that simple. The other says YES - Its a TEAM sport and all the pieces have to be...

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