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Where Do The Best College Football Players Come From?


Where do NFL players (and college football's elite players) come from? Some in-depth statistics and interactive maps to help answer the question.

Greinke out with broken rib


Via McCalvy: "Zack Greinke has a fractured rib and won't be ready by opening day. Lots more to come on Brewers.com but we're about to get details from Dr." Edit: Word from Haudricourt is that Greinke says he got hurt playing pickup basketball this offseason. It's a hairline rib fracture, normal recovery time is four to six weeks.


What Will The 2011 Huskers Look Like On Offense?

Who's returning, and where will Nebraska be hurting the most?


What will the 2011 Huskers look like on defense and special teams?

Will Nebraska's 2011 defense be as good as the 2010 version? What will the special teams do without Alex Henery?

From Fort Worth - More Sad Than Anything


I was going to do a Fire Joe Morgan-style point-by-point rebuttal of this column, but then I realized it just wasn't worth my time. I'm really just embarrassed for Jennifer Floyd Engel, who makes herself look like an utter fool here. Could you see Sipple or Shatel ever, under any circumstances, writing a column this tacky, myopic, and mean-spirited toward another team? Yeah, me neither.


Ask a Husker fan

I think I speak for most every Husker fan everywhere when I say that we've got the dream matchup for the last Big 12 Championship Game (for the foreseeable future). So much history between these...


Cody Green to start tomorrow?

Via Iowa State media - sounds like it was overheard from the Journal Star's Steve Sipple. I'm guessing it was speculation on Sip's part (probably educated speculation) or misunderstanding on the...


So how good is Nebraska's offense, really?

Every time you hear people talk about how good Nebraska's offense or Taylor Martinez is, someone inevitably follows up with the "Yabbut." You know how it goes: "Yabbut, who have they played?" Check...

SI expose on agents in college football


Curious about other Husker fans' thoughts on this. I feel a little dirtier as a college football fan after reading this, and I'm forced to acknowledge that as much as I always want to believe the Huskers are squeaky clean, they can't be, because no big-time program is. Especially after employing John Blake as a coach.


Ask a Husker fan

As you might have heard, we Children of the Corn are just a wee bit excited about the NU-UT game this Saturday. And while I know a lot of the luster has worn off the Longhorns' 2010 season, a win...

AAA Brewers headed to Oklahoma City


Link via the Austin American-Statesman, down at the very bottom. I read the print edition this morning, and it wasn't in there - must have just been added late today.

Good Husker season preview


Very good, thorough preview from someone who obviously knows the program well at Pre-Snap Read. Not much of it is necessarily new to hyper-informed fans, but it's good to have it wrapped up in one place.

Parra to bullpen; Capuano to rotation


Per McCalvy. Capuano to start Saturday.

Arteta signs five-year contract


Very good to see he's not going anywhere for a while.

Cardinals Looking To Add Personality To Clubhouse


Man, I love this article. It's almost as if the Cards are flat-out admitting that their entire clubhouse is made up of anal-retentive a-holes. (Or poo-holes?) But hey, at least they respect the game, right?

The running game did it


The stat guys have the Huskers at #21 in their preseason rankings (I kind of like having someone rational to temper all of the hype we're seeing coming into this season), and their advanced stats find that, not surprisingly, the defense was great and the offense was awful last year. But the worst part of the offense, they say, was the running game, not Zac Lee or Cody Green. Interesting take.


The Big Ten fan's guide to Nebraska sports

The Big Ten Fan's guide to Nebraska Cornhusker sports


Bill James recommendation?

Hi, I'm a quasi-lurker who's familiar with Beyond the Box Score mostly from Brew Crew Ball, and I've got a request for a recommendation from you. My birthday's coming up, and I'd like to ask for a...


2009 Playoffs: Who ya got?

The Brewers' season may be over, but there's still plenty of baseball to be played this year. And I don't know about you, but following baseball is about 10 times more fun for me when I have a...


Is Craig Counsell a new man?

  Heading into Monday night's game, Craig Counsell is batting an absurd .339/.432/.484. He's coming off a spring training in which he batted .388/.436/.531. The last time he was this hot for a...

What's next for baseball beat writers?


From Jim Caple of ESPN.com. I don't want this to turn into a war over the merits of Haudricourt and Witrado; as a newspaper reporter, I simply found this a thoughtful look at the future of baseball reporting as newspapers struggle/collapse/go up in flames.

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