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RIP Bill Gallo


RIP Bill Gallo

I keep wanting to say something about doors hitting butts or something...


Really, Willie? If you miss 'em so much, I think arrangements can be made for you to rejoin your missed mates.

WARNING! Shameless self-promotion ahead!


OK, let me have it. I deserve it...

Finally! Some good news!


Francesa "refuses" to talk about the Mets anymore!



Modest to a fault, am I...

Why do I do this to myself?


I feel infinitely dumber having read these comments. I should know better, really...

See how important WINNZZZZ are for a pitcher?


Mike Pelfrey, the New York Mets' 15-game winner, is notably absent from the Cy Young voting, just announced...

High School Latin


If you'll forgive a shameless plug...

From one of our SB Nation brethren...


The Son of Alder SHALL BE HEARD, his voice ringing like thunder, summoning tumult...

Funny how the mind works, sometimes...


This is a piece from Metsblog about how -- according to Heyman -- "the Mets are now 3rd or 4th on the list for Bobby V." I found myself strangely un-disappointed by this. I mean, I was bawling my lungs out for Bobby's return a mere 2 weeks ago. Could I possibly be that fickle? Apparently so... I think, if Omar were still firmly in the GM's chair, I'd be teaing my hair out. But with the dawn of a new regime -- Mr. Alderson, please! -- I'm more inclined to let the new honcho pick his own man. Thoughts?



After this afternoon’s press conference at Citi Field, SNY’s Kevin Burkhardt spoke one-on-one with Mets COO Jeff Wilpon. Asked about what angered him the most about the last four years, Wilpon said: "Losing. The losing, and the fact we lost a little bit of the TEAM. I think Carlos Beltran did a great thing when we were in Philadelphia about the slide on Ruben Tejada, and went out the next day and did something about it…We need more guys like that, and if we put a new leader in the clubhouse, the culture will be great." (Emphasis mine) I agree that we need more guys like Carlos Beltran, but not for the reasons Rain Man cites...

He said modestly...


Here's a new blog. Just letting you know it's there. Don't hate me.

Aw, Crap! I agree with Joel Sherman.


It really IS the endtimes, isn't it?



Tonight's lineup is 8/9ths home grown: SS Reyes RF F! CF Pagan 3B Wright 1B Ike LF Carter C Thole 2B Tejada P Big Pelf

Now pay attention, Fredjeffomar!

THIS is how you eat a contract...or 4...

I guess the Amazin' Avenue brand voodoo dolls worked...


What is it with all the oblique injuries this year? Is it because nobody's taking steroids anymore?

Say what?


Just DL him already, ok?

Pull up a chair, this should be gooooood...


Francesa v. Cerrone? My money's on da blogguh...

Say WHAT, Doucherino????


This reminds me a little of Carlos Delgado's infamous "Just play" comments in 2007...

Saying the right things?


Or lobby for a MGR/Coach position in the org? Talent aside, I really like Daniel Murphy. I mean, y'know, as a person...

I Lobby For Adam!


Be still, my heart. Could this be some positive Met coverage in the msm? Really?

Yes! Bay's got grission, too!


From no less an authority than teammate Sean Casey! Exclamation points!


My POV on AAOP -- but NOT an AAOP post.

In reading all the AAOP posts, I'm  looking at a general kind of drift that's happening among us people who post.  I'm seeing a lot of similar items on the wish list.  So here would be kind of an...


It All Started With Torrealba...

I was thinking about the Mets' woes recently.  Well, I've been thinking about the Mets' woes constantly, to be more exact.  It's what I do. There are the usual jokes:  what gypsy did they piss...


For those with decent memories

RE: This September collapse...The late-season El Fold-o has been a chronic problem for this team since the early-Bobby V days:1998 -- had a Wild Card spot all but locked up heading into the 3rd...


A Team's Progress -- Limping to the Finish Line

After 143 games, the Mets are 71-72, a .497 PCT.If they continue at that pace for the next 19 games, they will win 80 games.If they play .500 ball, they will win  81.If they play .550 ball, they...

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