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Good Article on Manny Parra


"MLB average "fat" percentage for lefty four-seam fastballs: 35.1% Parra’s "fat" percentage for four-seam fastballs: 38.5%" Worth the read.

Counsell re-signed


1 year, $2.1M, bonuses up to $500k additional. Wolf official also, makes $9.25M in 2010.

Yankees non-tender Wang


No TWSS, please. Aside from that, I'd be interested to see if he's a guy the Brewers look at. I think he could be a pleasant surprise.

Padres may non-tender Correia


I guess he'd be a bit above replacement.

Super Random Stat of the Day


Dave Bush had the 4th worst bullpen support in all of baseball last year. It would be nice if that meant he was going to bounce back and have a nice season. But, its just a stat.

ESPN Insider for $5


Saw this on K.Law's The Dish blog. $5 for a year of ESPN the magazine, also includes insider. Even if you hate ESPIN, at least you can now read all of KLaw's analysis, since its insider only.

Heether added to 40-man


Looks like a bench IF spot might be filled.

Committing 10% of your payroll to a non-premium guy who'll throw under 4% of your innings - if he's...


Committing 10% of your payroll to a non-premium guy who'll throw under 4% of your innings - if he's healthy - is irresponsible.

Keith Law

My family and I were busy for the last 45's what we came up with.


My family and I were busy for the last 45's what we came up with.

Looper to have meniscus 'cleaned up'


Indirectly blames atrocious pitching on it. Man up, loser, and don't blame it on an 'injury'--you're just a terrible pitcher. Hopefully I've seen the last of you in a Brewers uni.


2010 Roster Projection with Salary Dollars

EDIT: I will include the actual arbitration dollars and the date on which they are agreed after the estimates I have given when they are final.  Until then, I will list the CLUB/PLAYER submissions. ...

The Mustache Cooking Something Up for Hall!


Hm. Is something better than nothing? Even if it IS Bronson Arroyo?


Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Laughing Stock of Papers

Well, this is about the final straw.  I'll tell you folks, that I post under the name "Marlow" on the JSonline blogs.  You can view any of my comments, and I will readily 'own up' to them or claim...


Fantasy: Is This A Fair Trade?

So, I'm in a 12 man head to head fantasy league.  We have a live draft every year, and its a big pot o' gold at the end of the rainbow. In any case, the league 'encourages trades', yet at the same...

Braun Not Starting Tonight in WBC


Whats up with that? I suppose Mark DeRosa gives some grit and/or 'intangibles' that Braun doesn't? Meh, whatever.

Adam Eaton Released...


What are the odds The Mustache picks him up in the next 72 hours? 3:1? 2:1? 1:1? Oh, that fabled and elusive 'pitching depth.'

Tim Dierkes Spring Training Trade Candidates


Interesting stuff there. I think TIm does a nice job, and he typically presents cogent points.

Macha: "Gallardo Won't Be #1"


Well Alright. Makes sense. But its sad to think of Braden Looper as #1. Or Dave Bush. Or Manny Parra. I think we all agree that Jeff Suppan won't be there.

Minor League Splits with Defensive Stats


Thanks to R.J. Anderson's fanshot on Beyond The Boxscore. Anyway, it lists Gamel as a -1 defensive player(TotalZone) in AA last season. Is there a MLE for defensive stats? Just curious and was trying to build a bit on jihad's defensive break-even point post.

Kenny R. says Counsell and Crew agree to 1 yr deal


For $1MM. He's had Cameron in NY twice already, though.


Thought on New Poll

Wouldn't dislike for Bill Hall or Jeff Suppan not be considered irrational?  Since they've both been terrible for the past two years?    Particularly in the case of Hall, who was for all intents...

Fielder Staying Put


And The Mustache isn't going to add a SP, apparently.


Pre-Spring Training Mancrush: Jason Bourgeois

I'm just gonna throw this out there.   Of course, I'm sure it will all turn around at some point, and he'll hit a wall.  And I'm sure his MLEs aren't nearly what the numbers in winter ball have...

Ken Rosenthal: Is He Ever Right?


Holy cow. Now he's suggesting that the Brewers trade Prince Fielder for either Matt Cain or Joe Saunders or Ervin Santana and sign Adam Dunn to play 1B in Fielder's absence. Tim Dierkes on MLBTR says it begs the question, which it does, but...what gives? Cain's been labeled all but untouchable, and it may be that the Angels want a LH power bat like Fielder, but to sign Dunn to replace him? Ah well, chalk this up to ideas that won't ever happen.


Pitching and Anxiety

So, really, there's not much correllation, unless you're me.  And perhaps some of you other Brewers fans. I'm having a hard time dealing with the fact that we're going with Yovani Gallardo as our...

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