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PSU Baseball turns two triple plays in same game


PSU turns triple play in fourth then again in eighth yet stil fall to Spartans.

New Bacon article


Sadly not THAT kind of bacon.

TWWL - i don't want to give them the clicks either but more info on this week's NCAA decision


"I think the Penn State issue that was done, there was an outcry to do something and do it quickly,'' she told ESPN.com. "…At the time, the decision was to accept the Freeh Report and not have the NCAA separately investigate. That sure seemed like a good decision at the time. "I think now it might have been handled differently by both parties. … In hindsight, you have to decide how much the public outcry pushed both sides in a process that was unconventional. It wasn't just the NCAA but Penn State that was the focus of this public outcry.'' She added that if the same case was to come before the executive committee today, it probably would have come to a different conclusion. "Hopefully, with some of the changes in the [NCAA] enforcement process that are part of the structure agreed to, we would have been able to act differently,'' she said. -Michigan State president and NCAA Executive Committee chairwoman Lou Anna Simon

Moxie - One Step Closer


A new era in Oakland (or LA or Sacramento or wherever the hell they end up) may be here soon. Now #2 on the depth chart.

SI writer Glicksman with the "Bold Prediction"


"Despite having limited roster depth because of NCAA sanctions, Penn State's Bill O'Brien will add to his budding résumé by leading the Nittany Lions to a 9-3 campaign. In the process, Kyle Carter will break out as one of the premier tight ends in the nation. "


We Are ...

a fantastic set of writers. Not me, personally, but the folks here at BSD that put together the inaugural We Are... magazine. I have not stayed up all night to read it completely, only picking a...

Internet Cooking Show


No idea who she is and make no claims about the quality of the show (or why they had to dub her saying "Primanti Brothers" over her own voice") but the first guest is Derrick Williams and the next show is MRob. That has to count for something

OT: Memorial Day Murph

OT: Memorial Day Murph Anyone plan (or want to plan) on attempting the Memorial Day Murph? I have made an attempt at improving my health and this was a goal of mine. Now just three months out, wanted to know if anyone else is considering doing it.

Big hockey win

Big congrats to the men's ice hockey team. Huge win over Wisconsin tonight in the season finale. After getting rolled last night by a score of 5-0, they looked as if they were headed to a similar...


Positive effect of the sanctions (my attempt at spin)

OK, first off, I would rather not have the sanctions but could this be a long term, positive? Bear with me. Assuming BO'B stays through the sanctions and beyond, the difficulty in landing many...

Mauti signing at Family Clothesline


I couldn't make it to SC for this event today but had a friend who lives in town who went to the signing. He got there about noon and the line was around the block. They started lining up at 9:00 for the 11:30 to 1:30 signing. Needless to say it took longer than two hours. He got to Mauti at 6:20 and he still let him take a picture. That's a long day. Class guy. Lots of people showed up just to say thanks. Oh and my friend talked to one of the people at Family Clothesline who said they are so sold out of merchandise that they may not have much for Zordich's signing tomorrow.

I got a little misty watching this


Sorry if it was posted. Just got in from the Holiday.

More Glorious Kiffen


I love that the guy is such a weasel. Yes, yes, student did it of their own accord. Whatever...


Collegiate Athletics Protection Agency (CAPA)

http://www.protectathletics.org/ Has anyone heard of this group? A friend forwarded a few letters from them and I wanted to know what everyone thought. Are they legit? Do they have a chance to...

A little love from SI


PSU in the next five of the power rankings with Boise, Arizona, Texas and Ohio.


Team Photo

Does anyone know if the team photo is available anywhere? Not a newspaper print or from the yearbook, i want to buy a print of it for framing. Can't find it online.


Sept 1 Pregame

If anyone gets wind of changes to pregame rituals, please keep us posted. I plan on driving down without a ticket solely for the act of saying thanks to the players as they leave the bus and enter...


Victim #4's Attorney...

Article from WGAL Basically saying his client wanted to be consulted before any actions were taken. I had wondered about an odd side of this. Victims often have a very hard time coming forward. ...


Saban;s PSU penalty proposal

Just saw this on SI.com. Didn't see it here so thought i'd share. HOOVER, Ala. (AP) -- Nick Saban says one option to address the Penn State tragedy might be a ticket tax on athletic events and...

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