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What if Rick Pitino Walks Away; Is That a Louisville First Attitude?

If Rick Pitino leaves the University of Louisville because of a move to the Big12,..... wait a minute, would he really do that? I honestly think that there are more people out there who like/ love...


The Best Article on the NCAA I've Ever Seen

This article on the NCAA titled ""The Shame of College Sports" is written by Taylor Branch, and is featured as the cover story of "The Atlantic Monthly" for September. Frank Deford has called it "...


Big East Armageddon has arrived

There have been plenty of posts on the future home of the Louisville Cardinals since this cynical and disgusting game of musical chairs first began; and everyone of those posts were loaded with...



I'm reaching out to everyone here at the CC for your help. Just like the Big East Tournament,.. I will be out of the country this weekend for the Louisville/ Kentucky game. I will be coming to all...

Chicken Knowles is a Huston Cougar, so is Danuel House


The report from's Paul Biancardi confirms what none of us are ready to accept. The Chicken Knowles saga has come to an en---NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!---d. #Get Houston on the schedule next year(???) so we can still see Chicken in the bucket......


Sept. 2001- Sept. 2002; A Serviceman/ UofL Fan's Journey

I walked away from the morning muster that day as a twenty year old kid who had been in the Navy for 2 years, and already seen two deployments to Iraq. All I could think about was turning...


It's official,... Pat Forde hates Louisville

I'm a subscriber to ESPN the magazine, and the latest edition which arrived at my door today, Pat has an article titled "NCAA scandals have a common thread, the guy who gets stiffed blows the...


FIU game will tell a lot, but can't tell the whole story for Cards fans

The Murray state game was anything but pretty, we all know that. There were players injured, and there were players accumulating their first minutes at the collegiate level...... we all know that....


Louisville/ Murray State; It was what it was

As I walked from the Stadium to the green lot, where Indie's potato wedges and chicken wings were waiting to soak up the overpriced beers I had consumed, I heard several fans in full-on panic mode....

Ken Caldwell Is Off His Meds


I counted roughly 50-60 "tweets", from the Least Cool Persons mentor, over the last 9-10 days about how he was going to "expose" Rick Pitino and Charlie Strong as cheaters. He also claims that the NCAA is investigating several Louisville players; he claims that the NCAA and Louisville are working together to bring him and UCF down, and that he is going to blow the lid off the whole thing very soon. Mr Caldwell also says that he will only reveal the information he has on Pitino and Strong via a television appearance, ala Karen Sypher. There are also numerous UK fans cheering him on. So, if you want to laugh at a paranoid loser, then check him out.


And so, it begins...Standard Operating Procedure for Cardinal Fans

I, like many of you I'm sure, have started to hear things from my Blue Bleeding friends, and family, about the Clint Hurtt situation. Things like "Strong is dirty, I knew it" or, "I wonder what...


The Best Cardinal Dunk on the Internet is........

LaBradford Smith Climbing Mt. Everest  


A Few Conference Realignment Scenarios to think about for Louisville fans

I realize that all the recent talk about conference realignment is enough to make your ears bleed from the mere mention of the whole thing. However, the likely hood of Texas A&M moving to the SEC...


Your Final Four; of the Best interweb Cardinal Dunk (Ever!) Contest: L.A. vs Griff

As many of us expected, The King advanced to the finals by defeating T-Will's dunk against South Florida. King Kuric will now face the winner of Griff's World Tour and L.A. Climbing Mt. Everest....


Card Chronicle Fantasy Football

I, like most of you I'm sure, consider myself to be a sports fan. I love the NFL and didn't get a chance to play Fantasy Football last season because of a very heavy course load. For the two...


Great Expectations for Louisville Basketball in 2011, but is it Final Four or Bust?

The team that will take the floor for the University of Louisville when the season finally begins (in Hinkle Field House this November), will be the team we were told to wait for ever since the the...

Pitino says Rondo was the one that got away


In this article from ESPN coaches were asked," which recruit was the one that got away?": "Rajon Rondo. We took Sebastian Telfair instead. We should have waited. I always loved Rondo. He was at my camp every year, but a point guard had never gone directly to the NBA so I didn't see that coming with Telfair. And then not only did we lose [Rondo], we lost him to a bitter rival."


Recruiting, Player Development, and the "Strong" Difference

If you're a fan of college sports, and anyone who visits team sites like the Card Chronicle is, then you are well aware that the life's blood of any program is the flow of recruits coming into said...

Charlie Strong is Athlon's #1 new hire of 2010

"Today this Louisville program again looks like the most ambitious program in the Big East Conference, determined to become the program it appeared to be five years ago. The Cardinals are playing with the swagger of a team that believes its destiny is to win seven, nine, 11, eventually 13 games, with a coach who performed as well as any first-year coach last season."

The most Rim-Rock'n, Slam-a-Lamb-a-Ding-Dong Cardinal Dunk Ever!

That you can find on the internet that is. The "Least Cool Person Tournament" has inspired me to throw together a best dunk (ever!) contest. I'll wait until after the L.C.P.T. is over. In the mean...


The NCAA, creepy recruiting, and how we know that they just don't care

I'm going to tell you something about the NCAA; and if you haven't figured it out at this point in your "fan-hood" then you might not agree with me. Be that as it may, here it is. The NCAA cares...

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