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User Blog

I feel better today than yesterday.

A day to reflect. Yesterday, Wolves miss out by one pick (again) on the guy that seemed just right. Then, they draft a guy with red flags instead of the Russian. Dieng -- I liked that all along. A...


A knee-knock away

I was going to youtube the Kobe-Ricky play that ended the real Wolves season and lead with that. But, I am guessing we all can vividly play that over and over in our heads already. How far they...


Worst Starting Player for Every NBA team

Worst Starters Ok, this is on Bleacher Report, it's over a week old (Jan. 23), and I haven't even clicked through it. But, I have a pretty good guess who the Wolves choice will be. Will BR go for...


Been There, Dumb That (sort of)

Way to go Wiz -- semi-follow the Wolves lead (or behind as it was): Flipped Out I thought the loss to the Wolves would cost Flip his job, so some move was inevitable. I guess. But, Randy Wittman?...


Why the NBA is great, part 312: TNT Broadcasts

Hawks-Heat TNT 1/5/12This clip is off air and both candid and funny. The on air analysis in last night's Heat-Hawks game featured exactly the same brutally honest and funny analysis in a 3 OT game....

No love for Love, yet...


If they blow this, .... Nah, they can't. No way.


Using the Amnesty?

Who would you use the amnesty provision on for the Wolves? If at all? Has to be a player currently under contract with the old CBA. Here are your Wolves under contract.


Reasons for Rambis

The craziness about the Kurt Rambis situation seems hard to explain. The more I think about it I think it the delay in firing him comes down to two possible things: 1. All about the $. With the...


A good scenario -- Gortat and Burks or Brooks, Flynn for a low #1 next year.

I've seem the rumors. Wolves have a lot of options. I would think a lot more if Cavs take Irving. One I liked was the Suns rumor of Gortat and #13 for Pek and #2. I would only do this if Burks or...

Better be discussing his plans to leave....


..or what happens if there's a lockout. But, when you win a title, you never know? I'm still 97% sure he's coming....


May 17 is (almost) here -- can(t) wait?

Ok, so we are a day away from a day that "matters" for the Wolves. Unfortunately, this seems to be the only spring NBA day that matters for said Wolves. Just wondering if folks feel the same way I...


Who would you trade? Who is "untouchable"?

I put untouchable in quotes given the 9-win team, but I am a believer that the Wolves do have some keepers. Let's start there. Absolute Keepers -- Love (best player on team), Beasley (good offense...


Joe Smith, of course

Why not go full circle and add Joe Smith as the veteran big/towel waver? He could still play 5-10 minutes a game in a pinch. He takes charges well. Could be a role model. And you wouldn't have to...


Darko is my favorite wolf

That's right, C Webb. Liked what he had to say today in the reports I saw: Plans to be in shape physically and mentally, already...


Salary Cap and FA $$$

The 2010 salary cap is estimated at 56.1 million. This link shows rookie cap numbers: This link shows Wolves salaries 2010 (note, Jawai's option...

Portland to waive Gomes


Lots of teams emptied benches to sign FA. He'll land somewhere. Maybe he'll play with Beasely instead of being traded for him. Heat will need some players.


Jefferson to Sacramento for the #5

If true, I like this with or without Johnson as #5: Cousins + Johnson + Love + Rubio = a very good team Cousins + Love + Rubio + who if...


Cousins or Favors or Other

After much CH berating, we may not get Wes, afterall. And that may not be a good thing. Worse case -- Draft Favors, no trades to move up from 16, and all we get at the wing is a SG like James...


A Rumor Combo

How about this to play out all rumors: Turner falls to 3 as Sixers take Favors. Wolves trade Rubio to Nets so Russian owner can start his int'l team (next year). Maybe we throw in #23. We draft...


Yes, Elton Brand and T. Prince, too.

Let's face it. Kahn needs to do more than just take players at #4, #16, and #23. I want a star. Ain't gonna happen at #4 with Cousins (risky pick to me) or Johnson (solid and that's all). So, let's...


Vikings vs. Timberwolves

Is it more difficult to be a Vikings fan or Timberwolves fan? Tonight's heartbreaker by the purple encapsulates everything it is to be a Vikings fan. Once again, the Vikes bring you to the edge of...

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