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Likes and Dislikes for the first 1/4 of the Florida Gators' basketball season

I was working on a pretty long read on the men's basketball team, and my browser crashed and it's gone. 500+ words and 50 minutes forever lost to the ether, unless I can get it back from the NSA. ...


Gators' Strong Showing in ESPN's #NBARank

ESPN's yearly mega-rank/NBA preview thingy is winding down, with only the top 15 players remaining. I've written about Florida's state of the NBA before, but this is additional expert evidence...


2013 Florida Gators NBA Rankings

It's July and nothing is happening, so let's talk basketball, because nobody is sick of basketball ever! Florida has a bunch of NBA players. Earlier in the year, I commented that the Gators were...


Urban Meyer, Feelingsball, and Legacy

Just in case you're wondering, this opinion is wholly mine, and does not reflect the official stance or presence of an official stance of Alligator Army regarding our former football coach. As Andy...

Florida Basketball Review, Part 2: Grading The Frontcourt

College basketball is a strange sport. Basketball, in general, is a more post-season driven sport than either of America's other major team sports, but college basketball takes it to an extreme...


Florida Gators Basketball Season In Review: Grading The Starting Guards

An in-depth look at how the Florida Gators basketball performed this season. Part one deals with the starting guards.


A Quick Note On Florida's "Disappointing" Recruiting Class

Should Florida fans be disappointed by the Gators' defense-happy recruiting class? No way: Defense is what wins championships, especially in the SEC.


Florida Basketball: Gators Right Where They Expected To Be

Reviewing Florida a third of the way through the Gators' season finds a team full of promise that could be excellent by the time the NCAA Tournament rolls around.


Who Was Florida Football's Best Athlete?

Who was the best athlete in Florida's football history? We put it to a vote.


EDSBS Battlefield 3

Dunno about the rest of you guys, but I'm addicted to this game.  I know there was a Modern Warfare group for EDSBSers so I imagine that a few of you guys have Battlefield.  I went ahead and...

From Software and EA Sports are teaming up to bring you the definitive Jeff Driskel vs. LSU Tigers...

From Software and EA Sports are teaming up to bring you the definitive Jeff Driskel vs. LSU Tigers simulator! Just remember, death is always a learning experience.


FSU-OU Gameday Sign ideas

My buddy and I are heading to Gameday tomorrow morning, and we think it's time for the world to acknowledge the allegations swirling around one of their fine announcers/former runningback for...


Unofficial EDSBS Senior Bowl Trackernylzer

It's senior bowl week, aka the real senior bowl, aka TODD MCSHAY IS ON TV FOR A SOLID WEEK TALKING ABOUT THIS GUY AND HOW GREAT HE IS via img502.imageshack.us HOLY SHIT LOOK AT THAT BODY. ...


EDSBS Fantasy Football

This is the place to discuss why you're beating chekhov.  Part of that reason will be because Mark Ingram is dead for two weeks and Dion Lewis is an underperformer.  More reasons probably exist...

Last chance to sign up for the EDSBS fantasy football league!

We've got 6 open spots for the EDSBS college fantasy football league. If any of you procrastinators wants to get in on the league, send me an email at jayhndry@gmail.com and I'll send you an invite. The draft is next week, so if anyone who is already in the league or is about to join wants to suggest a date/time, do so in the comments section. Otherwise, it will be some time during the middle of next week.


EDSBS Fantasy Football— Updated with Invite Info

CBS has a college fantasy option. I'm 99% sure that it's free to play.  I've never played it, but I'd imagine it might be fun. Anyone here interested in doing a league?   Also, if there's any...

Comparing the conferences' recruiting prowess

Figured you guys might be interested in this. I took a few thousand words and expanded on a fanpost I have over at EDSBS. Spoiler alert: it's SEC by a landslide


This is nothing but trollbait (Now with even more hot troll action!)

V1.2: Fixed mistakes, added new stuff So feed yourselves with caution.  I've been dicking around with Rivals' recruiting rankings and I've compiled conference averages for the yearly talent.   A...

It was a conspiracy

And DeLoss Dodds does it as well as those bastards who covered up the Australian–American War

And the first domino falls

Colorado jumps the gun on Nebraska, so they can totally, like, be the trend setter, man.


RIP, Big 10Leven (Bonus: what do we call them now?)

I'm going to miss that handle.  Big Ten, I know I've called you at least eleven ten different things over the years, but I always revert to "the Big 10leven" in a pinch.  With your pending ...

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