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I am a writer, film director and teacher. My first Devils' game was January 7, 1988 and ever since then I've been hooked.

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The Devils are going to win the next 5 games.

I'm an optimist. I've liked this team all year (in theory), even though it has taken years off my life (really, the bitter cold plus this year's Devils has been a maddening combo). I'm frustrated...


Who can go to Albany over Olympic Break?

I know it's been posted here, but I haven't seen anything since the late January deadline. It looks like Larsson and Boucher will get to play in Albany over Olympic break, but where do we stand...


Scoreboard Watch: Saturday 2-1

I've been watching the scoreboard a lot in the past two weeks. Since it's February, essentially March; that scoreboard becomes much more important now. Games today: TB @ Mtl - root for TB. It...


Where in New Jersey can you get the most hockey on TV?

Hey all, Trying to just get some stats and was hoping the ILWT community could help. Based on early Channel Lineup data I gathered from cable providers Comcast (Xfinity), Cablevision (Optimum) and...


Could veterans' recent comments indicate DeBoer is losing control?

Earlier this week, Martin Brodeur was quoted as saying, "I think he’s (Schneider) in the net now to stay." The radio team on 660AM hinted that Brodeur could've been throwing DeBoer a bone by...

Kelly Zajac scores two quick goals. Terrible video quality, but K. Zajac looking good in ECHL.


Kelly Zajac scores two quick goals.  Terrible video quality, but K. Zajac looking good in ECHL.


Did the Devils kill hockey in Trenton? Part 1

I've been going to a lot of Trenton Titans games recently since I moved back to the Mercer County area after a decade away. Even though they're a Flyers affiliate, with Scott Wedgewood in goal most...


How the lockout has affected me

Hey all, It's been a while. I've always known ILWT to be a place where I can outlet my feelings on hockey and the Devils - and get educated responses to posted topics. For me, the lockout blues...


Dater & Muir rip into the Devils . . . but mostly us.

Here's the uber-pessimistic link. Lowlights: MUIR: I wasn't surprised by the lousy ratings. The Kings have some great fans, but it's not like there's been a SoCal diaspora that gives them a...


With history on our side, should we be worried about the Rangers or Caps?

I know that many may chide me for even saying this. But looking at history: No NHL team has ever gone 7 games in the 1st two rounds and won the Stanley Cup. I heard Mike Francesca mention this on...


The Capricious Overconfidence of Flyer Fans

If you read the comments on and Broad Street Hockey, you'll see that nearly all Flyer fans are predicting a win in this series. Not just a win, but I saw multiple mentions of sweep or "F...


The Devils history in elimination games at the Rock

As angry as everyone is, the good news is that the Devils are going home for Game 6, while our hated rivals and Bruins will be on the road. But is that good news? The Devils have been eliminated on...


That extra day layoff for Game 6

I wanted to post this before the results of Game 5. One thing I think has been pivotal for the Pittsburgh Penguins to come back vs. the Philadelphia Flyers is that they had an extra day (2 days)...


Playoff Scheduling Post

As announced at Fire & Ice: Game 1 is on 4/13; Game 2 is on 4/15; Game 3 is on 4/17; Game 4 is on 4/19; Game 5 is on 4/21; Game 6 is on 4/24; and Game 7 is on 4/26. All times for Games 1-5 are in...


Marketing idea for playoffs: #HERE

The 2012 playoffs may be the most pivotal time since the Devils moved to Newark. The captain is going to be the class of the free agent market and no one knows what Marty will do. Combine that...


Obligatory rest post: Who should the Devils rest in the next 2 games?

The Devils should be happy to lose a point in the next two games (unless you want to play the Penguins). After the Josefson injury, is this a burning question on DeBoer's mind? Who would you...

Devils at high end of low attendance teams


Typically, a Flyers beat writer chose to open his article on the Flyers' loss with attendance feelings at the Rock last night. Last night's attendance (around 85% capacity) is pretty much the Devils' average - 86.4%. That puts them at 22nd, but the drop off from 21 to 22 is big. So the Devils are at the high end of the "low attendance teams." How do you feel about that?


Did the Devils "Double Dip" Doc Emrick Night just to sell tickets?

I remember going to a Doc Emrick Night a couple years back and that the Penguins were the opponent, but couldn't remember when it was. Well, I found it: Mike "Doc" Emrick Night - Devils 1/30/09...


Send me your stories & pics from Devils Dream Day Camp

I know a handful of ILWT readers are going to participate in the Dream Day Camp on Friday. If you'd like to be featured on, send me a couple good photos and your best stories of the night...

"I think we have the depth now up front with Bernier and Ponikarovsky and Henrique . . " - Pete...


"I think we have the depth now up front with Bernier and Ponikarovsky and Henrique . . " - Pete DeBoer as quoted by Gulitti. How much do you Bernier contributes to that third line so far? And is he destined for the 4th line when Zajac comes back or Albany?

*Awesome Event* Devils' Game Day Dream Camp

This is really something special. If the Devils were short on money, it's an excellent way to try and make some extra. The Devils are holding "Game Day Camps." The Men's Camp is on Friday February...

Who is going to the AHL All-Star weekend in Atlantic City?

Atlantic City Weekly - Willie O' Ree will be there Travis at Broad Street Hockey predicts (I feel correctly) that attendance will be weak. And I make the case why it could be worth the long drive for you. When I get the chance to promote AC and hockey, it's a good week.

Would Parise for a Goalie & picks be worth it?


It's from the Fourth Period, and I think just speculation. But I could see something with Nashville. They do need help up front and are goalie heavy. But is Lindback > Kinkaid, Frazee or McKenna?


When the Devils stopped being able to roll 4 lines

There's been a lot of noise lately about the 4th line. The 3rd line has gotten the most attention and will continue to, even after the Ponikarovsky trade. The difference between the teams in the...

Cheap Ticket Discounts


The older one is still available for the Buffalo game Tuesday. 2 for 1 Group Ticket Special = 2 tickets for $30. code is: january Then, there are 4 games: Sun. Feb. 5th v. Pittsburgh 1pm (Super Bowl Sunday) Thurs. Feb. 9th v. St. Louis 7pm Thurs. Mar. 8th v. NYI 7pm Tues. Mar. 27 v. Chicago 7pm Military Discount - One ticket plus $10 Food & Beverage Card for $30. Code is: devils

Why Jersey Pride should include the NJ Devils


I'll be updating this tomorrow morning. John is quoted. Let me know what you think.


Marketing to NJ Indian American Community

There are many ILWT fan posts about the New Jersey Devils and their marketing. I maybe wrong, but I believe the consensus is that a positive campaign has been the Diablos. Having some crazy fans...

Are the Devils missing a key locker room presence?


We can all name Stevens as such an important off-ice force as well as on. Two Questions: 1) Are the NJ Devils missing a player who fits the qualities described in the article? A "locker room leader." 2) What player out there do you feel fits this mold, (based on what writers or coaches have said)? Bowman says Kris Draper was one.

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