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My husband and I live in Chattanooga, Tennessee but we can't stand the Vols (and some of their obnoxious fans!). We recently bought a "cottage" house in Tuscaloosa (1.5 miles from the stadium) so we can more thoroughly enjoy our 3-day Bama game weekends.

I never was much of a big college football fan (always watched the pros more) until I was dating my now husband. He took me to my first Alabama Crimson Tide football game in 2005 and that was all it took for me to get totally hooked - even through the probation years! Yes, I married into the season tickets and I'm so glad we have them!

I have three sons and my husband has one son (I'm surrounded!). However, I can kick all of their butts in bowling!!! I've had several perfect 300 games (along with a few 299, 298, 297, etc. games). I currently hold the Tennessee women's State record for scratch 3-game series of 836 (since 2003).

With that said, Alabama football has taken over first place in my heart (but my bowling is still a close second). My husband has been an Alabama fan his whole life but tells everyone that I "study" it more than him. I do like to read all about the potential recruits, follow the stories on any of our players who make it to the NFL, watch all the replays of 'Bama games anytime they are on TV, and LOVE reading RBR every day! You all are great and I continue to "learn" from ya'll.

My husband and I (and the in-laws) bought Chinese Dentist's house in Aug. 2010, to finally get our "game weekend" house in Tuscaloosa (tired of paying hotel bills for each home game). We spent all our game weekends in 2010 shopping for furniture, decorative stuff, etc. Finally finished staining the deck and fences, etc. in Feb. 2011 and then the tornado took it all in April. However, we were insured and "stuff" is definitely not important considering two of the neighbors lost their lives. We now have another house that we can enjoy year round because we LOVE Tuscaloosa even in the off season!

I'm looking forward to many more years of having a second home in Tuscaloosa and never getting tired of shouting "ROLL TIDE!!!!" (and, of course, singing a few choruses of Rammer Jammer!!!).

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