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Rich Cho's Database: A Method to the Madness

When the Charlotte Bobcats hired General Manager Rich Cho in June of 2011, the Burma native and former Boeing engineer constantly spoke of a desire to implement a particular database he had...


Which Position Is the Weak Link For the Bobcats?

The Bobcats of next year will possibly be the deepest roster we've ever had in our history. Each position boasts at least two players who fans have somewhat of a hope for. The upcoming season will...


The Bobcats Will Make the Playoffs.............Yeah I Said It

On the night of January 15th, 2013, the fiance' and I decided to go for a night out on the town and figured we'd catch a Bobcats game while out. That night they were playing the Indiana Pacers at...


Now, What To Do With Ben Gordon?

Yesterday's signing of Al Jefferson comes to a shock to most readers on the site. For some it's a sign that the font office would like to see their young core of players win now. For others,...


Bobcats Can't Be Afraid To Win

Can the Bobcats lure Big Al to Charlotte? As multiple sources have confirmed today, the Bobcats have scheduled a visit with free agent Al Jefferson on Wednesday to discuss him possibly...


Zeller Pick Gives Clearer Picture of Bobcats' Plans

With the fourth pick in the 2013 NBA Draft last night, the Charlotte Bobcats selected Indiana PF Cody Zeller to become the franchises' 4 man of the future. With highly touted freshmen Nerlens...

Bobcats Show Interest In Josh Howard


I think PF would be a MUCH bigger need at this point, but I guess bringing him in for the cheap wouldn't hurt.


Question: Did the Bobcats Make a Mistake By Blowing Up the Playoff Squad?

Rocky IV is one of my favorite movies of all time. It's no doubt easily my favorite of the movie series revolving around the professional boxing career of "The Italian Stallion", Rocky Balboa. It's...

Lebron James' G-Mail Hacked


Nothing at all to do with the Bobcats, but hilarious, so I felt like sharing.


Exactly What Happened On Draft Night?

A strange turn of events occurred on draft night that surprisingly no one has been mentioning............but exactly what happened?


Now That We Know What the Plan Is...........Potential Trade Targets

The 2012 NBA draft is complete and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist of Kentucky and Jeff Taylor of Vanderbilt are your newest Charlotte Bobcats! The rebuilding is far from complete though as we have a few...


A Look Into Mike Dunlap's Philosophies

Everybody got their own Mike Dunlap post, why can't I have one? Lol.


I'm Sorry, But It's Hard to Blame M.J.

Before I start, let me just say that I am not a Michael Jordan apologist. Not one bit. There has never been anything about Michael Jordan, the executive, that causes me to overlook his faults while...

M.J. Didn't Draft Ammo


Kinda contradicts Barkley, but would help M.J.'s rep just a little.


Bottom Line: Bobcats Must Draft Better

Coming off of a 7-59 year which turned out to produce the worst winning percentage in the history of the NBA, it's easy to look back at all of the decisions we've made over the years that...


Should Uncertainty At The Top of the East Alter the Bobcat's Plans?

With major changes at the top of the East looming, the Bobcats may have a realistic shot of inserting themselves as a conference contender within the next few years.


Bobcats Face A Long and Difficult Offseason

I've managed to put a lot of useless writing together this time, so I won't bore you out by talking about it. This is done in 4 phases, with the NBA draft, coaching search, a lot at our own roster,...


Concerning Lamar Holmes

Good evening Falcon fans. My name is Charlotte Bobcat, and I'm sure it's not hard to tell that I am a Bobcat's fan. I am also a Panthers fan. :) Either way, I'm a fan of these teams because I've...

M.J. Fires Back


From Charlotte Oberserver, Jordan bites back at those claiming he keeps "yes men" around him too much and is turning his back on the team.

NBA.com: Mullens becoming bigger part of Bobcat's long-term plan


Silas speaks on the development of Mully and the chances of him being a long term player for Charlotte.


The Backup Plan

Anthony Davis of Kentucky is a BEAST. This much we know. And by "we", I mean any person that has watched college basketball at all this year. At 6'10 and 220 lbs, Davis is a little thin at this...

Hoopsworld: Charlotte Bobcats Trust Michael Jordan


What is this? An optimistic article about the Bobcats that didn't originate from ROF?


The Enigma Known As Tyrus Thomas

On February 18th, 2010, the Charlotte Bobcats agreed to package Ronald "Flip" Murray, Acie Law, and a future protected first round pick to the Chicago Bulls in exchange for Tyrus Thomas, a former...

Jordan Agrees to First Charlotte Endorsement Deal


They city of Charlotte and the Bobcats are getting closer through business partnerships.


So What Exactly Do We Do With Boris Diaw?

So, the Fat Man, aka Mr. Segway, aka Mr. What's An Open Shot, aka, ok, I'll stop, Boris Diaw wants out of Charlotte. That's understandable. For years, I've wanted him out of Charlotte as well so...

Grantland: An Oral History of the Malice at the Palace


One of the absolute funniest articles I've ever read. This recounts the Palace Brawl between the Pacers and Pistons a few years back with statements from many involved, including former Bobcat, Stephen Jackson.

Rich Cho Speaks On Rebuilding Process


Rich Cho compares the Bobcats to the Oklahoma City Thunder. I'm telling ya, it's going to take time but it has the potential to pay great dividends in the end.

Henderson #10 on ESPN MIP List


At least Henderson's light continues to shine through the terribleness.


"When You Can't Buy A Break": My Sympathy For Jordan the GM

Time Warner Cable Arena, located in "Uptown" center city Charlotte, North Carolina, has for the most part been treated as the replacement since it's inception. Much like the new puppy your parents...

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